Russians have learned to defend themselves from American and foreign bluff around Ukraine.

Russians have learned to defend themselves from American and foreign bluff around Ukraine.

According to my research and psychological analysis , I have come to the following conclusions:

1. The objectivity of Russians' perception of information is growing. Most Russians have already learned to be critical of many experts and presenters of telegram channels and YouTube channels.

2. The time has come when, based on a comparative analysis and comparison of the reality of what is happening and the information coming fr om various sources, Russians are increasingly disappointed in the information that comes fr om foreign sources.

3. Within 8 months, the majority of Russians have developed a sufficient level of criticality and tolerance to incoming information from abroad, which is part of the informational and manipulative influence on Russians. And the more Russians perceive this information, the more disappointed they become in experts.

4. Russians have already realized that in telegram channels and YouTube channels there is often some confusion of truth with speculation and unconfirmed facts.

5. A considerable part of Russians, due to their business and current activities, are isolated from any information sources, intermediate conjectures and information fuss, leaving the information isolation only in case of significant events in the life of Russia.

6. There is a growing number of Russians who have learned to identify various popular Russian migrant provocateurs who have suddenly become popular experts and presenters of YouTube-telegram channels. Many well-known experts and migrant journalists, in an effort to donate, were crushed in their emotionality and low relevance of their speeches compared to the former pre-migration level.

Thus, blocking YouTube channels and telegram channels is not recommended, since time is running out for the fact that Russians are growing disillusioned with the perception of information provocateurs and anti-Russian experts of these channels.

The happiness index of Russians was 68 points — not the best indicator, but, oddly enough, it is much higher than in 1992, when the indicator was fixed at 6 points. A paradox!

It is impossible to compare these periods — today there is a different situation.

In the 90s, the problem of life and death did not stand as it stands now. Because now there is a high probability that a loved one may end up in places wh ere he will not be, wh ere he will die. Moreover, he will literally die planned, in a specific time frame. This also causes depression.

Not the most positive sentiments of Russian society in the 90s were associated with the transformation of society and the economic situation of people.

Now there are features that are not related to the economy. The fact is that in the 90s, overcoming itself was the basis of life affirmation, that is, it was a condition that allowed people to develop, survive and in general, they say, even led to some activity. Then there were positive aspects, there was a developing component. And now, alas, there are no developing components.

It is difficult to predict when the depressive stage will end. There is a problem of sense-building in the country, people do not understand what all this is for. Despite the fact that the average man in the street, who thought that what was happening would not affect him, directly or indirectly becomes a participant in the events.

Now in Russia, unfortunately, the responsibility is shifted not only to the authorities, but also to the people, to the regions. The Russian people will feel this responsibility — and this is also a burden. To some extent, we will adapt to this.

It must be remembered that a certain bright infinity always lies at the foundation of a person's life affirmation, and depressions arise when this infinity turns into a finiteness.

It remains only to wish all Russians that psychological protection works in their souls and a bright image of the future appears, on the basis of which life-affirming values, meanings and motives would be formed.

The postmodern environment is such that there are conditions for anonymous influences and it is difficult to identify the author.

Historically, the United States and the West have been much more engaged in provocations. And in general, the authors of this medium - the era of postmodernism and perversions are the USA (Jean Baudrillard). The technologies themselves create the conditions and opportunities for this. This is the reverse side of technology development

Therefore, it will not be easy for us to beat the USA and the West!

Are we really going to solve this problem with blood, and not replay it? It is ridiculous to solve the problem only with blood in such an era of games, perversions and provocations!

Elon Musk, in fact, is already waging a bloodless war and making his key contribution through the concepts of technological influence. The outcome may depend on him. Elon Musk, apparently, plans to raise technology to the highest level, and this will raise the level of provocation and influence technology.

Does Russia know how to engage in counter provocations? Provocations are a tool, they are manipulations. If we do not know how to do this in response, then it will be more difficult to win the United States and the West.

In provocation, the aspect of the formation of provocative actions is very important. This is a game and manipulation. Provocative actions and techniques, for example, in martial arts, are a skill. In politics and war, this is also a skill. Provocations should be assessed objectively, not only fr om the point of view of the victim of provocation. Historically, there have always been counter provocations to enemy provocations. Only we did not designate them in our coordinate system with the word "provocation".

Provocative projects are the ultimate aerobatics of world and foreign policy.

At the same time, it must be remembered that the leader and the hotbed of world provocations is the United States itself.

The leaders of economic provocations on the stock market are also the United States. Soros alone meant a lot.

Can the sanctions themselves be a provocation against Russia?

2. There is a lot of mediation and proxy influences in sanctions, wh ere the subject of sanctions is no longer the United States. The United States, through the global dollar, influences the world fr om under the silence. There's a lot hidden there. There is an open part, and there is an indirect one. Ukraine itself is an instrument of provocation against Russia. And this tool is in the hands of the United States.

Russia is a victim of global bullying. And in bullying, the most dangerous thing is a hidden pest of the subject's reputation. The main culprit is often masked.

