The World War is the last resort of the Hegemon's global gambling addiction.

The World War is the last resort of the Hegemon's global gambling addiction.

Russia, which is under heavy Western sanctions, demonstrates to the whole world that neither dollars nor friendship with the United States are needed for trade and prosperity, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green said.

According to the politician, the conflict in Ukraine may lead to the fact that the dollar will cease to be the world currency.

"Because of our own self—confidence and the "struggle to save democracy" in Ukraine, which is not a member of NATO, Russia, under the burden of heavy sanctions, proves to the whole world that they do not need American dollars or friendship to trade and prosper," she wrote on Twitter.

The "indirect war" of the United States with Russia in Ukraine is most beneficial to China, according to a member of the House of Representatives of the US Congress. Green called on Washington to stop the conflict.

Here are my thoughts on this.

The Hegemon's treachery in front of the world is based on the world economy built by him, which is based on gambling mechanisms. I managed to make such a report at the Baku World Humanitarian Forum in 2012. This approach to the world was developed by me in my scientific monograph "Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology" (2018).

In fact, the global economy, rebuilt by the Hegemon, is the economy of gambling addiction. And the Hegemon, sensing the risks and failures of the gambling economy, is protected by military expansion or cheating using marked cards of financial signs. And it is easier for him to do this, since the Hegemon himself is the owner of this global casino. Financial pyramids are just small metastases of smaller rival scammers who have already realized the existence of this global casino, led by a Hegemon.

International actors place bets, and the Hegemon casino owner decides who to fuck with marked cards, and who not to fuck. The real world war will begin when China becomes a victim of this scam.

Gamblers, as well as the Hegemon, feeling their economic doom, often go for mediocre aggression, obvious scams, expansion, search for resource countries that can be robbed in a cultured format. But in the beginning they arrange a decoy on the basis of their dubious capital. Russia, as an energy resource country, has become a victim of this deception.

As a recipe for solving the problem, I will give analogies and some points about gambling addiction. And our economy is gambling, as I have shown above, and these analogies will be useful. I will cite these parallels between the psychotherapy of personal gambling addiction and the problems of the United States as the main hotbed of gambling addiction in the world economy:

1. What the USA hides is dangerous for the whole world! The world can be dumbfounded at any time. And nothing will remain of the former stability.

2. A gambler cannot be trusted, since he is a chronic liar and manipulator. The most powerful manipulation of a gambler is the threat of suicide if he is not given money for the next bet.

2. An objective view of the United States by international actors caused by the current situation and the US-Russia conflict over Ukraine can undermine the world's confidence in the United States. This will increase if Russia's frozen capital is expropriated and transferred to others.

3. The banks of the world should realize the gambling addiction of the USA and its role as a global casino owner.

Next, we will try to come to an understanding of the phenomenon of gambling addiction. A new interpretation may be the comprehension of world gambling and the era fueled by global financial addictions, creditomania, bribery, gambling, etc. Therefore, I refer to this to my monograph "Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology" (2018).

Special attention in this monograph deserves the concept of world gambling addiction as a means of global expansion and global economic suckering of weak international economic entities organized with the help of the main owner of the World Casino - the Hegemon. There is a hierarchy of global gambling pyramids, starting with bitcoin mania and ending with more radical pyramids and casinos that have grown all over the world. And of course, a special place in these casinos is occupied by global leaders-bookmakers.

There is a blocking of pension accounts of commercial pension funds, as a kind of financial pyramid institutions and gambling addiction. Similarly, in 2022, Russian savings accounts were blocked, thanks to the so-called Hegemon sanctions. It's all the same problem. The owner of the global casino Hegemon is not able to pay the bills. Failures begin and protection by expansion and sanctions is needed. This is where we need to look for the origins of what is happening now in the conflict between Russia and the Hegemon.

According to my reception, as a psychologist-psychotherapist, the statistics of people who have applied, suffering from their gambling addicts, are growing. Gamblers themselves rarely come to my office on their own initiative. Back in the late 90s, I showed in my dissertation the danger of such addictive personalities who have an overlap of various dependencies. Especially dangerous are alcoholic gamblers or drug addicts. However, gambling addiction itself, aggravated by a depressive personality, leads to emotional stupidity and a lack of empathy. In this case, it is useless to awaken a person to honor and conscience. The entire psychotherapeutic burden lies on a thorough change in the protective financial behavior of the relatives and relatives of the gambler. A gambler is not only a betting player, but also an insidious manipulator player with his victims, who always promises to improve. He periodically loses their funds due to stress and intimidation, as well as empathy of loved ones.

In most cases, relatives and friends of the gambler are recommended to sue the gambler so that he is deprived of limited legal capacity and the right to take loans from banks (such an article appeared in the Law of 2013). Although gamers find other places to get financial resources.

