The artificial nonsense of the West as the key to the war with Russia.

The artificial nonsense of the West as the key to the war with Russia.
If the subject is underdeveloped, you can wait and the subject matures, begins to understand and you can negotiate with him. When considering a subject with moronism, this is impossible. A moron, does a lot thoughtlessly and on automatism, only radiating the illusion that he understands everything.

What's all this about? And to the fact that various international actors have been communicating with the Russian authorities in recent weeks. What was more: underdevelopment, which is being corrected, or moronism, thanks to which the world is doomed?

I don't want to somehow belittle US President Biden, who with his early dementia has long made Americans and the whole world laugh with his amateurism. Moreover, I do not want to belittle the level of intelligence of the head of the British Foreign Ministry, who regularly shows her low intelligence in history and geography. I do not want to belittle other Western political leaders, who are increasingly demonstrating unprofessionalism. There are also many examples in this regard. All these are the costs of our era and the deformations of development caused by the fact that people's careers increasingly depend not on intelligence and development, but on something else. Such is the era of postmodernism with its perversions. By the way, this also applies to the Russian side.

I would like to note that the Russian government has come under pressure to humiliate such subjects who allow themselves such gaffes. And yet, who sends us such subjects from the format "mine is yours not to understand"?

To what extent is there deliberate artificiality in all this, which has become, in fact, a coordinated informational and provocative attack on Russia in order to get away from an objective and true understanding of the problem, stupidly and short-sightedly forcing world expansion, globalization, unipolarity in order to preserve these tools for the survival of the Hegemon?

This destructive artificiality is off the scale. In particular, the escalation of artificial tension around Ukraine - this hurdy-gurdy is already stubbornly going according to the project. And, apparently, it will be difficult to curb it.

In the psychiatric clinic there are such employees who are called "dubars" in the local jargon. They have plastic batons in their hands and, sometimes, sober up their wards from the delirium. This is especially the case when the wards of "dubarey" become dangerous to others. But this is a relatively harmless problem because such nonsense is not artificial. A bigger problem is cases when delirium is generated artificially by the project, for the purpose of manipulation and fraud. That's the trap Russia has fallen into now! Will the Russian authorities use a "baton" to sober up the authors and managers of the delirium generation project? We will find out about this in the near future.

I would like to believe that all these are just games and bluffs for the purpose of economic survival and the influence of the parties playing... and we are not talking about the physical survival of the fighting players yet? And even in this optimistic hope, Russia needs to remember that the playing cards are marked by the West. Russia is economically secondary... And it is useless to rebel against the owner of the marked deck. There is a considerable probability that the Russian government, as a subject seduced by gambling, will calm down and stop rebelling against the owner of the marked cards.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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