The American world project of the destruction and collapse of Russia has failed.

The American world project of the destruction and collapse of Russia has failed.


It seems that the US project related to the economic sanctions war with Russia has failed. This project was most likely part of the world economic war project. The US calculation was not justified. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that the globalism of the dollar was initially focused on the prospect of sanctions against international entities disobeying the Hegemon. That is, it was a project that, according to the United States, led to world radical American economic banditry and fraud. And this powerful global bandit-fraudulent blow was taken by Russia.

Global geopolitical and economic processes are taking place now that were not prescribed by American conceptual economists and political scientists. The economic and political world situation is not developing according to the US scenario, as expected. Russia and the United States have been drawn into new conditions that require political and economic play without prompting fr om home-made preparations. The US plans did not include global American occupation actions against international actors. The hegemon, understanding the negative military experience of the world expansion of France - 1812 and Germany -1941, chose the path of the USA-2022 - the path of world financial war, banditry and fraud.

The United States mainly counted and counts on the socio-economic degradation of Russia, thanks to which our country will collapse on its own, without any military-political factors. It's already impossible! It is incorrect to transfer the analogy of what happened to the USSR in the 90s. The economic loosening of Russia has already been repeated. Let's recall the drop in oil prices to zero during the pandemic. It was hardly an accident. Let's recall the last world "bombing" by economic sanctions and banditry of the United States against Russia. Russia has resisted again! And this is not a temporary bluff aimed at the United States by Russia.

It turned out that Russia, having its notorious two percent contribution to the world economy, significantly influenced the significant inflation of the economies of the United States and the West. It turns out that Russia has levers of economic influence on the world economy. Not to mention Russia's leadership in the global military-political influence and confrontation, in particular, in the nuclear confrontation.

It must be recognized that for the first time in the history of mankind, the Hegemon organized an action in relation to an international entity (Russia), which had no analogues in the history of the world economy.

In the history of countries, there is no experience of opposing such global American economic banditry, which turns into economic fascism and boycott against Russia. It was a project for the USA.

Nevertheless, the United States plans to buy not only world space, but also time for dollars. They buy a postponement of their crisis and a postponement of the defeat of international actors involved in military conflicts. The US wants to have time to print pacifiers before the global dollar crisis. They can print trillions more. The United States, continuing its fraudulent world traditions, naively plans to strangle insubordinate international actors with simulacra and signs that have nothing to do with reality. The era of simulacra is at sunset! Therefore, the world order, which was based on simulacra and pacifiers, will change.

What to do with the United States, which is an international criminal entity (the Ploughman of the planet Earth), which is difficult to plant and punish. Moreover, is this subject simulating social schizophrenia in the office of a forensic psychiatrist (UN, OSCE, PACE, EU, etc.) (bifurcation, the policy of two standards, cynicism, disenfranchisement, hooliganism, provocations, nonsense, falsification)?

Therefore, the question arises: "What can act as a Prison of the World, wh ere this Hegemon could be isolated?

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Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan

Ramil Garifullin

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