The bluff of Elon Musk's projects as part of the US economic bluff and the mechanisms of the coming change in the world order.

The bluff of Elon Musk's projects as part of the US economic bluff and the mechanisms of the coming change in the world order.

It must be admitted that Elon Musk's bluff was planned to be developed with a stable political and economic state of the Hegemon and the world order set by the same Hegemon. Alas! This fortune was shaken and American entrepreneur Elon Musk lost almost $ 17 billion in a day. The trigger for these processes was the leak of his letter to the top management of Tesla about the upcoming cuts in the company. Even if there was no leak, it would have happened anyway. Such are the trends, such is the dynamics of the market, set by the confrontation between the United States and Russia. The new economic situation caused by the confrontation between the United States and Russia has shown that the world is currently not ready to engage in distracting bluff green projects of Elon Musk, since an energy era is coming in which there will be a powerful consumption of oil, natural and energy resources. Therefore, the founder of Tesla said in a letter to the company's management that he has a "very bad feeling" about the economy. In a letter titled "Hiring Pause Around the World," Musk said he plans to cut about 10% of jobs. And this is only the beginning of the end of the bubble inflated by Musk as the main fan of the bluff of financial greatness - crypto and other bubbles. There is no escape from hegemonic simulacra and pacifiers! Musk is secondary to the global global project of the Hegemon to sell emptiness and all sorts of signs that have nothing to do with economic reality. And the economic future reality will be connected with real energy and energy resources, and not with the sale and circulation of information and signs, under which there is nothing real.

Therefore, it is not easy since the beginning of the year, Musk's fortune has decreased by $ 55 billion. And it began thanks to the confrontation between Russia and the United States.

Even real successes can be the basis of a bluff if they are achieved for the realization of hidden, not declared motives. This thesis is true for Musk.

Thus, analyzing the fall of Elon Musk, we can conclude that by knocking out state support, as well as inflating the value of his shares on the stock exchange, Elon Musk received fabulous profits from bitcoin, bought with rocket money. It was aerobatic gambling! For gamers, responsibility and thinking about others are alien. For them, the main thing is betting, games and profits from them. And it is unlikely that these profits from Musk went only to the implementation of his projects. Such players sooner or later have a fall.

In addition, you need to remember that Musk is not an inventor, not an engineer, and not a scientist. And this does not detract from his achievements as an entrepreneur (the most successful in the world, at the moment). Similarly, Gates did not invent the computer, and Jobs did not invent the phone. However, almost the whole world uses the results of their activities. And this one is fine! They made it possible for people around the world to have access to personal computers and mobile devices with huge estimated power. Alas! But I value only the true author's contribution, the patent, although they are nothing without physical implementation. But even without the authors, this would not have happened!

How has our life changed thanks to Tesla and SpaceX? Yes, it has changed! And it was changed by the Pentagon's puppet Elon Musk. Both rockets and the conquest of space by Elon Musk are militarized.

Even the fact that all this creates jobs. All this does not calm me down. Moreover, now a powerful reduction is planned for Elon Musk. All this is secondary to the impending new world order. All these are just fussy rescue projects designed only to slow down the approach of a new world order that transforms the essence of the American economy and its globalization.

Thus, the fall of the greatness of Elon Musk, inflated by hegemonic emptiness is natural! But this does not detract from Musk's military danger to Russia as the leader of military technological projects related to the implementation of the meaning-building operation (MTR) in Russia and Ukraine.

Therefore, we will try to analyze and outline the contours of the US MTR in Ukraine. Let's try to understand the ultimate goal and motives of the US actions in Ukraine, as well as how these goals correspond to the hidden and true motives of the United States.

It must be recognized that the United States is trying to provide effective support to Ukraine, while maintaining the support of allies concerned about the protracted conflict. Earlier, I showed how Europe and the West are already concerned that they have long-term fallen into a zone of economic discomfort, which can lead to socio-economic tensions. In addition, it must be recognized that Russia's low GDP against the background of the United States and Europe does not mean anything in terms of economic victory and the destruction of Russia with the help of bandit international sanctions. It turns out that it is not the country's foreign economic contribution to the world economy and the country's GDP that is important, but the high probability of dangerous processes for the survival of the country and its economy that can be risky for the country. Russia has shown resilience in this regard, compared to Europe and the West. Practice has shown that economic contribution to the world economy is not a key indicator of a country's economic stability. Apparently, now the world economy is so arranged that it is pointless to manipulate and build influence on underdeveloped countries based on their contribution to the world economy. This was the factor that the meaning-building operation (MTR) on the part of the United States against Russia collapsed.