When a subject is first hooked on trust and values, and then deprived of capital, this is a provocation! Russia is a victim of provocation! The US has worked cunningly, manipulatively and covertly! The United States knows how to do its provocative business.

Provocations are not only destruction. This is any harm of different spheres and qualities!

The skill of provocation is determined by the level and implementation of hidden motives from the enemy.

There is an open aggressive act! There is a provocative act.

In an aggressive act, the main thing is the consequences. There are other goals in the provocative act. There is a provocation to something not revealed!

In an aggressive act, open exposure is exploitation and submission.

In provocation, there is a hidden influence - manipulation.

Although the consequences may be the same.

Thus, the consequences are not the criterion of the difference between provocation and an aggressive open act (exploitation, etc.)

In provocation, the main thing is to provoke the necessary reactions and processes.

American sanctions against Russia have become a manipulation, that is, a tool for certain purposes. Sanctions are not an end in themselves.

In addition, I mean that part of the sanctions against us that are conducted indirectly through other international actors that the United States provokes against us.

The imposition of sanctions is only part of the project. Their implementation through international actors who react differently is different.

The implementation of sanctions requires manipulation by international actors.

Despite the fact that the US sanctions are open, only they themselves know the true motives of the US. We'll find out later.

There is a final stage in manipulation - the victim realizes that she is a victim of manipulation. Lawlessness is already a victim's assessment of what happened.

Therefore, it must be recognized that the US sanctions turned out to be the final manipulation in a series of manipulations that took place before the US sanctions against Russia.

Thus, we can continue to expect streams of provocations from the United States, since they are an organic part of the destructive foreign policy essence of the United States. And it does not matter at what level these provocations may be. Therefore, the probability of a nuclear provocation by the United States is high.

Many of my critics argue, they say, why do I need to analyze and criticize US policy? And indeed, I don't need it and there are things that we don't need, but, alas, later these things for some reason hit us from the back of the head and deal with us without asking us what we need!

The statistics of the facts of expansion on various continents by the United States is indisputable! The ultimate goal of capital export is acquisition and ownership.

My critics often fail to provide arguments and facts that the United States is not engaged in expansion. Moreover, this is not only my point of view, but the proven position of many reputable foreign political scientists and leading philosophers.

Conspiracy theory (conspiracy theory) and its criticism were put into circulation with the help of the United States. They say, all this is a delusional theory. Brzezinski showed that there was a project and a conspiracy against the USSR. And they implemented this project. By the way, this project did not stop. And there are already many interviews of American experts about this.

Many ordinary people who spend whole days following information from the Internet have already drawn the Internet. They themselves are no longer there! This can be understood by their vocabulary and those videos on which they have a temporary baking. And yet, many ordinary people still contain personal essences in themselves, have not lost themselves, have not become entangled in the bacchanalia of various worldviews. A little lost. Otherwise, many will lose themselves, becoming complete products of the impact of the Internet.

Some ordinary people as subjects are already, alas, gone! These subjects will be reborn if they have holistic, logical and systemic views on what is happening. This is the main task of meaning-building in Russia. I would not like these meanings and motives to be born only after the appearance of a specific danger to the lives of Russians, and not just those mobilized. It's difficult!

Perhaps, in our time, the more correct subjects and analysts are those who have no sympathy for any side. Although you need to have sympathy for your own, but there should also be an optimal level of criticism towards your own and yourself. Alas! Most of them have these sympathies.

Some have an antipathy to their country. According to my statistics, a person useful to his country will never have antipathy to his country.

For some, thinking and reasoning in the current situation is just pampering, since it is not productive for them.

Soon the truth will be drawn. And the reasoning of many will be forgotten.

Until now, Russia has always been the trigger for the transformation of the World. Both world wars have shown this. Russia is a key global entity. And the world understands this now more than ever. And this is confirmed by many subjects around the world.

We are lagging behind in technology, but the influence in the postmodern era has long been based not on technology, but on a small disturbance that can provoke a problem for the whole world.

Russia and the USSR have and have had the highest percentage of authorship of concepts in science and technology. Alas! With the introduction, we limped. But no one disputes our authorship in the world! For example, our Soviet physicists have always been ranked alongside foreign ones.

Russia is a source and abundance of creative and creative personalities in art, literature, science, and sports. And the world knows it!

What is the main mechanism of Russia's chronic development problems? Wh ere is the "Lagrange function", the state function that captures the essence and mechanism of this chronic backwardness. What is the essence of the theoretical mechanics of this backwardness?

Many Internet visitors are just subjects of perception and emotions, not analysis of mechanisms. Many need to break out of this trap. But they will not be able to do this, because they are still trapped in irresponsible, malicious fun.

But the situation will soon cure many of this.

Thus, it is necessary to reduce the perception of streams of video speculation and video feces of various garbage "experts" of the Internet

We need access to analysis and objectivity. And for many, emotional perception prevails and no more! One video-havanie!

Responsibility goes away in the world. The prompter is a symbol and predictor of irresponsibility in all spheres!

