Доступны видеоматериалы конференции HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia

Доступны видеоматериалы конференции HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia
Все желающие могут скачать и посмотреть видеоматериалы конференции HITBSecConf2008, которая проходила в Малайзии.

День первый:


Ключевые выступления:
The Art of Click-Jacking - Jeremiah Grossman
Cyberwar is Bullshit - Marcus Ranum


- Delivering Identity Management 2.0 by Leveraging OPSS
- Bluepilling the Xen Hypervisor
- Pass the Hash Toolkit for Windows
- Internet Explorer 8 - Trustworthy Engineering and Browsing
- Full Process Reconsitution from Memory
- Hacking Internet Kiosks
- Analysis and Visualization of Common Packers
- A Fox in the Hen House - UPnP IGD
- MoocherHunting
- Browser Exploits: A New Model for Browser Security
- Time for a Free Hardware Foundation?
- Mac OS Xploitation
- Hacking a Bird in The Sky 2.0
- How the Leopard Hides His Spots - OS X Anti-Forensics Techniques

День второй:


Ключевая презентация: Dissolving an Industry as a Hobby - THE PIRATE BAY

- Pushing the Camel Through the Eye of a Needle
- An Effective Methodology to Enable Security Evaluation at RTL Level
- Remote Code Execution Through Intel CPU Bugs
- Next Generation Reverse Shell
- Build Your Own Password Cracker with a Disassembler and VM Magic
- Decompilers and Beyond
- Cracking into Embedded Devices and Beyond!
- Client-side Security
- Top 10 Web 2.0 Attacks
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