The meanings of the United States in Ukraine were constantly changing from triumphant to gloomy, which were in the early days of the conflict. Now this sense, after the ineffectiveness of the US bandit sanctions, has come down to delivering a decisive blow to Russia. And the USA, apparently, disguises and hides these plans and meanings in every possible way. The United States is determined to be on the side of Ukraine until victory. At the same time, the United States wants to see Russia weakened to such an extent that it cannot realize its goals and meanings, that is, not to realize the products of its semantic operation (MTR).

At the same time, it should be noted that the goals and meanings of US actions are not so clear and differ from the confident rhetoric of the United States. The US is bluffing with its confidence. When a leader is not sure, he is no longer a hegemon and a leader. We need to be sure, although the United States really has no grounds for this anymore.

The United States has few details in terms of meanings and goals about what a strategic defeat of Russia will actually look like. At the beginning of the conflict, when the bandit sanctions began, this imaginary clarity was. They were sure that they would fill up the Russian "underdeveloped mammoth in a pit" and throw "stones" at it. It turned out that the earth began to fall under the United States itself and the Hegemon may find itself in a hole in connection with the new world order of the world.

It's time for the world to spit out the international gum of the United States, soaked in imaginary sovereignty, democracy, independence, which they allegedly want to introduce in the process of their global expansion. All this is the expansion of the United States with hidden meanings and goals.

Thus, it is quite obvious why the United States does not clearly formulate its military goals.

The US is now trying to balance somehow. They want to provide effective military support to Ukraine and are themselves against all compromises on territories. And Europe, after getting into the zone of discomfort, is already for compromises on territories. All countries are now looking with excitement at the "stadium" of Ukraine and, depending on the score, make decisions. Such is the world political "football"! Therefore, the passion for sports has fallen in the world now. All the excitement goes to the situation of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. It is this situation that has become the trigger for the future of the whole world and the world order. The behavior of many countries of the multipolar world will depend on the outcome of these processes.

It must be recognized that the United States is stubbornly and obsessively trying to assemble an international coalition in support of Ukraine, which would include European allies, but these allies are already fermenting. They are tired of being in the discomfort zone for a long time.

The trouble with the world and Ukraine is that no matter what goals and meanings the United States and Russia build outside of Ukraine, the meaning of actions and values of Ukraine itself now depend primitively only on weapons and financial assistance that they will receive primarily from the Americans. These are puppet meanings of the Ukrainian authorities that have nothing to do with the real meanings and values of the inhabitants of Ukraine.

The indicator of the share of the economy of the global GDP, with which the Russian economy was humiliated with its several percent and on this they built an influence on our country, for some time now does not say anything. This also affected the economic self - esteem of our country . Self-esteem always strongly affects the prospects for the development of any subject, including the international one. Russia remained believing in its humiliated economic situation. Now it will never happen! Even though the world is talking about two leading powers: China and the United States. Russia is a powerful resource country. And its political, nuclear and military influence and potential are now felt by the whole world. Russia is not a stupid giant "mammoth" that other resource-hungry "animals" of the world want to drive into a pit. This "mammoth" will either take all the "animals" of international subjectivity with him into the pit, or it will be one of the most powerful poles of the multipolar world. Russia's global image will rise sharply in the future after the stage of fake and information garbage set by the United States and the West. The criminal American-puppet format of Ukraine's behavior at the level of international security problems will be revealed to the whole world. The costs of Russia's behavior in Ukraine will reach an objective level after the political-fake and informational pressure of the West. The West is already mowing down less and pretending to be a stupid schizophrenic who stubbornly refuses Russia's economic proposals. Therefore, they still began to pay for gas. The simulant sooner or later gives up his bluff game, because he wants to eat.

It turns out that everything is not so simple! In the era of postmodernism, when the whole world is connected into a single information, political and economic network and has become a living organism, sanctioned amputations of the "organs" of the planet are dangerous for the whole world. And if this "body" is connected with energy and resource provision, then this is fraught not only with a global crisis, but also with an uncontrollable element that turns into a catastrophe. Amputating Russia from the world is dangerous for the world! Therefore, Russia is waiting for success in the world. It only takes time

Moreover, postmodern philosophers have long revealed that the world lives in a culture of catastrophe. The reflection of the West and the United States on the era in which the world lives, due to the decline of their general intelligence (elites and ordinary people) is low. This is the reason for the naive mistakes of the West and the United States in terms of bandit sanctions against Russia.

