Fake war.

Fake war.
It seems that, apparently, the world's largest media have significantly strengthened their cooperation with the largest speculators of the world's stock exchanges and are making money on powerful volatility, in connection with the Ukraine-Russia situation. Information delusional fake agencies like Vlomberg were just a warm-up, but this agency apparently made good money on cooperation with speculators of exchanges. Nothing from the statement in Lomberg took place. But this is still a low link in the series of these fakes. Similar delusional statements, which are, in fact, an information war, were carried away by the American government and some of its structures. And the affiliation of the government and its structures with the largest speculators of the stock exchanges, this is in the tradition of the capitalist West. The profits on Inside Information are obscuring the eyes and delirium is growing, and the upcoming political fake statements affecting the market are growing avalanche-like. The office for the production and sale of nonsense works and the profit from it is not fake, but real. Moreover, the general economic situation of the United States is such that an information war on fakes and delusions is useful.

Will American intelligence agencies check responsible persons making political statements for cooperation with stock exchange speculators? Or are these special services themselves hooked on this fake business and generating it?
The everyman player and the sucker can only watch, since he does not own Inside Information. He doesn't have a dad who will tell his son, say, buy something on the stock exchange today, because tomorrow I will make a fake statement and prices will jump and you will sell what you bought for a high price.
The affiliation of the authorities in the West with the major players of the stock exchanges is a murky topic!

Pay attention to how political tension is first escalated, and then, this tension subsides. And this fake hurdy-gurdy has been working since the end of December. The exchanges flew on this evil and fake topic.
And recently, another Politico media reported a new date for Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine. Now it's February 20th. According to experts interviewed by the publication, the previous date - February 16 - was called to "distract attention" from the main one.And the speculators of the exchanges are already on the lookout. They are already waiting for the profits.
Obviously, all of the above applies to Russia as well. This is a murky topic.

The ruble exchange rate is also twitching. And our Russian speculators also make profits on this.
The BEAC is worried when Russians do not appreciate rubles and deposits. Recently, after another temporary appreciation of the ruble, SberCIB predicted that the ruble could allegedly strengthen to 68 rubles per dollar, but with certain economic actions. Here is such a lure for rubles. But many analysts took this statement critically.
Meanwhile, the dollar recovered on Thursday after Russian news agencies reported a mortar attack in eastern Ukraine, roiling the market and sending investors into defensive assets.And again, the world's media are arguing, but was it really so? And they make bets on the stock exchange.

The information-fake war continues and it looks like it will be a long time. After all, the world stock exchanges are a hot territory! The world is playing!

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Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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