Russia needs cyber troops.

Russia needs cyber troops.
It must be recognized that the United States and the West are leading with Russia :
1. Economic war, within the framework of its economic world banditry, called sanctions.
2. Information warfare in all areas of the Internet, starting with Wikipedia and ending with social networks and various Internet resources.
3. Cyber warfare and cyber attacks that destroy and disable Russian information resources.
4. The war and the conquest of Russian personnel and programmers working in the field of IT technologies.

Thus, relying only on military, territorial, nuclear deterrence and security is necessary, but not enough! Russia may be defeated on another territory, which, alas, has no borders. This is the territory of cyber space and Internet space.
Thus, Russia needs its own cyber troops. So far, we only assume that their function is carried out by separate structures, but their power and official representation in society is small. And in the conditions of American economic banditry, which can turn into banditry in the information and information technology space, procrastination is like death. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize for the creation of cyber troops.

Quite recently, a considerable number of our homegrown programmers and IT specialists have left Russia. And Russia allowed it! In a critical situation when economic and information technology mobilization is required, Russia has allowed its IT specialists to travel abroad. If they continue to work for the benefit of Russia within the framework of disguising firms that circumvent sanctions, then it is not so dangerous.
What should Russia do in this regard in the conditions of American economic and information-technological banditry, called sanctions?
To begin with, it is necessary to morally and ethically justify the resolution of piracy in the field of IT technologies, due to the criticality of Russia's situation caused by immoral American economic and information technology banditry, called sanctions. Piracy is bad, but that's the survival situation! The reality is much more complicated. Moreover, developers depend on the software on which they work. They cannot leave this software promptly. In particular, IT specialists, when carrying out their projects on the state defense order, should not worry about copyright infringement, deeply understanding how Russia's rights have been violated, thanks to sanctions. In addition, it must be remembered that a considerable part of Western science and IT technologies consists of Russian homegrown specialists.
There are reputable experts who believe that if there is a serious dependence on the coordinate system in which we have been living lately, and it hinders our development, maybe it's worth thinking about offering your own coordinate system? Moreover, China has developed thanks to this approach and the assumption of piracy. And no one, in fact, has yet sued China for piracy.
Russia, which is in the mobilization and economic conditions caused by the American global banditry, should control and prioritize homegrown specialists in the field of IT technologies.
Therefore, in the near future, certification monitoring of all specialists in the field of IT technologies should be carried out in Russia and the question of the motivation for the work of these socialists in Russia, as well as the question of controlling and restricting the departure of these specialists abroad, should be raised.
Imagine if Russia started the outflow of our talented and professional military officers abroad in the situation in which Russia now finds itself. It is the same with specialists in the field of IT technologies. This is Russia's strategic potential!

(См. фильм Рамиля Гарифуллина "Режиссёр мозга" : )

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences ,
Ramil Garifullin
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