De-Americanization of the world is the main meaning of Russia.

De-Americanization of the world is the main meaning of Russia.
The primary de-Americanization of the world. And everything else related to demilitarization, denazification, etc., are just tools of de-Americanization. De-Americanization began in a zone where a critical mass of destructive Americanization, dangerous for Russia, was concentrated. This zone turned out to be the zone of Ukraine.
The deployment of NATO bases near Russia is a secondary problem. Moreover, after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, NATO bases became even more active and increased in number. That is, the problem of the danger of NATO for Russia has remained the same. And Russia, apparently, assumed such an outcome. Therefore, the main goal of the military special operation was not Ukraine itself, as some experts believe, but Ukraine, impregnated with NATO and the destructive process of Americanization. Thus, the main goal of Russia was the de-Americanization of Ukraine, which, without noticing it, became a hostage of the United States, which causes pity. And only time and history will show that this move of Russia became the trigger of the process of de-Americanization of the world.
Therefore, it is not necessary to short-sightedly simplify the concept of Russia's behavior in Ukraine, which, allegedly, is a dead end and does not have a sufficient level of meaning. And without the main meaning, the meaning of actions and operations in any sphere is lost. It makes sense! This is a solution to the problem of the world order, in which Russia will have a worthy place. And this task is impossible without the costs that have fallen on Russia!

Most experts analyze Russia and Ukraine, but little analyze the destructive concept of the Hegemon, that is, the United States. This topic is bypassed. There is a certain Hegemon that affects the whole world with the help of sanctions. And many international actors behave cautiously about statements about the United States. All this affects the experts as well. This is the reason for the short-sightedness of some experts in world political science and economics. They got carried away shortsightedly with particulars and tactical survival tasks.
The hegemon underestimated the economic role of Russia in the entire world economy, believing in a small share of Russia in the world economy. Russia's economic role turned out to be reactive and resonant. Russia's indignation at the US and European economies turned out to be significant. These are just some of the components of Russia's importance to the world. Moreover, according to authoritative world economists, the future of the world belongs to energy. The energy era in the world will flourish and Russia will play a key role in this. The world will need a lot of energy. That is why the world and the West have very great appetites for Russia with its energy and raw material potential.
Or there will be a new world order of the world with a special and significant role of Russia in the world. This is Russia's task and goal. If this happens, the world will say that it should have been so!
Or the world will be without Russia. This is the task of the Hegemon.
De-Americanization of the world is the main meaning of Russia. And again, as it was in the first and Second World Wars, Russia has a key sacrificial role in the world. Europe should remember Russia as its savior from Hitler's fascism. The question of how much of what the Hegemon is doing to the world, using economic and political expansion on all international actors, is a disguised form of world aggression, remains open?

(См. фильм Рамиля Гарифуллина "Режиссёр мозга" : )

Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan
Ramil Garifullin
США Россия
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