Russia and the contours of the new world order

Russia and the contours of the new world order

An unpredictable past.

History is not written by historians, but by those who forbid the publication of historians' works about what really happened.

All these are just "flowers" in the development of a new world order.

Many of my articles are devoted to the construction around SVO. The only alarming thing is that the urgency of this problem has suddenly fallen on the heads of Russians and the Russian intelligentsia in the last few months. And before that, no one thought about it. There were only a few well-developed analytical publications by Kalyagin. I personally knew this and have been expecting it for a long time since 2014.

This awakening and sudden "good morning, Russians" is a problem.

It always happens with ordinary people. People see the light, thanks to some authors. And then they say that this is how it should be!...

Our government deliberately restrained and led the Russians away fr om antagonism to the United States, since it was already in the West with its soul and pocket. But now there is a radical re-education of these former attitudes to the West. And it goes inefficiently. So far, only games of antagonism to the United States, and the pockets are not antagonistically opened to the United States.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov considers the words of French President Emmanuel Macron about African countries offensive. He said this to journalists following a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the SCO member states.

According to Lavrov, Macron is concerned about Russia's military and diplomatic activity in Africa. "As for President Macron and his statements, indeed, in general, one would expect more ethical statements fr om the French. Because he said, if I remember correctly, something like the following — that he was concerned about Russia's military and diplomatic activity in Africa and that he would not even call it cooperation, but support for absolutely failed, illegitimate regimes and juntas," TASS quoted the minister as saying.

Macron and other EU leaders need to raise their erudition in understanding the behavior of the victim of bullying and the consequences of this behavior for the organizers of bullying. The history of bullying is rich in different scenarios.

1. The victim of bullying must initially survive as a self-valuable and self-sufficient subject in interaction with those subjects who are not the organizers of bullying. Sanctions against Russia are bullying, the scale of which is record.

2. Only after the first point is fulfilled, the victim of bullying decides whether it is worth interfering in the fate of the organizers of bullying.

African countries are subjects. Europe has historically viewed these countries as objects and as a means.

Any subjects are useful for solving the problem of bullying victims.

Subject-subject attitude is a recipe for survival of any victim of bullying.

China as a source of fire in the world.

President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) Xi Jinping, during a telephone conversation, warned his American counterpart Joe Biden against the backdrop of growing tensions around Taiwan and stressed that "playing with fire" will burn himself. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The Chinese president said that the Chinese people will defend the territorial integrity of the island to the last and defend their national sovereignty. Xi Jinping added that China will never agree to Taiwan declaring its own independence.

Biden, in response to the words of the Chinese leader, stressed that the United States respects the interests of China and adheres to the "one China" policy. At the same time, the US State Department said in a statement that the conversation between the leaders of the two countries was not constructive.

Here are my thoughts on this.

The Hegemon, like a fly on the stool, always has a craving for using any beginning of separatism in various countries of the world and using the formula "divide and rule". All this is a global expansion of incitement to artificial separatism and the use of the results of the Hegemon's separatism to create its own disguised world empire of American capital and all sorts of iconic pacifiers, starting fr om the dollar and ending with its new surrogates-crypts. Only then there is a global militarization with the help of NATO, directed against those who do not support these global economic dummies enslaving various economic entities. These pacifiers are blown into where they need to be, and sucked out from where they need to be. This is the political and economic mechanics of the World's Main Swindler - the United States, which dropped its disguises of swindling in front of the world and all international actors in the last months of 2022. And the world has learned it now. Now there is a different, more objective attitude towards the Hegemon in the world. And China, apparently, has seen it. And decided not to be a vassal of the USA. Therefore, a new world order is coming without the United States in the role of Hegemon. Moreover, Trump's recent comprehension of what is happening in the United States speaks to this. And it's not just Trump's naked pre-election political speculation. Tramm sensed the essence of the impending changes. It will not be possible to play with pacifiers as before for a long time. Energy and raw materials are beginning to be valued in the world. Musk, the entertainer as a disguised Pentagon man and a conman player in the crypts, also blew away (see my series of recent articles for 2021-2022 about this). They are an entertainer and have nothing to do with science and technology. Although I have great respect for American scientists and engineers, many of whom come from the USSR and Russia.