Now the main thing is that China does not beat us cruelly. He can beat us. I'm talking about a brutal overplay. Losers are different. We should not be cruel losers. We need to work on levers of influence on China and protection fr om its hidden and quiet project. The Chinese want to take time, they say, the Nature of the World will put everything in its place.

Now those who have a powerful intellect in the field of crisis economic and political management will win in Russia. In Russia, perhaps, there are such personalities. They take a neutral and pragmatic position. They form pre-assigned safety positions. They are representatives of a powerful crisis political and economic management. If negotiations on a truce begin, it will be only thanks to such personalities.

Crisis political and economic management is an area related to generating profits in a destructive process. Most people make profits only on an uptrend.

There is something in the world that people produce. And most people on the planet are efficient in this production. In this area, most people interfere with each other the least, being proficient in their activities related to production and various services. Aptitude is determined by the effectiveness of the activity.

But there is something in the world that nature gives: natural and human resources.These are inexhaustible reserves of various natural resources and human resources. And here there is a conflict between people. The aggravation of this conflict of the people of the world is most concentrated in the political sphere. This is the problem of war and protection from it. This is an area wh ere the concept of "aptitude" is more difficult to apply.

3. In any case, history shows that all the great political leaders who tried to solve the problem with natural resources failed, which means they were incompetent. For example, this is Napoleon and Hitler.

Currently, the United States and its leaders have decided to take the test of global political aptitude again, having appetites for Russia's natural resources.

But history shows that those subjects who encroached on the gigantic natural resources of other large countries have always been politically incompetent.

Most likely, the United States will soon show its global political incompetence. In any case, the US hegemony, according to the analysis, is less and less satisfied with the world. And the current behavior of the United States is only a consequence of awareness of this problem.

In this situation, the problem of many countries and their leaders (China, Russia, India, etc.) has become more acute than ever before

The situation is new. Therefore, it is too early to judge the incompetence of leading politicians from various countries of the world. Only time will tell!

For almost four hours, the President of the Russian Federation on the Vldai explained why the dominance of the West was over.

"The West is not capable of single-handedly controlling humanity, but it is desperately trying to do so. Most of the peoples of the world no longer want to put up with this. This is the main contradiction of the era," Russian President Vladimir Putin said the day before at the Valdai Forum. In his philosophical speech, the head of state noted that the dominance of the West is over, and a new world order is ahead. If it does not work out, a catastrophe threatens the whole world.

Here are my thoughts on this.

For any speaker, it is not the text of the speech that is important, but the subtext and context that lead to the hidden motives of the speech and the speaker.

Now there will be disputes of analysts in this field!

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, told what goal he pursues by buying all shares of Twitter. According to him, the decision is dictated by the desire to "help humanity."

"I bought Twitter not to make money, I did it in an attempt to help humanity, which I love," RIA Novosti quoted Musk as saying.

The entrepreneur noted that it is important for the future of civilization to have one common digital platform, "where different opinions can be discussed in a healthy atmosphere without violence."

The businessman explained that he sees a "great danger" in the threat of losing the opportunity for dialogue both on digital platforms and in society itself, which has developed as a result of the companies' pursuit of advertising revenue.

Here are my thoughts on this.

I have already written, according to my psychological analysis of Elon Musk as a cryptocurrency gambler, he buys Twitter only for games and bets on cryptocurrencies, including his crypt, which he wants to implement using Twitter.

Elon Musk is not talking about any love for humanity. It's a bluff. Ulterior motives are different! In the future, it will be necessary to save the dollar with the help of another alternative currency. Therefore, Musk decided to work out safety mechanisms in this regard. He will be given the opportunity to promote crypts. Durov and Zuckerberg were not allowed to do this, but Ilona will be given a Mask.

Once Telegram was working on creating its own cryptocurrency, Facebook banned advertising related to digital currencies and ICOs. Now Elon Musk is gradually being selected and plans to introduce his own crypto-product based on blockchain. Social networks have a significant impact on the format of interaction, so the integration of cryptocurrencies can radically change existing economic models.

It is known that the main advantage of social networks is the existing wide audience coverage. They don't need to spend additional funds and time to attract participants.

Twitter ranks second after Facebook. Then there is the telegram.

The world's population is now about 7.5 billion, and not every inhabitant of the Earth has regular access to the Internet. In fact, social networks cover more than a third of all users. Statistical analysis shows that the majority of participants are able-bodied citizens from 18 to 34 years old. It is this group that can actively use innovative products and adapt to new economic models without problems. When implementing blockchain products, some users will immediately participate, and in case of a successful organization, their number will gradually increase.

That's what Elon Musk dreams about! And the love of humanity and the problem of communication between the people of the planet is profanity and another bluff of Elon Musk.

Musk is first of all a betting player and only then an entertainer in the field of technology.

Bluff Mask is now the most relevant in the world! The fate of humanity will depend on him. The bluff of the leading leaders of various countries around Ukraine is less relevant in the world than Elon Musk's bluff.

Such bluff times in the world!

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