The USA will not be able to replay the essence of the modern era and the philosophy of our time.

The USA will not be able to replay the essence of the modern era and the philosophy of our time.
The world got carried away with isolating itself from fundamental entities. The West and the United States, if possible, would be ready to isolate Russia from oxygen, which is produced by the oceans, but this is not possible according to the laws of physics. Russia would be ready to remove yellow and blue from the spectrum of light, but this is impossible again according to the laws of physics.
You need to protect yourself from fakes and simulacra, but you should not protect yourself from reality!
Thus, there are limits and restrictions on what is created with the help of so-called sanctions. These limitations are related to the fundamental impossibility associated with reality, fundamental laws and principles. Some of these principles and fundamental entities are obvious, like the above examples with ocean oxygen and rainbow colors. Some of these principles and fundamental facts are hidden and therefore will hit the back of the consciousness of the world, that is, on the "back of the head" of the consciousness of the world. They will be beaten despite the wishes of the world and fake-fake simulacra, which are being rebuilt by the postmodern world, thus forming a culture of catastrophe. The basis of the culture of catastrophe is the disregard and operation of the fundamental laws and principles of nature, the postponement of which accumulates, causes an uncontrollable element and catastrophe in nature and the world community!
These artificial measures of ambitious humanity lead to the suicide of humanity. And if we add to this factor the peculiarities of the destructive behavior of the leaders of society, then these catastrophic processes of the world can accelerate.
The window for seeing the hidden fundamental processes in the world community is the logic and cause-and-effect relationships of what is happening. Alas! A lot of what is happening now in connection with the events in Ukraine has for some time been interpreted in favor of the parties. Perhaps this is the main essence of destructive international politics, but the principles of reality for such interpretations will hit the back of the world unexpectedly.
For an objective understanding of what is happening, you need to remember who has historically been the aggressor in the world: the West or Russia? Recall the fundamental fact of Hitler and Napoleon. Recall the fundamental fact of the destruction by the US atomic bomb of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. These are very simple fundamental facts that do not need criticism and discussion. Everyone knows this, but for some reason they cowardly forget.

It is necessary to remember who was the first after the Second World War to start an arms race and influence the countries of the world under the pretext that there would be no more in the world what fascism had created.
It is necessary to recall the historical statistics of the expansionist behavior of the United States in the world : in Vietnam, in Yugoslavia, etc.
All these are fundamental facts that reveal the logic of what is happening.
This is, in fact, the American logic of what is happening has matured and has now led to what is happening in Ukraine. Ukraine has become a springboard and a platform for the war between the United States and Russia.
Then, when Ukraine declared that it had assumed responsibility to save Europe and therefore the West and the whole world should help it, it did so understanding the essence, that is, realizing that it is a puppet of the United States and all of the above logic. It seems to Ukraine that she decided so herself. In fact, this was the result of manipulation by the United States. Ukraine is a puppet of the USA and already thinks on the basis of the attitudes instilled by the USA in the course of a powerful ten-year work.

Thus, everything that is happening in Ukraine is unleashed not by Russia, but by the United States.
It must be remembered that the authors of the culture of catastrophe, according to Western progressive postmodern philosophers, are the United States. Philosophers have given a deep, essential justification for the phenomenon of the United States and the fact that they have utopically appointed themselves a Hegemon. Therefore, the amateur arrogant grumbling of narrow-minded ideologues of the USA is ridiculous! The level of their general and philosophical erudition is low. And we learn this from the world media. It's shocking!
The West and the United States should be careful with reality and with entities that no one has canceled yet. It will not be possible to replay reality using the simulacrum tool.
In the conditions of a culture of catastrophe and uncontrolled elements, there are no losers, but the United States is leading the world to this catastrophe. Although it would seem that quite recently all this danger was understood by the world. Apparently, this understanding was immature. How I would like the world to finally come to a mature understanding, within the framework of which there should be no aristocratic and elite subjects of international law and countries in the world, not to mention all kinds of Hegemons and leaders of powers! In the era of postmodernism, any subject is important for the survival of the entire planet. We are all connected, and for some time now, "a harmless flutter of a butterfly on one hemisphere of the earth can cause a storm on the other."
Without understanding and understanding of the above provisions, no measures aimed at solving the current problem that has arisen in connection with the situation in Ukraine will be useless.

It is useless for the USA to hope that they have a machine of a powerful circulation of fakes and simulacra in their hands. You can't fool the culture of disaster! Reality cannot be undone!
It will not be possible to sell emptiness for a long time!

(См. фильм Рамиля Гарифуллина "Режиссёр мозга" : )


Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences ,
Ramil Garifullin
Russia USA
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