The preventive concept of national security in the world should at its core contain protection against artificial incitement to separatism in various countries of the world. Russia adheres to this concept with its constituent regions of Russia.

The days when Yeltsin reported to Clinton, submitting to the separatist projects of the Hegemon, destroying the USSR and communism, are over.

Thanks to the criminal incitement of the United States to seraratism, Yugoslavia was destroyed. Now the fragments of Yugoslavia have become only one part of decaying Europe.

If you look at the map of all the projects of separatism implemented by the United States in the world, then the essence of this global essence of the Hegemon emerges - this is the true world evil empire that the United States once put on the USSR. It turned out that this assessment of the USSR as an Evil empire is a projection of the USA itself. We must remember the American Evil of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now the USA has amnesized Japan and their brains and memory of the deeds of the Hegemon have been knocked off, since the USA has tools with its pacifiers that can be blown in and out.

It is necessary to study the pragmatic and dividend aspects of this setup. How it will affect the ordinary members of gardening. The topic of stimulation of firms installing such towers is a murky topic. Of course, it is profitable and profitable for someone. This aspect should be studied.

A Lithuanian delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications arrived in Taiwan.

The visit of Lithuanian representatives to Taiwan takes place against the background of the aggravation of relations between Vilnius and Beijing due to the opening of the island's representative office. China protested in this regard, after which it unilaterally lowered the level of diplomatic relations to charge d'affaires, and also restricted imports from Lithuania.

The global East-West conflict is unfolding. In the beginning, the West abandoned the prostituted bankrupt satellites of Russia for seed.

All these are just "flowers" in the development of a new world order. It is from these components that a new world order will be formed over time.

The attitude of the countries of the world towards China and Russia is gradually becoming a key test for the fate of these countries and the whole world.

Is Truman turning over in his coffin?

"Humanity is playing with loaded weapons," he said during a speech dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city by US troops.

According to Guterres, currently "there is a rapid spread of crises with threatening nuclear overtones," including in the Middle East, on the Korean Peninsula and around Ukraine. He also asked the audience whether humanity was able to learn lessons from the bombing of Hiroshima.

Here are my thoughts on this:

1. First you need to ask the Hegemon about it, and then humanity.

2. The United States remains the only state in the world that has used nuclear weapons, but has not been held responsible and punished for it.

3. Now the United States is planning a provocation in the world aimed at provoking the use of nuclear weapons by other countries. Apparently, the United States, out of its sin, wants not to be the only one in the world to use nuclear weapons.

4. The US plan is banditishly adventurous and scamming simple: to make a scapegoat of Russia, which will not use nuclear weapons, but which will be punished as a victim of global political bullying.

5. I am sure that Truman does not turn over in his coffin and "lies" calmly, knowing what he was doing. Biden is also calm, but playing with fire. Apparently he wants to go down in history as Truman?

China knows its essence and its place. Does Russia know?

All week, the main world news revolved around the fate of Taiwan — from Nancy Pelosi's visit to China's large-scale exercises near the island. What can prevent China from annexing Taiwan and is a full-fledged military conflict between Beijing and Washington real? What development of the current situation is beneficial to Russia?

Here are my thoughts on this:

1. Russia, having abandoned socialism, that is, from Itself, began to play the games of the USA in the early 90s. China did not abandon Itself by remaining socialist, but by entering into wise interaction with the United States.

2. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is a US project and Russia got involved in this project due to domestic political reasons (foreign policy reasons are relevant, but secondary).

3. The China-Taiwan conflict is also a US project. And China will also not participate in it, just as it once abandoned the US project to stop being a socialist country. China has preserved Itself and its essence.

4. Russia, alas, has not preserved its former essence and is stuck in the problem of self-identification.

5. It is difficult for an international entity to survive if it does not have an understanding of its essence and self-identification. That is why many of my articles were devoted to meaning-building around the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Sense-building is possible only if you preserve Yourself, your essence and self-identification. In fact, we need to know deeply who we are and wh ere we are going? China understands everything about this transparently and is quite predictable. China will save itself. China has always been China since ancient times!

