The game of meanings or the semantic impasse of the West.

The game of meanings or the semantic impasse of the West.

At the beginning of the article, I wanted to go back and recall the military-psychological blunders that, in my opinion, were at the beginning of its.

I will bring them in point by point:

1. Examining the aspects of the semantic operation within the framework of the SVO, I came to the conclusion that when the SVO was announced, the Russian army began its actions not ready in terms of motivation for military action. In addition, my analysis of various authoritative military experts showed that our Russian army at the beginning of its military did not have clear goals and objectives. At the same time, it is known that a sufficient meaning of military actions is possible only when there are two components: a motive for these actions and a goal that implements this motive. With this in the beginning it was a little weak. Now, from my point of view, this problem has improved.

It must be admitted that the real motives matured later. Matured in the process.

Then these motives began to strengthen due to the foreign policy behavior of the United States and Europe. It turned out that Ukraine is only a detail, it is only the tip of the iceberg of the global problem of the transformation of the world order (see my articles on the need for a MTR (semantic operation).

2. The problem of changing the consciousness of the military, accustomed to a peaceful and civilian mode of existence, has become acute. The inertia of peacetime affected.

3. Most Russians (Russian tick-tok users), when watching videos about the defeat of our army, filmed by Ukrainian video jackals, had a feeling of disgust for the Ukrainian army. The other part went to protest against the war.

Thus, according to my statistics, the tick-tok among Russians, most Russians did not cause anti-war sentiments. The calculation of Ukrainian video jackals, managed and fueled by the film artist Zelensky and his film and video structures, did not come true. There were no mass protests.

I reread the letters of Soviet soldiers of the Second World War, published in the media. There is not a single note about the horrors. The political officers worked well. There was an information filter. And there was no psychosis.

4. I have read some interviews of our military leaders and officers implementing their own in Ukraine. These are not just actual interviews, against the background of which many other materials are information garbage. Sometimes, these are actual military-political master classes. And even... some stories... confessions. Does it need to be presented in the media?

At the same time, in all these interviews there are no relevant aspects devoted to the meanings and motives of their own. Why? Because it is not motivational psychology that dominates, but situational psychology. And in these conditions it was necessary to form meanings and motives. And without them, the solution of the military task becomes more complicated.

The meaning of the construction operation around

Many of my previous articles are devoted to it. This is exactly what I don't find in interviews with various military leaders. And this is just the core of the problem.

It is more important to raise the question of the meaning of its, and not only about the purpose of its.

That is, the goal should correspond adequately to the motives and aspirations - this is the meaning. Therefore, first you need to understand and understand the motives. Then look at the goals and see how much they correspond to the motives. Then the meaning will be revealed.

Therefore, in my publications I raise the question of the semantic operation (MTR). It is on this that success will depend. And all other operations, including ITS own, are secondary.

Motives began to be built up belatedly, as few people expected their own, including among those in power. The results of the semantic operation have only recently begun to reach a satisfactory level after anti - sanctions sentiments and a more frank and open manifestation of their previously hidden intentions of the West and the United States .

Authors often confuse motive and purpose.

Obtaining power and resources are motives. The goal is the final result of the operation (territorial, military, political), which first takes place in the form of an anticipated image, and then in the form of a real achievement.

Markov's goal is to eliminate anti-Russia. This is not getting anything, but liquidation. And getting something and aspirations based on it are motives. If Markov's motives are satisfied with the elimination of anti-Russia, then only then it will be possible to say that these actions made sense.

Zelensky, as a political gambler, builds his meanings around HIS pragmatically! Zelensky's political gambling and his manipulations on the promise of a time frame for resolving the conflict.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing the G7 leaders, said that he wants to end the current conflict before the beginning of winter.

In his address, Zelensky asked to tighten sanctions against Russia and put air defense systems on Ukraine. He also demanded security guarantees for Ukraine from the leaders of the "Big Seven".

Here are my thoughts on this.

Gambling addicts, according to statistics, often manipulate deadlines, take money from relatives and all sorts of compassionate assistants, and then lose. The deadline and the promise of the time of repayment of the borrowed is only an instrument of persuasion and manipulation of the victim of a gambler. The main thing for a gambler is to gain trust for a short time and convince those who give money.

