The US used rhino syndrome to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The US used rhino syndrome to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It turns out that rhinos have a significant skin thickness and reaches four centimeters. Such a thickness of skin is needed by a rhinoceros mainly in order not to be pierced by the sharp horn of its relative, that is, another rhinoceros. This danger to life occurs when rhinos begin to compete for territories. And in general, the phenomenon of competition between equals and similar is known in nature. The convergence and assimilation of living systems, leading to sameness and similarity, leads to competition. Close and similar systems compete much stronger and scarier than systems that are far fr om each other. In the family and society, sometimes friends and even relatives become enemies. Any investigator knows about it. It is known that the approach of subjects, sometimes in conflict conditions, reveals a more powerful antagonism than if a conflict arose between subjects alien to each other. These are the laws of social psychology. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the psychological law of optimality and competition.

If we extend all of the above to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, then we can draw a sufficient number of useful conclusions.

The US has made very good use of rhino syndrome to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. A thick skin like a rhinoceros in survival is needed in the struggle between equals and similar, that is, between brothers-rhinoceroses.

Russia and Ukraine should be deeply aware of the cunning motives of the United States.

International players and actors place bets by looking at the indicator of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

Even before February 24, I wrote an article about how the stock market used the long-term situation of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. About the fall and rise of stock prices. About hopes and disappointments. All this rocked volatility. All this allowed many market players to make great money on insiders, the flow of which was six months before the SVO.

The question arises: is the current situation with the SVO in Ukraine and everything that is happening around it a similar condition for players in the stock markets?

Already now it can be assumed that the feeling of victory will pass from one to the other of the conflicting parties. The fact that Ukraine will receive dollar handouts on this, then less, then more, or even stop receiving them altogether if it fails. It's obvious.

Most likely, these fluctuations will rock the market again. There will be a fluctuating dynamics of the spirit of victory on one side, then on the other. And on this, players will earn good money and bet on Ukraine (in fact, on the USA), then on Russia.

The world will long-term hang in this choice, in this uncertainty. It will be an extraordinary passive expectation . Although this passivity will stop at a certain stage, thanks to the activity of international actors who will eventually support either the United States or Russia. The world will either strengthen the hegemony of the United States (without Russia's former role in the world) . Either the world will become different and multipolar, and Russia as the author of this result will take a special priority position.

International actors and players will place bets, looking at the indicator of the whole world - events around Ukraine and Russia.

Few people imagined that this indicator would significantly determine the future development of mankind!

Meanwhile, Elon Musk's bluff brought him to the investigation.

The investor of the American company "Twitter" Giuseppe Pampena sued Musk, accusing the billionaire of manipulating the stock prices of the social network. The investor is convinced that Musk, having agreed in early October to resume the acquisition of Twitter, "in fact, admitted that he had been bluffing all this time", declaring withdrawal from the deal. Mask's "fraudulent and illegal actions" brought down the shares of the social network, harmed the company's investors, while improving the entrepreneur's position in negotiations, follows from the lawsuit sent to the federal court in San Francisco.

Here are my thoughts on this.

I've been writing articles about Elon Musk's bluff for a long time. It is obvious that his essence as a person has nothing to do with science and technology. At the same time, Elon Musk is an entertainer in these areas. Moreover, a dubious entertainer. This doubt began to grow after the deterioration of the US economic condition. Part of the scientific and technological show-offs and bluff of Elon Musk has been revealed and continues to be revealed. Elon Musk is primarily a player in the market. In fact, he is the personification of bluff and simulacra of the economic essence of the United States. Musk is under investigation. And the United States, too, will someday be under investigation by the world community. And it will depend on the outcome of what Russia is currently doing in terms of world politics related to the escalated confrontation between Russia and the United States.

There will never be a cheap world economy again because :

1. Thanks to Russia, there will no longer be cheap energy and oil and gas resources for Europe and for the world.

2. Thanks to China, there will never be cheap labor either.

3. Thanks to the USA, there will never be a cheap dollar either.

It is obvious that Russia is the primary and key initiator in turning off the cheap world economy. And only then is China secondary with the disappearance of cheap Chinese labor. And finally, in these conditions, the United States will no longer be able to print its green pacifiers unbridled as before-dollars that China stores. China could have been the first to turn off the cheap global economy if it had thrown these accumulated green pacifiers to the whole world, but it did not. Russia went on a campaign to turn off the cheap world economy and end the unipolar world. She began to skillfully and politically and pedagogically turn off the global energy supply of Europe and the world. And there are already results.

