The sanctions-bandit blunder of the United States against Russia is the result of the degradation of world economic science.

The sanctions-bandit blunder of the United States against Russia is the result of the degradation of world economic science.
It must be recognized that the main motives of the US actions in Ukraine are connected with the fear of the destruction of the world economic system rebuilt by the United States, as well as the fear of the approach of a new world order in which the US will no longer have the role of hegemon. The United States deeply understands that Ukraine is the main world staging area, on which the foundations of the future survival of the United States and the world system are being formed. On the other hand, for Russia, everything that happens in Ukraine is also the basis of Russia's future, that is, its survival as a subject.
Already, many Western experts in economics and political science have come to the conclusion that the US sanctions project, designed for the imaginary weakness of the Russian economy, which should not have resisted, was a big mistake. It turned out that the share of Russian in world GDP is not an actual indicator. Moreover, a comparative analysis of the economy of various European countries with the economy of Russia turned out to be far fr om correct. It turned out that the Russian economy is in no way inferior to the German economy. For this US sanctions blunder, based on a wrong scientific and economic understanding of Russia's role in the global economy, someone in the US will be responsible. I have already written an article about the level of degradation of the world's leading economic experts, who simplified the economy to a motivational-buy-and-sell level. Therefore, do not be surprised by this blunder of the United States. The United States calculated the level of economic development of various international entities only on the basis of various services. And the West has really gone far ahead in this direction. It turns out that this is not an actual parameter of the survival of economic systems.
The USA and Europe went on a campaign for the destruction of Russia and fell into the trap of destroying themselves! Few people expected that the global economic system would work this way. This happened only at the economic level, that is, in the conditions of Russia's military and political passivity towards the United States and Europe. If Russia's military and political activity against the United States and Europe begins, then the problem of this trap will worsen many times! I want to believe that this will not happen.
I'm trying to remember if there was such a thing in history when Russia tried to destroy the economy of any country and waged an economic war! The USA has been doing this all their lives. And Brzezinski is probably turning over in his grave from his sins.

The Russian economy will stand. And now there are disputes about the economic model that will be more acceptable for our country. This model will have to take into account the corrupting economic influence that the United States and the West will have on Russia for a long time. The United States will do everything to maintain its hegemony in the global economy.

Russia will have a lot of economic problems. Therefore, I read the media and try to see in all economic events a share of what is connected with the real solution of economic problems (import substitution, etc.) caused by the current economic situation and sanctions. And I can't see!

With the long-term absence of the need for a currency, Russia will slowly slide towards the economic equalization of the USSR, in which there will be less and less room for entrepreneurs. Even now, many entrepreneurs and owners cannot withstand the load coming from the inertia of the former capitalism of Russia. Such a half-hearted state cannot be long. From now on, capitalism will be gradually abolished, although capitalists and owners still hope. But, alas, there is nothing to take from nothing! The people will not be able to cope with those
capitalist financial conditions that existed before the sanctions. And entrepreneurs and owners themselves will sooner or later want their property to be nationalized, but on favorable terms. We are far from China. There are investments there. Even North Korea is far away, since much has been irretrievably lost and it will not be possible to save quickly.

My observations show that the import is still going on. Wild and illegal, but it goes. But this is what kills all the grounds for creating a Russian homegrown and independent economic!

Therefore, not everyone decides to invest in entrepreneurship.
The economy is muddy, torn, uncertain.

This uncertainty is sobering ordinary borrowers. No one wants to take risks.

Russian homegrown oligarchs-nouveau riche, such economic "wizards", should understand that other times are coming - the times of nationalization. Nationalization is likely to happen, since what has come has come for a long time and irrevocably! The Iron Curtain moves slowly and stubbornly.

Admission to the world market (wh ere our rules do not apply) must be earned by good behavior — that is, "playing by the rules," follows from a recent statement by British Foreign Minister Liz Truss, which she made in the City of London. Russia has received a "red card". China — so far "yellow""

Here are my thoughts on this.
Really, China, Russia and other resource potential countries that are the backbone of this market should ask for access to the market? This will cause a contradiction. A different world order is coming and the market that will require access to it will lose its former essence. And therefore, the problem of Russia's access to the world market from the point of view of the distant future is a pseudo-problem! The world will need Russia's resources. And our Fatherland should not be allowed to plunder these resources by countries that need our resources. Thanks to our trust, a bandit robbery of our stabilization monetary fund was allowed. This should not happen to our resources.

It seems that British Foreign Minister Liz Truss is an optimist of the world economy and believes that there will be no change in the world order, but only a correction of the hegemonic world order. Either this is a short-sighted delusion of an expert who does not understand the essence of what is happening. Or it is a component of the information war of the West. The West draws and inspires black prospects for Russia. In my previous articles, on the contrary, on the basis of philosophical and economic research, I justified the black prospects of the collapse of the hegemon, due to the fact that energy will win, and not information in the form of financial hegemonic signs and simulacra under which there is no real capital.

Most likely, there will be a new world order and a new role for Russia in the context of the global economy. It is impossible to cancel a large country Russia with an influential economy and resources! And recent economic events in the West and the United States have shown this Russian influence.

Now it is impossible to humiliate Russia with a three percent indicator of Russian GDP. This indicator is not relevant. The actual indicator is the level and ability of survival and strength in transitional and critical periods. A country can have a large global GDP, but fall apart. This is the postmodern and bifurcation world. Classical economic paradigms no longer work.

The West and the hegemon are still naively confident that they will solve the problem of access to the world market. The very idea of access is a product of the hegemonic model of the world. Most likely, the hegemon and the West, on the basis of chronic inadequacy and ambitions caused by megalomania, do not deeply understand the essence and challenges of the modern era. If we add to all this the lack of education and the low level of subject intelligence, which was shown earlier by various European leaders, then everything becomes even more understandable. The only thing that pleases is that Europe is sobering up from its inadequate ambitions, but it is going slowly. And the Hegemon, who has littered the whole world with his dollar pacifiers, has a deeper problem.

Look: «Film director of brain» (2015) - feature film (filmmaker Ramil Garifullin):

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