Political gambling has the same patterns, mechanisms and structures.

Zelensky is a political gambler. Hence the manipulation of deadlines. Europe needs deadlines.

The ability to look at the gambler objectively is the main task in order not to become his victim.

War is the territory of making profits by playing games around it. It's always been that way. The war writes everything off.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's senses are working to strangle Russia. He stubbornly sits on the paradigm that the Russian economy can be turned off. At the meeting of the G7 summit, he expressed his concern that there was a risk that Russia could be given a license to manipulate both sovereign countries and international markets. That is, the main motives for helping Ukraine are not aid as such, but the fight against Russia, which affects various countries and the international market. This is a landmark assessment that:

1. It turns out that Russia is a significant global economic and political entity capable of performing global functions that were previously only in the hands of the hegemon, that is, the United States. The world lives not on GDP, but on influence and resources for survival. And the US and the West stupidly and stubbornly hold their stranglehold over Russia, based on the concept of GDP.

2. It turns out that Russia is a competitor of the hegemon in the sphere of manipulation of sovereign countries. That is, Russia is the main trigger of transformations of the old world order set by the United States.

3. It turns out that Ukraine with its problems is secondary. The main thing is to prevent Russia from launching processes to transform the world order. And for this, it is necessary to deploy powerful military assistance to Ukraine.

4. The participants of the seven agreed that now is a critical moment in the development of the conflict, and there is an opportunity to turn the course of this war.

5. Any attempt to calm this conflict now will only lead to a prolongation of instability.

All of the above confirms that the understanding and meanings of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine are only now beginning to be understood at the proper level. This operation became a deep preventive measure to preserve Russia as a key global entity, which the hegemon and the West decided to grossly underestimate, not let in anywhere and lower to an exploited resource country, a kind of raw material appendage of the world. This is an erroneous path, which was aggravated by the underestimation of Russia by the world's degrading economic experts, who influenced the degrading and dementia-prone leader of the United States.

What will the unpredictable economies of Europe and the United States do in the future? What socio-economic tensions will arise in Europe in autumn and winter?

The Russian authorities should always remember that Europe and the United States are filled with installations for the destruction of Russia through the destruction of its economy, but at the same time there are installations for the economic use of our country. The West says, they say, we will destroy you, but if as a result of this destruction it will be too bad for us, then you will have to help us. That is, the West is open, just in case, to rely on Russia, but at the same time we will strangle and destroy it.

Thus, the following topical issues arise:

1. When will this dead-end and contradictory fooling of the United States and the West over Russia, as candidates for the killers of our country, stop?

2. When will they realize that Russia is dealing with the problem of its survival as a sovereign state, and Ukraine is only a temporary traitor-a relative for Russia, requiring military-political and family-radical psychotherapy?

3. When will the expansionist ignorance of the United States for the whole world stop?

4. How to stop these destructive processes of the United States, whose "roof has moved out" after Hiroshima and Nagasaki? How to calm down the hegemon?

5. How to cure American Vietnamese-amnesia and Afghan-amnesia?

Apparently, sobering up the hegemon will be possible only through military-political, shock stress therapy. Only after that will real conditions be created for changing the world order, in which Russia will have a worthy place and role.

The United States has astronomical internal and external debt, but this is not a problem for the hegemon. Why? Because the hegemon does not just print money, but also selects them through sanctions, and also declares default to sovereign countries.

China can designate the US as a default country if it wants. But China does not demand debts from the United States.

Allegedly, the US can pay everything at any time. It's a bluff.

Such is the political economy of signs and simulacra. This is the mechanism underlying the hegemonic world order.

Russia is a victim of economic and political world bullying.

But historically, victims of bullying, sometimes, change the previous conditions.

The world is doomed to come to a new world order. And the military-political potential is sufficient for this. Only one thing scares - through what human sacrifices the solution of this problem will be realized.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Ramil Garifullin

Look: «Film director of brain» (2015) - feature film (filmmaker Ramil Garifullin):

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan
Ramil Garifullin

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