The meaning and logic of Russia's actions in Ukraine.

The meaning and logic of Russia's actions in Ukraine.

We often hear that everything that happens in Ukraine is connected with a certain subjectivism. In the media, there are many unfounded and inadequate judgments of the non-sensory-neurotic kind with the use of psychopathological discourse, they say, the government is inadequate and the people, due to propaganda, are inadequate.

As a publicist, I used this approach back in 2014, but only with regard to US policy as a psychopathological subject (see ), as well as in a recent article about Biden's politics ( ) as a person suffering from cognitive impairment due to dementia. And it was justified, confirmed by facts, in contrast to inadequate publications of the nevzorovo-neurosis format.

Some experts are keen on psychoanalysis of the subjectivism of the origins of what is happening in Ukraine and see all the answers in this. Of course, this is a misconception.

It must be recognized that phenomena have occurred in Ukraine and entities that are very far from subjectivism have been revealed. There are objective processes in Russia and Ukraine that are historically far from subjectivism.

It is very important for the subject to understand and feel the meaning and purpose of his actions. For an international entity, in particular, for Russia, this is also very important.

The meaning of actions takes place when goals are set in accordance with needs. That is, when there is a relationship of needs (or motives) with the goals that are being set. Then, when this relationship does not exist, then actions do not make sense. In the case of Russia's actions towards Ukraine, it makes sense.

Needs can be instilled, that is, formed in the process of influence, as well as absolute, which are not related to influence.

There are situations in which the subject may not know about his actual need and suddenly learns it, only because of a deep understanding of his problem and situation. Such needs can suddenly fall on our heads, although they were previously absent. As a result, meanings and values that were not previously understood and felt by the individual are suddenly revealed. This has happened with Russia in relations with Ukraine in the last few months, although Russia has done everything for a diplomatic resolution of the conflict. Ukraine had enough time for this.

Such relevant meanings and values can be preventive and proactive actions that contribute to the survival of the system. The understanding and appearance of these preventive measures may be sudden due to the receipt of key and relevant information related to the survival of the system.

It is to such needs and goals that Russia has come, studying the behavior and destructive development of its neighbor, Ukraine. These studies have formed the essence - the problem of Russia's national security and its survival as an international entity. The Russians' understanding of this came belatedly within a short time interval, as key information was received about the impending criticality of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

Thus, this problem had to be solved somehow, despite the costs.

The economic costs that will now gradually lead to a deterioration in the economic situation of Russians, due to the pressure of sanctions, are the basis for a subjective understanding of everything that is happening, which allegedly should not have started. Only time will truly reveal and show the full meaning and necessity of all that Russia has done in 2022.

It must be recognized that for the first time in the history of mankind, the Hegemon organized an action against an international subject that had no analogues. Now many countries of the world know that it is not necessary to become dependent on the Hegemon so much that they have lost confidence in the Hegemon. The hegemon, understanding the negative military experience of the world expansion of France - 1812 and Germany -1941, chose the path of the USA-2022 - the path of world financial expansion and war. Is this economic world war really going to turn into a third world war? Is it possible that Ukraine, which turned out to be a hostage of two world powers, the United States and Russia, will become the starting point of this world war?

In the history of countries, there is no experience of opposing such global American economic banditry, which turns into economic fascism and boycott against Russia, which has been made a global economic outcast.

At the same time, there is knowledge of the psychology and philosophy of behavior of rogue subjects who have become victims of the collusion of many subjects. According to psychology, outcasts have four scenarios of beh * avior:

1. Aggression against the participants of the conspiracy.

2. Suicide act

3. Adaptation and acceptance of the role of an outcast.

4. Repentance to the participants of the conspiracy and acceptance of their demands.

Most of the leaders of the countries know what scenario Russia will follow, which wants to exist in the world as a subject without changing its mentality and honor. And the world should know this!

All of the above characterizes not only the philosophy of Russia's behavior, but also the philosophy of the survival of the World!

And again, Russia carries a worldwide sacrificial mission... And the organizers of this are not Napoleon and Hitler, but an overseas Hegemon!

This is my deep philosophical understanding of our critical time...

It must be recognized that the words "friendly" and "unfriendly" countries have entered our vocabulary in the last month.

I read about how these words are used in various analytical articles and interviews.

It turned out that many authors, for some reason not understanding the laws of logic, believe that if a country has not supported sanctions, then it is friendly. Is this really the case?

A country may not participate in sanctions, but it may not interact in any positive way with a country that has been sanctioned by other countries. Neutrality is possible. That is, the bipolarity of the Yes-No system is replaced by multipolarity. That is, different shades are possible. Among the Eskimos, there is a variety of white snow!