Therefore, we should not be surprised by inflation in Europe and the United States, in particular, the fact that there are post-sanctions failures of the Western and American economies. Therefore, again quite recently, US President Joe Biden announced another US economic problem. He declared a state of emergency due to the threat of a shortage of capacity to produce sufficient amounts of electricity.

"I am announcing the existence of an emergency situation due to threats to the availability of sufficient electricity production capacity to meet the expected consumer demand," Biden said in a statement.

Among the reasons for the lack of capacity for electricity generation, Biden called Russia's special operation in Ukraine and climate change on the continent.

What is more relevant for the world economy, the natural climate or the international climate with its fundamental change in the world order, the world will learn later? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to answer the question: What are the mechanisms of the upcoming change in the world order?

To do this, I conducted an economic analysis of all possible economic triggers and trends that can become the basis and main mechanisms for changing the world order. The analysis showed that it is the economic world processes that will become the framework and basis for changing the world order.

Most likely, Russia as an international entity will stand, although there will be significant economic costs. The Russian economy will never be zero, as it is resource-based and raw, and the world will need energy, raw materials and various resources for a long time to come. There will always be an attempt on these resources. This is a non-Russian tradition since the days of Napalenov's France and Hitler's Germany, and now it is a global project of an economic hegemon engaged in ignorant world expansion and intimidation, started by the Truman USA, which dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Japan, there is now amnesia about this mutilation against their nation, fed with the help of the United States.

So, here are the main mechanisms and points on the basis of which the world order will change:

1. Russia will bear the costs of Western sanctions, but they will be small in magnitude against the background of what consequences the rest of the world expects. This will be the main trump card of Russian foreign policy in the future.

2. Restrictions against the Russian economy turned out to be counterproductive, ineffective and could not affect Russia's policy, but negatively affected the United States and the West themselves.

3. The assessments of investment, central banks, international, such as the IMF, and various non-governmental organizations on the impact of the crisis in Ukraine on the economy are random and partial character. This is only a small part that the world sees so far. In fact, the costs associated with sanctions will be staggering! The scale of the impact of the crisis on Europe and the United States will be much greater than those that the world is currently observing.

4. Losses will be the worst for the European Union (EU). The European Union will be gone! At the same time, failures caused by anti-Russian sanctions will not be limited only to the EU and the USA. They will spread all over the world, placing a significant burden on poor countries and peoples. The state of these countries and their destruction will be the main condition against which the world order will change. It is at this time that Russia will influence the formation of a new world order.
5. The question of who started these global processes is an open one? Although there is an opinion that it was initiated by the United States itself, without thinking through all the costs mentioned above. My analysis showed that the United States took this step knowing that the collapse of the United States is inevitable, since the foundation of the United States is not connected with real resources, but is connected only with signs, simulacra and pacifiers and military expansion, which will be stopped due to changes in the world order.
6. World oil and gas markets "will become politicized and Balkanized. Oil will not be supplied as freely as before. As a result, all international entities will pay significantly more as a result.
And again, Russia, as in the days of the plans of the world domination of German fascism, had the mission to protect the world from the plans of the new world domination of the United States.
And again, the world is only passively watching how Russia, thanks to its costs, will solve the problem of peace. The world has not changed. But will the new world order change it? Or the world is forever doomed to the fact that there will always be international actors chronically claiming hegemony in it.
Some political experts claim that an optimistic analysis about the decay of the United States and the West has always been in Russia, they say, they described the world situation in the same way in the 90s. They say that the USSR was then much more powerful than today's Russia. But the USSR collapsed.
They say that history lessons should not be forgotten!
Alas! Then the USSR did not have a leader who was ready for the current military-political influence and there was no such dependence of the world on our raw materials and resources. The USSR was not affiliated to the world economy as it is now. The conditions are different now. It is incorrect to transfer history lessons in a template. This is in the world and is never done by any country, despite the warnings of history. Therefore, the world, in fact, develops not only on the basis of the historical past. We can only carry the past layers of culture and development, but at the same time behave according to the current situation, which is not prescribed anywhere as a ready-made recipe or a ready-made scenario of history. There is a situationality that is not described by anyone. Therefore, there are pioneers in various fields, including in international politics. Now there will be a fundamental change in the world order. And there are three options:
1. This change in the world order will happen with a change in the countries of the world and a change in Russia with its preservation.
2. This change in the world order will happen with the disappearance of Russia.
3. This change in the world order will happen because the world will disappear.

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