The political game "Russia-Ukraine" is much more exciting than the final of the World Cup?

The political game "Russia-Ukraine" is much more exciting than the final of the World Cup?
The rhetoric and metaphors of the big game prevail in the modern situation in which the planet has plunged. The game is on. At the same time, it must be remembered that this whole game is one of the components of the culture of catastrophe, which has long been justified by postmodern philosophers. Therefore, there will be no winners, since the disaster element should not be confused with past crises that were previously useful for the world. Nevertheless, philosophical and philosophical underachievers still do not understand the essence of the modern situation and epoch, drawing ridiculous and limited assumptions about what is happening. This applies not only to many political scientists and humanitarians of various stripes, who are now clogging up the media with their sketches.
Some absurdly write about zugzwang, saying that if one of the parties does not attack, it will lose. If he attacks, he will lose again. Others write even more absurdly that one of the parties will win a "piece" on this world "chessboard", and then the number of these "pieces" will grow.

There is a short-sighted opinion that one of the players paralyzes the other player so much that he will not be able to move his "pieces". Or is it not a "chess" board at all, but a "casino" with marked cards and the gaming hegemon and the owner of this "casino" will win.

All these sketches are ridiculous and are associated with a lack of understanding of the modern economic and political mechanisms of the development of the world in the era of postmodernism with its perversion of entities that are not taken into account by analysts and artists of what is happening.

The world has plunged into the game, which means that international actors are betting. The Russia-Ukraine chess and political board is thousands of times more exciting than the final of any football World Cup! (Here are the reasons for the decline in excitement for the Olympic Games -2022!) At the same time, this game is not run by the party members themselves. Those who have placed their bets and are waiting for a win related to their survival and improvement of their position are in charge. They are obsessed and need this game to have the outcome they need. And for this they go to any tricks. And they even go to artificially inflated nonsense, in order to manipulate the viewers of this "world" political casino.

They have placed bets on the outcome and excitedly incite both sides, they say, do not be shy. At the same time, they manage to shout to the whole world, they say, save yourself!

And this game has become a long-term one. On it, speculators of exchanges make profits by swinging volatility. Apparently, those who make statements more often and swing volatility in the market in the right direction have a profit. They are the sources of the most expensive Inside information! In general, they are the benefits of the game!

And you can calm down, they say, let them play and play for a long time. But for some reason the anxiety does not go away? Maybe adaptation will come and we will calm down for this game. And some should not expect that a loser will finally appear and the world will heal well. Or the winner will appear and the world will heal well. This is not going to happen!

(See the video channel "Psychologist Ramil Garifullin" )

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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