Dugin 's Psychoanalysis

Dugin 's Psychoanalysis

I have been doing phenomenology for a long time, taking the world by the brackets. The world and information about it need to be checked. But we, with our thoughts and feelings, are the closest and most fundamental. I am talking about this on my YouTube channel "Psychologist Ramil Garifullin".

So, it doesn't matter what Dugin said about the world and the future. What matters is why he said that. More important is the psychoanalysis of this interview-Dugin's self-expression, caused by the influence of psychotrauma in connection with the death of his daughter, age psychology, vain ambitions, pragmatism, political behavior for the sake of survival, etc. Only this phenomenology will draw us some kind of entity useful to us for evaluation. By the way, I'm planning to make a video for my YouTube channel on this.

This is not due to the fact that Dugin is my competitor in the field of problems of sense-building in modern conditions (the concept and implementation of the project of sense-building after its in Russia began with me, see Internet publications in Arguments of the Week and on the APN political science website). In the project of meaning-building in the modern situation of Russia, Dugin is secondary to my research and publications (my monograph on the meaning-building of Russia in modern conditions is coming out soon). The primacy of this term "sense-building" after ITS authorship is assigned to me.

But Dugin has disappointed me in recent years. I used to appreciate him as an educator.

Dugin's tilt into Tradition, his ignoring in this interview of the destructive role of the United States as the source of the perversions of the postmodern era, is alarming. Where is his former understanding of the mechanics of the postmodern theory of philosophy, set by French postmodern philosophers? After all, that's where all the answers are. And not only in the departure from Modernity to Tradition. It is striking that some absurdly identify Tradition with postmodern philosophy, in which there are projects that are far from tradition.

In vain Dugin left the philosophical discourse for the religious one!

He has yet to write an application related to how he will adapt Russian to the numerous non-Russian non-Christian peoples of Russia. It's not that easy! At least because of the competition with Islam.

In all of Dugin's modern self-expression, there is some kind of fuss, a desire to quickly save something for mobilization. Although he himself says that time is short. Alas! Ideological, religious and political recipes born in the hustle and bustle are historically always dangerous.

In general, none of the theses about the meanings of what is happening has any novelty. I wrote about this back in March 2022 in Arguments of the week and on APN.

The former Dugin was more correct and philosophically innovative.

Psychology of nocturnal trust and problems of the world: when the US is asleep, Russia is awake.

One of my readers wrote to me, they say, it is better to build houses than to engage in a sense-building project, as you do.

I agree, but the appearance of houses should make sense. Not always constructed makes sense!

Now, due to the situation, some people have lost the sense to build something. In the dynamics of falling demand for construction now, this factor, in my opinion, is one of the key

My concept of meaning-building has a component and a variant associated with the justification of the meaninglessness of what is being done. My concept is not ideology and propaganda, but criticism of weak meanings and meaninglessness of what is happening. But it is precisely this that can become the basis for useful and objective sense-building. The concept of meaning-building is objectively balanced. Here, among the commentators, many express their immanent opinion on the basis of flaws and badness within Russia and they are right, but they are short-sighted and responsibly do not realize that there are transcendent factors that go beyond Russia and its subjectivity. This electorate does not distinguish between the internal political rot and the problems of Russia from the problems of the Fatherland. And that's the whole horror! Therefore, as always, we will become victims.

Some have bought technology products and do not want to lose them, but this does not mean that they themselves are carriers of technology. The majority is a parasitic on imported technologies and a passive-observing mass. She wants the return of havaniya! Therefore, they are minus because of the withdrawal syndrome of eating! But the hegemonic lure is over! It is necessary to be aware of mistakes.

Imagine your loved one in a studio apartment, who sleeps during the day when you are doing repairs in this apartment. And vice versa, you yourself sleep at night, and at this time your loved one continues to do the repairs you started. And so you replace each other. As a result, every time you wake up, you find changes in the apartment caused by the nocturnal activity of your loved one. And your loved one, also waking up at night, discovers changes caused by your daily activities related to apartment renovation.