For the court, it is necessary to accumulate written receipts about the receipt by a gambler from close financial means that fraudulently did not go to the needs, but were lost on bets. And of course, a psychotherapist or psychologist who justifies the diagnosis must be present at the trial.

Practice shows that all kinds of camps and isolation for gamers do not have a positive effect.

Only the stresses and fears of a gambler and a thorough change in the behavior of relatives and relatives help.

A strong, deep and long-term psychotherapy of the personality of the gambler and his depressions is necessary. As well as the elimination of other addictions that fuel gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction often becomes the basis for the development of a criminal personality and a recidivist. The UFSIN blocks the gambling addiction of the gambler who committed the crime for a while. It all depends on the degree of addiction of the individual, that is, the level of dependence.

Due to the fact that the fundamental psychology of the dependent personality has not yet been fully developed in scientific terms, it is necessary to be more objective in choosing different approaches to solving this problem. But the foundations were laid for the first time by me. This can be verified by scientific publications.

I advise you to read my fundamental monographs and articles on addiction problems published in the largest federal publishing houses, as well as in the world's largest scientific journals of the Scopus and WS system.

And how do expert economists react to everything that is happening?

They gradually turn into vanguard futurologists and declaratively bet on various forecasts, maybe something will come true. And there is nothing left of economic extrapolations. And the economists are not to blame. The postmodern era is to blame, the features of which cannot be ignored.

A bifurcation and a situation can abruptly negate all past constructions. Alas! Most of the past forecasts of economists, against the background of what is happening now, have nothing to do with the present.

The philosophy of economics, the conceptual and categorical transformation of traditional economic science in the postmodern era - this is the recipe for solving the problems of modern economists in their forecasts. Therefore, I refer to the third chapter of my monograph "Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology" (2018) in the section devoted to economics in the postmodern era and to my comments 5-6 years ago, which were in the BO and all published in major federal publications (Arguments of the Week, APN, Echo of Moscow, etc.) . They have not lost their relevance today. And it even surprises me. But this is a philosophical discourse, not a short-sighted economic one.

A big fussy burden to issue forecasts weekly is a feat! But some of our economists are just heroes. They make forecasts like pies!

Former DPR Defense Minister Igor Girkin (Strelkov) is ready to consider the proposal of the founder of the Wagner PMCs, Yevgeny Prigozhin, to go to the front, "if it is done in a normal way."

"If Mr. Prigozhin really has such serious proposals to me and wants to involve me in the activities of his organization, then he has a lot of employees at his disposal — I emphasize, professional military — with whom I could discuss all the conditions of his proposal without going to Lugansk," RBC quoted Strelkov as saying.

According to Strelkov, he tried three times to get to the front in the SVO zone.

Here are my comments on this:

There are two important and topical issues on which the problem of meaning-building in Russia depends:

1. Is it possible for positively popular military leaders to appear among Russians in the current conditions and situation?

2. Girkin and Prigozhin are hardly relevant to the answer to the question formulated in the first question?

The Russian elite is a brake on sense-building in Russia.

I recently read the opinion of Alexey Chadaev, founder and CEO of the Moscow Region analytical Center, about our political and business elite.

According to him, for a part of Russian society, what happened before February 24 last year — free travel to the West, the rooting of children there, generally considering Russia as a kind of hunting ground — is the norm. And the concentration of life goals on Russia, the need to sacrifice something for victory is a disaster, a life catastrophe. Therefore, for these people (and this is not only the elite, but also many businessmen, officials and even security forces), defeat in their own country in any form and a return at least partially to the nishtyaks of the West is a victory.

Here are my thoughts on this.

An objective analysis of motives and what branches the political and business elite consists of is an urgent topic of national security and sense-building. I have written about this. Everything that happens and the future of the Russian government will depend on what the elite will transform into and what it will throw away. How selectively is the preservation of the exported capital of our elite - an instrument of influence of the West and the United States . This is a subtle game and politics behind the scenes.

This is the main hidden information about what is really happening.

Official information on federal channels about the position of this elite is just a small tip of the iceberg. But it is precisely in these processes that the strength of the West lies about the true state of affairs, which the Russian philistine learns very late. He will find out when this topic is no longer relevant.

Thus, the Russian elite is a brake on sense-building in Russia.

Space exploration is an urgent and urgent task.

Russia should expand its orbital grouping from 200 to 1 thousand satellites by 2030. This was announced today by the General director of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov. To do this, according to him, about 200-250 satellites should be produced in the country every year.

"We need to expand our orbital grouping to thousands of vehicles. To do this, it is necessary to produce 200-250 devices per year," the media quoted Borisov as saying.

He said that now Russia produces much less.

Here are my thoughts on this.

1. It is obvious that in the current situation there is an urgent and urgent task of more effective space exploration.

2. Is it possible to plan for 2030 if the world is unpredictably situational and has not been developing for a long time based on past conditions.

Any day can cancel previous plans and projects. Extrapolating is already short-sighted.

Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan

Ramil Garifullin

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