Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia's conflict with Ukraine and the West is a "new Patriotic war."

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia's conflict with Ukraine and the West is a "new Patriotic war."

In a new publication in his telegram channel, Medvedev mentioned the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrel. Earlier, he said that Russia was used to fighting to the end, mentioning victories over Napoleon and Adolf Hitler.

"Well done, after all, this Borrel with an extinct face. I remembered that our country defeated Napoleon and Hitler. Note that he drew the analogy himself. Accordingly, the Ukronazis and Western Europe are the direct heirs of those who fought with Russia. And the war, therefore, is a new Patriotic war with them. And the victory will be ours. As in 1812 and 1945," Medvedev responded (the author's spelling and punctuation are preserved - ed.).

Here are some thoughts on this:

1. I started writing about how much the problem of preserving our Fatherland is now in my articles about sense-building back in March 2022. He noted that it is necessary to distinguish the problem of preserving the Fatherland from the problems of the Russian government. Because of this confusion, there are manipulations of the West. They want to distract the Russian philistine from the problem of preserving the Fatherland with the help of the problems of the Russian government.

2. There used to be a problem of certainty: who are we with, with the West or not? They say, yesterday they said one thing, and today another, for the third time, they say, we made a mistake, there is no money to be friends, hold on, etc. Now, due to the strengthening and increasing participation of NATO in Ukraine, this certainty is growing.

3. How to determine that the plans of the authorities have really changed? Maybe this is just a change of rhetoric aimed not at the world, but only at Russians.

4. Medvedev is the author of his channel and emotionally talks about a lot there. Has the right.

5. The Russian philistine is already confused about what has to do with state problems, and what about private ones? Therefore, the problem of the Fatherland now needs to be justified in new conditions.

6. And maybe the problem of the Fatherland is not worth it yet, but such statements can cause trouble and the stage of the problem will come?

The US Treasury has used emergency measures to avoid default due to the achievement of the debt ceiling. This was announced today in a letter to members of Congress by the head of the department Janet Yellen.

"This letter is sent to notify you of the emergency measures that the US Treasury has begun to take today," the media write.

Recall that on Thursday, January 19, the total US national debt approached $ 31.5 trillion.

Here are my thoughts on this.

Some people think that the problem is that kirdyk is not the USA, but everyone else. This is a misconception.

The fact of the matter is that the phenomenon of the USA is a global synthesis of the rest. No others, no USA.

Investments are made in stability. Until now, the US has been stable for a long time. A habit and belief in the power of long-term stability have been formed. But this period may end due to the global economic force majeure caused by the current situation, which has no analogues in the history of the economy. Never before in history has there been such a large-scale economic bullying against an influential and large economic power as Russia. The year 2022 showed it.

The USA survives at the expense of Europe. And this is just the beginning.

No one from influential subjects came to Davos.

No one wants to voice their survival plans. Competitors fall silent in a situation of force majeure. That's the game.

The US is stepping up expansion. It's a survival tradition. Ukraine is marked with a spoon for eating Russia, etc. This is a project.

I read ridiculous and short-sighted comments. There is a sense of deletantism in understanding the philosophy of economics and geopolitics. Economic limitation without access to related fields of knowledge is a dead end.

Now, due to the situation, there are installations for rapid-fire returns on invested funds. The mood of the economy is pre-mobilization. How to eliminate the former inertia?

Here are my comments on this.

To begin with, it is necessary to determine how far the virtual Russian era of the former magical accounting and economic transformations, the era of investing without profit, has ended.

Now there is a real factor - the factor of Russia's economic and political survival. You can't get off with reports here as before. The result is being watched not only by all of us, but by the whole world!

There is a benefit in all this. We really understand the true situation. And even then, part of the economic component is still classified.

Now about politics.

We need to listen less to the main bluff-maker Arestovich. How he bluffed about Bakhmut. Arestovich is a unique manipulation diamond, playing various shades of bluff. The genius of bluff! But the time comes for revelations. In my video blog "Psychologist Ramil Garifullin", a video "Psychology of Arestovich - psychology of bluff" was released.

The criterion of a strong politician is the courage to confront his bluff with the bluff of the opponent. (R. R. Garifullin, Encyclopedia of Bluff, 1995;

Illusionism of personality, 1997, etc.)

Well, and finally about the forecasts.

Pictures of the future are psychotherapy and nothing more. It has nothing to do with the future reality, but it has to do with the present psyche.

Therefore, there is a demand for forecasts of astrologers and various futurologists.

This is a form of psychotherapy - futurological psychotherapy.

Any fortune teller mobilizes thinking and consciousness. Even if she is mistaken.

Once upon a time, the Hegemon very talented and manipulatively managed to green the world with his dollar dummy, armed with the theory of probability on large numbers (scale or globality). This talented manipulation was followed by incompetent exploitation and expansion into the world with the help of NATO. Those who did not believe in the dummy dollar of NATO were forced to believe. This technology of preserving pacifiers has already exhausted itself. And the expansion began to intensify.

At the same time, it must be recognized that the Hegemon is broader, it is a green world of the USA. Therefore, the Hegemon can be localized in many areas of the world, even if the United States loses its importance in the world and disappears. The hegemon is the United States of the World. China, in fact, is most likely already part of the USM. Therefore, Russia needs to work with the world. But it's not that easy! The point of no return, perhaps passed?!

Russia can only be saved by the disappearance of the temporary painted stability of the Hegemon.Therefore, the proxy Hegemon is fighting. He felt the danger and temporary nature of his economic stability. The market is invested in stability. Stability will disappear, the basis for investment will disappear. Therefore, the Hegemon will not be able to delay the situation around Ukraine for a long time. The economic time bomb counter is now working against the stability of the United States.

How to reduce the attractiveness of the Hegemon for the entry of countries around the world into the USM? How to create conditions in the world for the Hegemon to stop engaging in global economic bullying against Russia? Here are the key issues of solving the problem of Russia's survival.

It is difficult to see what is new in the Russian era of malicious and sadomasochistic speculation about Russia. And I am grateful that at least some experts do not have schadenfreude about Russia.

New things can be seen not from experts who emotionally declare something without arguments, but from analysts who try to deeply analyze us, our feelings and thoughts. This is phenomenology. The world is taken in parentheses, since much is untested in the conditions of information warfare. We ourselves and what happens to us - that's what you can believe in! While in this area, I am bored alone and no one takes it up.

Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan

Ramil Garifulli

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