And now, imagine our planet with its western and eastern hemispheres. The United States is located in the western hemisphere, and Russia is located in the eastern hemisphere. They are significant and influential subjects who are able to influence their "apartment", that is, our planet. Then, when Russia sleeps, the United States is awake and influences the world. Conversely, when the United States is asleep, Russia is awake and engaged in influence. In the era of the Internet and powerful communications, this is how it happens. The daily influence of the United States on Russia is going on, although she is sleeping at this time. Conversely, Russia's daytime influence on the United States is increasing, although Americans are sleeping at this time.

Therefore, often when Russians wake up, they learn about what the United States has done in the world. Conversely, when Americans wake up, they find out what Russia has done. Isn't this one of the essential causes of all our problems and troubles in the world? In any case, this factor must be taken into account.

And therefore, it would be so desirable that in our "apartment", that is, on our Land, while the western hemisphere was sleeping, the world would change for the better, thanks to the eastern hemisphere. Conversely, while the eastern hemisphere was sleeping, the world would be changing for the better, thanks to the western hemisphere.

Thus, I wanted the people of the world to wake up always with a smile on their face, seeing the improvements that have occurred in the world thanks to those who were awake at that time.

I will never forget how in the morning as a child I discovered a new floor of a neighboring house, built by builders on the night shift.

The morning should always please with a change in the world for the better while we were sleeping. We must trust those who create during our sleep. And we ourselves should inspire confidence among those who go to bed when we begin work to improve the world.

The proxy project of the Hegemon in Ukraine is only part of this globalization project. Who was involved in preventing this from happening? The hegemon competently manipulated Russia so that it would not be engaged in preventing the global proxy influence of the United States. And now, on the part of Russia, not prevention has already begun, but something else. How much will Russia pull on the role of the backbone of the world order change? Is it possible to hope for a bare historical Russian tradition, thanks to which the world order changed during the first and Second World Wars?

Russia's long-term stay on the American lure was not realized. Has the point of no return been passed?

The beginning of the Russia-NATO war is underway. Fact! There is less and less talk about Ukraine, as objectivity and maturity in understanding what is happening are coming.

I recently conducted a survey and few people mentioned Ukraine, most mentioned only Russia and NATO.

Even before my own, I assessed many experts in economics and political science very ironically. I said that all their arguments and assumptions will turn into misconceptions and lose all relevance, due to unpredictable bifurcations. And so it happened. Its happened. And the arguments of many experts-economists and political scientists have turned into information garbage! Read the archives. And on the contrary, many of my long-term publications are still relevant today, since my perspective always has a critical philosophical and universal format. This can be checked.

The adventurous courage of some experts who manage to talk about the failed as concrete is striking.

I remember how YouTube in 2022 YouTube was overflowing with performances-the dominance of all sorts of conjectures with loud enticing names of performances. There was a competition in these inviting videos about the collapse, destruction, crisis of Russia. For some reason, this did not happen. And these gloating experts fell silent for a while. Now they are being activated again.

And yet, the share of objective experts is slowly growing.

Of course, it is now easier and more incompetent to throw shit at the country in which we live. And there's enough shit. But the problem of the strong shortcomings of the domestic Russian policy should not be confused with the problem of the Fatherland!

Watch those expert economists who, in their articles and interviews, give specific economic recipes, propose projects and concepts.

They are difficult to find in the stream of information garbage of speculation, which is overflowing with the Internet and YouTube.

The USA is not just a beneficiary, but a long-time author of the world project. And this project was implemented in the world long before the beginning of the entire conflict.

Ukraine and Russia are secondary. Ukraine and Russia have become provoked victims of manipulation by the world provocateur and instigator. I have been writing about this for several years on Echo of Moscow.

The idea that the United States is the world's global nurse is nonsense. And it is well proven by many of the world's leading political scientists-scientists and authoritative experts.

But passively relishing watching how the Hegemon will win by organizing a global economic bullying against a rogue country. It just won't work that way. And the world will understand this in the coming years.

Now the problem is one thing - does Russia have a good counter and successful survival project?

The problem of sense-building, which I raised in the federal media back in March 2022, has not yet been solved. Nowhere without meanings!

In my works, I have shown that we need not just meanings, but carriers of these meanings who would have real authority and powerful reputational capital. It's not a lot with this!

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