There are global political and economic predictors that ignore the intimidation of the United States. Take a look at the bold ignorance of China, the UAE, etc. in relation to the United States. The intimidation and threats of the dementia Biden are no longer perceived in the world. The hegemon is no longer the same.

The last straw of the USA is Ukraine. But it is already clear that other times have begun for the Hegemon.

American businessman Elon Musk, in all likelihood, had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin before offering conditions for peace between Russia and Ukraine on Twitter. This was stated by American political scientist Ian Bremmer, referring to a conversation with a billionaire.

In a newsletter sent to Eurasia Group subscribers, Bremmer wrote that Musk told him that Putin was "ready for negotiations," but only if Crimea remained Russian, if Ukraine took the form of permanent neutrality and Ukraine recognized the "annexation" of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, Vice writes.

According to Bremmer, Musk told him that, according to Putin, these goals will be achieved "no matter what." The Russian leader also mentioned a possible nuclear strike in the event of Ukraine's invasion of Crimea. Musk told Bremmer that "everything must be done to avoid such an outcome."

Musk himself later denied the information. "No, I spoke with Putin only once, and that was about 18 months ago, the topic was space," the businessman said on Twitter.

As soon as the media is not sophisticated to raise its rating. And billions of people read this empty note with hope.

Everyone speculates and earns dividends on the situation.

There is one plus. The information flow, even a bullshit one, always affects something. Maybe there will be hope? ...

And meanwhile, Bernanke received the 2022 Nobel Prize in economics for justifying the need to bluff investors?

But there is no scientific novelty in this.

The Nobel Prize in Economics this year was awarded to American scientists, including former head of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke.

Scientists have proved the most important role of banks in the functioning of the modern economy and financial system. Bernanke also proved that the loss of confidence in banks and the raids of depositors are often the cause of the crisis, not its consequence.

From a scientific and economic point of view, there is no novelty. Then why was the Nobel Prize given? Apparently Bernanke received the Nobel Prize for something else, far from economics. They thanked me for something else.

According to my long-time published analytics, the world is divided into two parts: responsible bank customers - depositors who feel fear of living in debt and adventurous customers - borrowers living in debt. The first group pays for the second. Or maybe the adventurers themselves are to blame, who take financial expenses beyond their teeth? A significant part of the world's borrowers can no longer cope with the loan payments and nothing will happen to them, since collection services are ineffective and therefore honest depositors will take over all the troubles, otherwise there will be a social explosion. For example, they will not evict a multimillion-dollar army a family of mortgagees who already lives in apartments as in their own housing? Or maybe the depositors themselves are to blame, allowing them to give their money to adventurous depositors? Or maybe the Western ideology of "living in debt". The US is already at an impasse and American investors are already rebelling, but they have a printing press for the whole world. In Europe, in general, they showed a fig to honest depositors, supporting adventurer clients with money from honest depositors and investors. Patience may burst.

If we analyze the activities of the US Federal Reserve and look at economic crises, we can understand that the economy is developing because some economic entities always win and some lose. Especially the people. It's always been historical. If we study the reason why economic crises occur, it turns out that the phenomenon of pyramidism exists both in the US state economy and in power - only here the pyramid is not so steep and is destroyed less often. The Fed and financial pyramids are ordained, they have common mechanisms and similarities.

Real projects are when capital multiplies and increases, then you can invest there. And when there are financial projects wh ere there is a redistribution of funds, it does not mean that the economy has risen. This means that someone has been taken away from someone, and someone has become impoverished, but nothing changes in total. Therefore, there are now many such projects that do not develop the world. This is an imaginary success.

Thus, the Fed is holding on to the global bluff about the power of the dollar. If one of the international actors begins to doubt this, then NATO will come to him and cultivate trust.

Therefore, Bernanke is right to inspire confidence in banks among depositors. We need a bluff.

Now the silence and bleating of the lambs of journalism.

