Aesthetics of sadomasochism and Russians.

Aesthetics of sadomasochism and Russians.
It is often not enough to analyze the reasons for the lack of warmth and affection in childhood. It is necessary to analyze the reasons for the non-perception of warmth and affection in their presence in childhood. This is where true psychoanalysis begins. Therefore, it is often necessary to psychoanalyze the sadomasochistic component of the psyche, that is, the inability of a person to reflect, putting himself in the place of another so as to feel the pain of another as his pain and thereby help the other, and not increase the pain of the other. Therefore, a person who enjoys his pain, even with the presence of reflection and the ability to have empathy, causes pain to another, that is, to the manifestation of sadistic attitudes.

Thus, the question arises: is it necessary to distinguish between the desire of the individual to destroy society for the sake of getting rid of suffering, fr om the desire to destroy society for the sake of enjoying the perception of these sufferings caused by destruction?

Therefore, take a closer look at the aesthetics of those who are now on social networks and on their video channels aestheticizing on the topic of the destruction of Russia and what suffering Russians will have to endure. Look at this aestheticism of the deterioration of the state of Russia and Russians. Look at this aestheticism of humiliation, criticism and humiliation of Russia and Russians. Take a look to understand these sadomasochistic attitudes. It is this aestheticism that is the main criterion for the presence of sadomasochism. Among such sadomasochists there are well-known journalists and various authors who have more than a million subscribers on their video channels and telegrams. Some of them are manipulators of sadomasochism of Russians, but they themselves are not, doing it out of selfish consumer pragmatics. Some are interested in psychiatry for the sake of helping a loved one, some only for the sake of aesthetics.

Fortunately, most Russians do not have a high proportion of sadomasochism and gradually refuse to watch these videos and read this destructive aestheticism. That is why the Russian philistine has recently experienced a decline in the perception of such destructive aesthetics. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that the ratings of video channels and Internet resources filled with the aesthetics of criticism and expectations of the destruction of Russia are falling. The man in the street began to get saturated with this and even disgust! This is the life-affirming and positive component of the life of most Russians! The main thing is that Russians do not believe that these destructive aesthetes are painting about them.

Society has turned into fake war artists.

I am concerned about the videos that are filmed in classrooms, in lessons, wh ere students express their opinions about society.
Often my analysis of vocabulary, connotations and signs of nonverbal psychology show that there are over-trained performances using children and students who deeply do not understand what they are saying.
What is more interesting here is not what they say, but who shot it and whose order it is, and also who invested in the circulation? This is a dangerous tool for shaping public opinion. By the way, it all started powerfully as a response to the video-informational and fake attacks of Ukraine.

These staged projects, apparently, are not expensive, since the productions are weak. The creators of these videos had to invite the film director Gaigermanika, who plausibly shot the series "School" using the younger talented students of GITIS and VGIK.

Especially disturbing is the stream of videos staged by the already mature part of the population and posted in Tiktok. Society has turned into artists. And then we wonder why there is an information war of fakes in society. Previously, only lycomanic youth and young men were fond of such videos. Now a mature part of society is suffering from this.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that the political leaders of some countries are artists, clowns and persons promoted on social networks who play various roles that have nothing to do with them. These are the manifestations of the perversions of the postmodern era, which is flourishing and has not ended.

One thing pleases that the society is already forming an understanding of the critical attitude to perceived videos of social networks. Rejection and objectivity of perception are growing.
Reality is growing in price! Look out your window more often! Observe real society more often when going out into society.
Give your souls to the living bear cubs of the zoo, and not to all sorts of replicated Winnie-the-pooh, who can come off the screen and become "servants of the people"!

(См. фильм Рамиля Гарифуллина "Режиссёр мозга" : )


Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences ,
Ramil Garifullin
Украина Россия садомазохизм
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