The USA and the pockets of earthlings.

The USA and the pockets of earthlings.

It has long been believed that in the era of postmodernism, all essences, including the essence of politics, are perverted. This perversion occurs due to the predominance and primacy of economic relations over political ones. Everything was overplayed. Although, historically, politics and power have always been primary. Power as influence, as power, as fear of those in power - these are the components that historically have always been primary to money, economy, corruption, etc. First power, and then money as a product of power! This classic scheme has always worked historically. Alas! In the era of postmodernism, money has become primary. Financial relations began to determine policy. And it became possible thanks to the USA.

The United States, having drawn conclusions about the futility of the Napoleonic-Hitlerite primacy of fear and power, after the Truman bombs, after Vietnam, decided to influence and have power through global green money, through global signs, through global simulacra. And they succeeded! That is why the United States will never directly engage in power as a product of will and fear, but will only influence through its global green signs and simulacra. The United States will no longer deal with the classic non-financial influence associated with will, fear and blood. And Vietnam taught them this, relatively recently. But they plan to dissect the world with the help of tools, in particular, from various European countries (NATO).

Now US sanctions have fallen on Russia. This is just a continuation of the perversion of the essence of this policy. That is, there is a calculation of the impact on people's pockets. Has the world really forgotten about true politics, which used to be connected not with the influence on the pockets of the people of the planet, but on will, spirit, honor, conscience, fear, etc.
By the way, successful, China still stands on the basis of its spirit and honor. Although there are perversions of the era, but the Chinese consider it as a serious national security problem and will not give freedom for financial perversions. Therefore, the Chinese are being shot for corruption at stadiums and have created their own non-destructive Wikipedia. English Wikipedia is pro-Western littered, although it has a powerful utility for the world.
Russia is more problematic in this regard. And right now, under the pressure of sanctions, will there be a powerful check of Russia and Russians on our pockets or on spirit and honor?
The United States believes that the world has become such that it can be manipulated by influencing the pockets of the inhabitants of the planet. The USA is sure that the inhabitants of our planet have only pockets, and the honor and spirit of the peoples is secondary! Only time will tell how true this is.

There is a naively malicious point of view that the United States will influence only certain Russian financial oligarch-bureaucratic structures and will try to touch the pockets of ordinary Russians less. This is a delusion! Moreover, in Russia there is already an installation to spend a safety cushion on victims of sanctions. The Russian system of government is designed in such a way that this burden with sanctions will traditionally fall on the shoulders of the people.

In any case, in the near future, the problem of distinguishing the fate of the native Fatherland from the fate of the Russian government will become acute among Russian citizens. Flies from cutlets will have to be distinguished.

(См. видеоканал "Психолог Рамиль Гарифуллин" )

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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