6. An international entity that is aware of its essence is less likely to be provoked. The USA, as the main provocateur of the world, is looking for such countries. Russia turned out to be such a country, not China.

China knows its essence and its place!

7. Taiwan shares political and economic genetics with China. China and Taiwan will come to unity on a new mutual basis with the beneficial use of the United States. Why? Therefore, China and Taiwan did not leave their essence and did not lose Themselves.

8. Self-preservation is possible only if there is no immanent degradation of the international subject (in particular, in the absence of kleptocratic metastases, risk of social tension, etc.) and only then come foreign policy factors.

It is necessary to identify the economic and political state of Ukraine :

1. The mobilization state of Ukraine and therefore centralization is justified

2. The mobilization state of Ukraine is used by the Ukrainian authorities for other motives besides the conflict with Russia.

3. There is no mobilization state and a significant part of Ukraine economically lives as before, focusing on aid and Europe (Poland, etc.) .

Depending on these options, it is possible to objectively assess the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities to the regions.

To what extent is Zelensky's image in a green business T-shirt and his performances far from reality as the roles he played in movies and on stage?

Forming its essence on the basis of publications and mass media is not an easy task.

The United States is already maturing in terms of an objective understanding of what the American billions of dollars that have fallen on Ukraine are really spent on. The hegemon, apparently, will soon slow down these flows. It is obvious that the Zelensky family fell in love with the greens.

The green-green Ukrainian economy is a murky topic.

The essence of what is happening is well described within the framework of the behavior of a system consisting of two subjects Gambler-Victim: manipulation and persuasion - bets - loss - manipulation and persuasion - ... etc.

Gambling cycles. Either termination of custody or impoverishment of the victim allows you to break out of the vicious circle.

Graduate students in the field of political psychology! Here's a topic for your dissertation:

"A study of the psychological correlation of a country's political gambling addiction and the addiction of the leader of this country."

Many facts have already been presented that Zelensky is an addictive personality and there is a reason to take this topic for research.

1. Si has nothing to say to Russia's primitive prostituted and addictive neighbor. Xi is aware that Zelensky is China's instigator of provocation and does not want provocation. Therefore, there will be no dialogue.

2. And what is going on in the field of cooperation between China and Ukraine? I am sure that it is satisfactory. There is, perhaps, no country on the globe wh ere Chinese communities would not exist. The world is turning yellow and will be yellow! And Russia and Ukraine, too, regardless of how the conflict between Ukraine and Russia develops, will be yellow in the future. Not a green dollar will be everywhere, but a yellow China.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, during a virtual press conference with students of the Australian National University, appealed to China to unite against Russia.

Zelensky admitted that "Beijing's neutrality is better" than if China joined Russia. He further said that "it is important that China does not help Russia,"" the American TV channel gives details of the speech.

And what is going on in the field of cooperation between China and Ukraine? I am sure that it is satisfactory. There is, perhaps, no country on the globe wh ere Chinese communities would not exist. The world is turning yellow and will be yellow! And Russia and Ukraine, too, regardless of how the conflict between Ukraine and Russia develops, will be yellow in the future. Not a green dollar will be everywhere, but a yellow China.

The Chinese mentality, in fact, does not allow bluffing and building show-offs. Therefore, everything that China says will be implemented, or there will be a pause of waiting after which Taiwan itself will sail to China.

At the same time, there are deceptive movements in Chinese martial arts, but this is not the case.

What worries me more is not how the United States took Ukraine from the inside and, in fact, there is now a military conflict between the United States and Russia on the territory of Ukraine. I am more concerned that the majority of readers of one of the largest Tatarstan and federal information sites, according to the analysis of the statistics of voting comments, regularly ignore everything that concerns the interests of Russia. And that's the problem. Or an IT army is operating on this largest information resource, which is doing its job. Or the Russian authorities must deeply understand the inconsistency and unpredictability of the behavior of Russians who are still passively observing.