I read the media, Telegram, the Internet. They write about different things. They write differently.

I often see interviews as belatedly irrelevant and shallow reflection on what is happening. It's disappointing.

I often see how chronically the key mechanisms of the formation of Russia's problems are handled, since this is a dangerous topic! ...

Often an article is about anything, but not about Russia. Such a comfortable and safe pose! For example, there are stupid defenses of authors by historical intellectualization about the world.

I observe the silence of some politically correct lambs.

Now we can talk about a certain point of bifurcation, in the language of Ilya Prigozhin. This is what crosses out all the many unnecessary and irrelevant texts.

Ilya Prigozhin, the founder of nonlinear dynamics, said that "The world is playing dice."

And the mechanisms of how the world plays dice are revealed in my monograph "Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology" (2015).

I am glad that, according to my analysis, there are still those among the readers of the media who are not asleep and understand all this. There are not many of them, but they are there.

With all that said, I note that there is always a gap between a person and her journalistic creativity! And any publicist has the right to this abyss!

Time passes, but the clock does not measure time, but only duration. The dial with an arrow has nothing to do with Time. Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein expressed it well. Time is something else. It laughs by itself at the fact that we are amused by dials and all sorts of pendulums. We only measure duration.

Now is the time for informational probing, bluff show-offs, psychological influence and, of course, manipulation. This is enough on both sides.

There is a fierce War of Information Defecation. Some "hyenas" of Russian journalism are particularly successful in this information war from immigration, who regularly exhibit and descriptively savor the aesthetics of the corpses of Russian soldiers in the Telegram. These publicist leaders are the wits of literary aesthetics over the Rotting and Excrement of Everything That Happens!

I feel that someday the analysis of the work of these over-the-top publicists and the analysis of their suspicious aesthetics will enrich not only the psychology of artistic and journalistic creativity, but also pathopsychology.

Recently , an informational sign descended on the world . On the one hand, together with the Americans, our Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina flew into space with the cry "Russia". On the other hand, I was pleased with the statement of Elon Musk, who launched our cosmonaut into space and said that Russians make up the majority in a number of eastern regions of Ukraine, and they prefer Russia. This was tweeted by entrepreneur Elon Musk in response to Senator Lindsey Graham, who criticized his peace settlement plan.

Graham expressed the opinion that Musk "should understand the facts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine" before suggesting ways to resolve the conflict.

"If we assume that the will of people matters, in any conflict zone we must support the will of those who live there. Most of Ukraine definitely wants to be part of Ukraine, but in some eastern parts the majority of the population are Russians, and they prefer Russia," Musk replied.

What will happen to the world after this information sign, which was initiated by one of the world's most authoritative technological entertainers of the world?! A series of my past articles written within six months were often devoted to Elon Musk's bluff. Apparently he's not bluffing this time?

Often we hear from some compatriots that Russians should have tolerance for the United States as a Hegemon, as a kind of chief policeman useful to the world, who knows what to do with the world, how to regulate the world. These compatriots can be understood: they are hooked on technological foreign, Western and American achievements and on the basis of this lure assess the current state. They don't want to deprive themselves of the benefits of this lure! The West and the USA have a high level of technology. Respect to them for this. But this is a different problem. Just because the United States and the West have succeeded in technology, it is impossible to say that they are right in their global foreign expansionist policy. It is impossible to say that they are right because they are developed. The level of development does not automatically give the level of highly spiritual and ethical behavior of an international subject.

Some of my compatriots, they say, there are no plans for the United States and the West to liquidate and destroy Russia. They say that these are just the latest reactions of the West and the United States to Russia's behavior towards Ukraine.

There were plans to liquidate Russia before the SVO. This is a fact! There is a lot of evidence about this.

And now the Western media has accumulated enough facts, interviews and publications of independent Western experts testifying to the plans of the United States. There are many of them!

I will only give a fresh fact. This is the opinion of a former authoritative ex-adviser

Therefore, I was not surprised by the statement to the American news site Grayzone by retired Swiss Strategic Intelligence Colonel Jacques Bo, who

He recently stated that the United States deliberately provoked the conflict in Ukraine, Ukraine as such does not care, the purpose of the conflict is to provoke Russia and destroy its economy.

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