Февральский номер журнала (IN)SECURE

Февральский номер журнала (IN)SECURE
Качаем и читаем....свежак :)

  • Cloud insecurity? Time to bust the myth
  • Executive hot seat: Cloud Security Alliance CEO
  • Security uncertainty in the cloud: Problems and potential solutions
  • Share with the world: Who reads my data in the cloud?
  • Executive hot seat: Intrinsic-ID CEO
  • Privacy in the cloud: The power of encryption
  • How to recover deleted or corrupted digital currency
  • Leveraging Big Data for security operations
  • The past, present, and future of Big Data security
  • Information stewardship: Avoiding data breaches and managing Big Data
  • Generating value from Big Data analytics
  • Too big to fail: The Big Data dilemma
Ссылка: https://www.net-security.org/dl/insecure/INSECURE-Mag-41.pdf

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