The so-called friendly ones can be otherwise unfriendly. Nevertheless, we do not call them unfriendly, because they are not yet participating in the sanctions war. Bye! These countries can be observer countries, countries that have the right to study the situation. And in general, any subject, including an international one, has the right to a preparatory period before expressing its opinion. Similarly, if you look at the Russians, not all of them express their attitude to what is happening. Positionlessness has its own motives. Some are waiting for permission and only then take a position that will not cause them anxiety because of the choice. After resolving the situation, when security comes, these subjects en masse join any winning position. Positionlessness is a mass phenomenon, as is positionality. Which mass prevails: positional or non-positional? Sometimes the fate of the country and the Fatherland depends on this. Political scientists say that if you don't get involved in politics, then politics will take care of you.

The positionlessness of subjects, historically, leads to different results. Historically, positionlessness is investigated, and sometimes investigated. I would like to have less of the latter, since everyone has the right to have no position. At the same time, as practice shows, the absence of a position is also a position!

According to some leading political scientists, this division into "unfriendly" and "friendly" almost completely corresponds to the formula of the West against the rest. For example, there is Hungary's position within the European Union. In addition, there is a floating and fluctuating position of France. Controversial China will still show the many colors of its rare "white snow".

All this is connected not just with economic pragmatism. The world order is changing. Countries will have to decide in the near future.

For Russia, this certainty of various countries is very important, since it is practically the only one that opposes the West so far. The economic and political situation of Russia depends on the duration of this uncertainty. After all, it is in recent times that Russia's powerful opposition to the West has become more pronounced than ever before.

Ask any investigator or forensic psychologist about whether it is possible to believe the words and documents signed by a recidivist player? You can't! Moreover, Ukraine has already had a negative experience with the Minsk agreements. And what has changed significantly for Russia to believe Ukraine? Ukraine has become angry. And can this be the basis for the implementation of agreements?

All this is a kind of game of both sides. But who will outplay whom?

Is it possible to change the country in one day?

Biden recently noted that Russia is now cut off from the rest of the world and is returning to the XIX century. Addressing Russia, he said: "On March 26, 2022, just a few days before, you were a country of the XXI century with hopes and dreams, such as people around the world have about themselves and their families.

Here are my thoughts on this.

Can a person, a subject, an international subject fundamentally change in one day and become completely different and backward?

It is possible to rob and artificially isolate a subject in one March day, but it cannot be changed in one March day! In addition, a subject in one day, only thanks to one act, can lose the trust of the subjects. This happened to the United States as a global dollar entity.

In the same way, Biden's senile dementia, which is not simply written about by the world media, can no longer be changed.

When the responsibility for the world is in the hands of a dementia personality, it's kind of disturbing.

I sincerely wish the President of the United States psychoemotional health.

In the same way, Biden's senile dementia, which is not simply written about by the world media, can no longer be changed.

Philosophy is impossible without analyzing the processes of the soul and body. And this was helped by a recent poignant interview that the Russian oligarch and once the head of the largest private bank in the country, Peter Aven, gave to the English newspaper Financial Times the day before. In tone, it is similar to the recent conversation of his colleague Mikhail Fridman with Bloomberg: both billionaires found themselves under sanctions from the European Union and Britain, lost access to live money and now complain that they cannot even pay for cleaning the house. Unlike Friedman, who admitted that he did not know how to live on, Aven clearly outlined his plans to stay in London and challenge the sanctions in court.

In fact, Aven said in this interview that at meetings with Putin he represented not himself, but something else, in particular, the Alpha Group. And this, apparently, will be the main thesis in his defense at trial.

So, Aven, when communicating with the president of the Russian Federation, did not represent himself! Cool! A strong thesis!

Or maybe Aven can defend himself in court not only with the help of a lawyer, but also attract a psychologist who will prove that Aven's psyche and soul were absent when communicating with the President of the Russian Federation, although the body was present. You can also attract priests, because they know how the soul is able to leave the body. The world is cruelly ironic!

The state of relations between the United States and Russia is worse than the state in the era of the last Cold War, primarily due to :

1. The position of the United States, which is aware of the beginning and prospects of changing the world order and depriving the possibility of economic and globalizing influence on the world and all countries of the world. The global reputation capital of the United States is falling sharply, based on the decline in confidence in the United States caused by economic banditry and fraud of the United States against Russia.

2. Reactions and sentiments of Russia and Russians caused by economic banditry and fraud of the United States against the Russian economy, called sanctions.

The US calculation is aimed at ensuring that Russia itself, as an outcast country, collapses under socio-economic critical conditions caused by artificial global economic isolation. But this will not happen due to the fact that in Russia :

1. There are grounds for economic survival. The standard of living will fall, but Russia will survive economically.

2. There are strong international actors who are not on the side of the United States.

3. Russia's military potential does not allow the United States to engage in unbridled economic banditry and fraud.

4. Russians are aware of the danger of provocative influences caused by the information and economic war of the West in such a responsible and critical period of Russia's existence, in which the question of the existence of the country is raised.

5. The world remembers the key role of Russia and the USSR in the fate of mankind.

(См. фильм Рамиля Гарифуллина "Режиссёр мозга" : )


Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin

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