About the scientific controversies surrounding the coronavirus.

About the scientific controversies surrounding the coronavirus.
The fact that the coronavirus is universal and causes a huge palette of deadly symptoms is alarming. The universality of the object, conclusions and results of research should be alarming for any scientist. If a scientist often says that everything is connected with only One Reason, this should always be alarming! In General, the opinions of scientists about the coronavirus would be stronger if there were links to scientific publications, to the authors of these works with the indication of scientific organizations . According to statistics, there are already articles after which it is not possible to find the true authors and organizations as such. This again is alarming! Moreover, now many scientists have quickly become virologists and epidemiologists. All this koniunktury! I myself, not being a virologist and epidemiologist, wrote my analytical articles as a columnist, as a researcher of the motives and misconceptions of authors writing on the topic of coronavirus. To compare the facts, compare them, check for authenticity, investigate the origins and context of what happened - these are the reasons why many of my articles about the coronavirus problem have been published over the past few months in the largest Federal media, news agencies, and others.
The most important truth is that only time will tell whether you are right or wrong. I like the fact that some authors of coronavirus topics have the will to discuss, and even then, often intersperse value judgments not of the topic under discussion, but of the authors themselves as individuals. This should be done more carefully. Therefore, I advise all readers to read my article on tips on how to conduct and write on coronavirus topics (see https://www.securitylab.ru/blog/personal/RamilGarifullin/348239.php ).
How to behave and write on the Internet so that you don't get personal. This is a problem! Because on the basis of it, the whole world was politicized even in families. People are already filing for divorce on the grounds that the wife believes in the danger of coronavirus, and the husband does not believe.
Only yesterday I finally saw my friend on the run, who for a month and a half because of the disturbing domestic fascism of his wife, could not go out on the street! This is terrible! Still, he got out. With the dizziness, but out. His first sentence was when he went out into the air "I will live! ". He was close to pre-stroke due to inactivity and domestic conflicts. I asked him, " do you feel any contradiction about the danger of the coronavirus?" He answered in the affirmative that he felt. This is a question I often ask passers-by. I always hear "Yes"for some reason. This doesn't make me happy , it scares me. Alas! So far, the situation is developing so that the overall mortality rate, which includes coronavirus, has not changed in cities around the world.
The murky technology of obtaining figures and statistics on the spread of coronavirus has not been studied, investigated, and is not widely presented to the General public in the media and the Internet.
It is necessary to recognize that most likely, in some countries of the world, there are motives of the authorities for self-isolation, due to the powerful politicization and social tension of the masses. This probability also applies to Russia. In these countries, self-isolation will be removed not on the basis of coronavirus indicators , but by correcting and reducing economic pressure and, as a result, reducing social tension. The causal relationship between economic and coronavirus causes is broken . Full post-modernism! At first, the World trained on small fakes. And finally, the World has now matured to the most powerful global fake, which arose on the basis of a real coronavirus, the danger of which exists in fact, but is contradictory. At least in the near future, we must decide how to respond to the contradictions associated with the danger of coronavirus: optimistic or pessimistic?
The only reason for optimism is that at last there will be additional hospitals in Russia for the treatment of pneumonia. After all, until now, the problem of rapid hospitalization of patients with pneumonia was acute and the mortality rate from it was reduced. Thus, regular reports of deaths from pneumonia will be useful. And let pneumonia continue to be called in other words ... It doesn't matter! It is important to build hospitals...

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Associate Professor of the Department of pedagogical psychology of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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