The problem of cyberattacks is less relevant than the problem of key knowledge and information from Wikipedia around what is happening in military-political terms around Ukraine, Europe, Russia, the United States. The key tool of the information war is the key encyclopedic sources. It must be recognized that this is Wikipedia now. Articles about politics and history in the Russian Wikipedia have been supervised by US administrators since the beginning of 2010.

I refer readers to my 2013 article "Wikipedia as a National Security Problem".

The Ministry of Justice has prepared two manuals for investigators and judges on how to correctly analyze statements about the actions of the Russian military in the framework of the new "special operation" articles of the Administrative Code and the Criminal Code.

The Ministry pointed out that the "statement of fact" refers to an article about the "dissemination of deliberately false information", and a negative "opinion" about the actions of the army — to "discredit"

This is relevant!

But it is even more relevant to conduct an independent examination of those who

he has developed methods of linguistic expertise in fake cases, as well as those who conduct this expertise.

The decline of the Russian economy in annual terms will last until the middle of 2023, then it will move to recovery growth. This forecast was given by the Central Bank in the next report on monetary policy.

"In general, by the end of 2022, according to the forecast of the Bank of Russia, GDP will shrink by 4-6%, which is slightly better than the April estimates (8-10%). In annual terms, the reduction will continue until mid-2023, therefore, by the end of 2023, a decline in the range of 1-4% is also predicted. Starting from the middle of 2023 and in 2024, the economy will grow at a recovery rate, slightly less than estimated in April (1.5−2.5% instead of 2.5−3.5%)," the report says.

Optimistic artistic and economic sketches are needed, but how to eliminate the artificiality and uncertainty of the Russian economy. You can smile for a long time without a mirror, but it is also useful to see your smile in the mirror. And the mirror has been taken away so far and we do not see ourselves and our true state, but we are already drawing our future! This is presumptuous!

The Serbia-Kosovo conflict is the beginning of the upcoming conflicts in Europe.

It is quite obvious that Serbia could hardly launch a full-scale military operation in Kosovo. But even limited action would be fraught with instability in Europe. So the European community has done everything possible to influence the Kosovo leadership. But the situation still remains a dead end.

The basis of all the upcoming conflicts in Europe will be the deterioration of the economic situation. The conflict between Serbia and Kosovo is only the beginning and the trigger. Most likely, Europe, with its giant army of dissatisfied freeloaders on benefits, will soon begin to show itself in this regard. The reasons are obvious - energy prices.

It is not the conjectures that are presented in this information that are more relevant, but the hidden motives for generating and distributing this information. This is a preventive work and an informational survey to study the reaction of many international actors. Only on the basis of the analysis of this reaction will real US actions be taken.

It is always important to analyze the source of information output.

Now, before doing anything in terms of economic correction, it is necessary to peel off the layer of artificiality of the current Russian economy, which has become the result of artistic and economic creativity.

Drawings can cheer you up for a while, but sooner or later you will have to approach a normal, not a crooked mirror.

For Russia, the integrity of Ukraine within Russia and the prevention of its division with Europe are more important.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev published in his telegram channel a map of Europe, on which most of Ukraine departs to other states. According to him, this is how Western politicians see the division of the country.

The picture shows that only the Kiev region remained from Ukraine. 7 regions went to Poland, one to Hungary, two to Romania, and 13 regions and Crimea to Russia.

"Western analysts believe that this will actually be the case," Medvedev explained.

It 's more interesting to understand:

1. Who is this information survey of Medvedev designed for?

2. What are the reactions of the recipients of the sample is designed for?

3. The answers to these questions are more important than this map of the future of Ukraine, which in reality will be different.

4. It is these answers that can more correctly highlight the true plans of Russia. So far, this is a closed topic. Moreover, these plans are changing in changing conditions.

5. It must be recognized that most likely all the information flows coming from Kadyrov, Lavrov, Medvedev, etc. are responsibly centralized and led by one structure. The probability of the phenomenon of the former Peskov blizzard is now excluded because other times have come!

6. My analyses related to the above points show that it is more important for Russia to preserve the integrity of Ukraine - the integrity of Russian Ukraine, that is, Ukraine as part of Russia.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin

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