Atelier Web Security Port Scanner 4.61

  • ОС: Windows

всесторонний набор инструментальных средств, некоторые из которых уникальные, для точной оценки сетевой защиты:

High-speed TCP Connect scanning engine, with adjustable maximum number of simultaneously opened ports and no-connection time-out adjustment.
High-speed TCP Syn scanning engine for Windows 2000 platforms with TCP/IP and ICMP packet capture, report on pen/Retransmits, Close, Filtered ports, ICMP packet decoding and much more.
Fast reliable UDP Port scanner with intelligent test probing of ports to confirm whether the host is up.
State-of-the-art NetBIOS scanner (AWSPS Professional only).
Unique Mapping of Ports to applications feature (Ports Finder).
Local Connections and Listening Ports instant report.
Local TCP, UDP and ICMP statistics instant report.
Local Active Routes, DNS Servers and Persistent Routes.
Local IP Statistics/Settings instant report.
Local Transport Protocols/Winsock Service Providers list and details.
Local Addressing information table.
Local Net to media information table.
Local Interfaces Statistics/Settings instant report.
Local Network related Local Registry settings.
Comprehensive Local Area Network information, including NetBIOS Names, LANA, Shares, Security Information, Groups/Users and running Services.
The most complete TCP/UDP ports database.
Full-featured Time synchronyzer according to SNTP (RFC 1769), TIME TCP (RFC 868) and TIME UDP (RFC 868).

Платформы: Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT