Numerological forecast from Endje Garifullina for June-2023

Numerological forecast from Endje Garifullina for June-2023

The energies of this month are the numbers 13 and 4. This month promises the completion of a certain stage in your life.

13 - means global changes, your life will definitely not be the same as before. June tells us that we have to let go of something, even if it hurts, in order for something different, new to come to us.

Do not be afraid to make grandiose plans, because it is in the summer that you need to dream, analyze your capabilities and desires. June is ideal for people who dream of fame, career and prosperity. This month will be a real runway for those who are completing their education or looking for a new job – in the summer your life can take a new beginning.

During this period, thoughts, feelings, ideas change, new friends and partners may appear. A meeting over a cup of tea or quiet walks in the park will begin to bring real pleasure

The number 4, according to numerology, is the basis, a symbol of order and organization, gives balance. The number 4 symbolizes success, achievements and rewards

Family life may seem monotonous, but the situation will become much more complicated if you start accumulating resentments. Do not remember all the mistakes of your spouse – forgive them and try to forget about unpleasant experiences. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, they will help you to support feelings, seal the union and continue to build a family life in harmony and mutual love.

1 week (June 1-7)

It's a great time for those who want to do business. The deals will be profitable, simple and interesting. Also, do not neglect safety precautions during physical work.

Week 2 (June 8-14)

The perfect moment to find financial support. You can get a loan on favorable terms or negotiate with a sponsor. An influential patron or relative will provide additional assistance.

Week 3 (June 15-21)

This week, listen to the people around you – show them respect and attention. Show your friends that you appreciate them and wish them only the best. Delicacy will also be needed in your career – conflicts may arise in the workplace, which you can solve with the help of tact and understanding.

Week 4 (June 22-28)

The energy will overflow your body. At this time, you can go on vacation or go out of town for the weekend. Physical activity will bring pleasant sensations and impressions that will last for many years.

Endje Garifullina is a certified psychologist and certified numerologist from Cork.

If you want a personal analysis of the purpose by date of birth, write to Instagram —@irish_girl5 or by email:

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