Will Russia place bets and play?

Will Russia place bets and play?
The Russian government has been licking its lips on crypts for a long time. I understood that this is a global casino and the Russian authorities have repeatedly made statements about it in the media. She understood that this was a betting game, that it was a specific roulette, that someone was winning, but someone was losing. Take a look at the sharp ups and downs of the bitcoin exchange rate. Someone has time. Someone does not have time. The money of some people of the planet is transferred to others. Then they switch places in their luck. The increase in the experience of playing bitcoin makes players, as in casinos, unlucky. Not everyone can jump off and leave at the right time. And if the player is lifelong, then it will never succeed at all. This is the basic philosophy of the casino. If you managed to win systematically and for a long time at the casino, then you will be investigated, and not by experts in the field of probability theory, but by employees of investigative bodies.

And yet, the government has approved the Concept of legislative regulation of the turnover of digital currencies.

The turnover of such financial assets will be regulated by the state with strict obligations for all participants of the professional market and an emphasis on protecting the rights of ordinary investors.This is paradoxical, since it contradicts the essence of bitcoin itself, which does not have any regulatory body in it. But the authorities state that the purpose of regulation is to integrate the mechanism of digital currency turnover into the financial system and to ensure control over cash flows in the circuit of credit institutions.

It is even planned to protect the rights of citizens, in addition to dividing investors into qualified and unskilled, will be provided due to the licensing requirements of cryptocurrency platforms. Those, in turn, will be required to have financial safety cushions for liquidity and capital adequacy.
In other words, bitcoin players who love excitement and adventure will now be insured. In fact, you sat down in a casino and you are being pushed so much that you only win and never lose? What if it's only for the elite? Maybe someone will be allowed to play on folk funds, but commoners from the people will not be allowed?

In addition, it is planned to introduce a duty for market participants to inform citizens about the increased risks associated with digital currencies.

The implementation of the concept will ensure the creation of the necessary regulatory framework, will bring the digital currency industry out of the shadows and create the possibility of legal entrepreneurial activity. And this again contradicts the essence of bitcoin, the value of which is closeness and the inability of anyone to close the owner of bitcoins.

In essence, there will be regulation of the unregulated, which is the essence of bitcoin.

Recently, there has been a massive attack in various media outlets on the positive prospects of investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Quite recently there was a good trend. And the people believed that bitcoin is a semolina from heaven. And here is another fall in January and stress!

And in general, according to my statistics, thanks to disinformation articles in the media, many Russians began to think about investing in crypts again. But this time, for some reason, Nabiullina does not declare that crypts are casinos. And in general, the authorities had not previously planned to invest in crypts and did not want to, and now suddenly developed the concept of crypts in Russia. I decided to seat the players at the casino table. Most likely, something has changed in Russia's foreign and domestic policy. What exactly? We'll find out later.
So, we draw conclusions:

1. There is a possibility that this is a hidden project of the authorities, although officially it is against crypts. The authorities want the people to play crypts, but of course large investors affiliated to the government will win.

2. If the cell of the body was playing and betting, then you would collapse. A living organism ignores gambling! Also, the economy, which includes excitement and HYPE, is destructive! A living economy should be alive at the expense of other survival mechanisms. These short-sighted judgments of the nouveau riche, who see nothing beyond their economic ego, amuse me. All this is naive, even if fortune turns to you, but the probability of this is low. When you lose, that's when the objectivity and understanding of what I have written will come to you.

2. I recall the opinion of Gref at one Gaidar forum, who, in my opinion, pretended to change his previous interpretations about the charms of bitcoin. His final thought: "Everyone has the right to play!" Gref is still that player! He's just going to play and take his own. And the sucker-people will "get" their own.

3. Not everyone has the right to lose, and to lose the money of relatives and colleagues, and this is a disaster! And it can touch many and even the whole world. You need to look beyond the horizon. Who cuts the profits from all sorts of globalization projects? In the first place, the USA. Elon Musk recently got a good haircut on bitcoin.

4. Everyone has the right to play, but not everyone has the right to make other people unhappy, from whom these players borrowed and lost. Alas! This problem has already engulfed part of the Russian society.

5. We will find out the names of the Owners of the Blockchain System. They are being hidden now. The illusion that some Free Systems are possible on the Internet is strong, but it is already being exposed. EVERY WEB HAS ITS OWN SPIDER!

6. One thing is gold, another thing is a pickaxe for its extraction. But the trouble is that in the case of bitcoin, in the end, the pickaxe is waving through the void.

7 . The larger the bitcoin player, the sharper and more profitable he can leave at zero, those who sit in the blockchain and track. The blockchain will give out in an instant that you are bankrupt, although you have been monitoring all the situations.

8. There is a problem of the Owner of the Blockchain System. Just like Wikipedia, it would seem that it is free, but it is really managed by the US admins and that is why the Chinese abandoned Wikipedia and organized their own "Hudung"

9 . Some, of course, have already made a lot of money due to the desire of suckers to mine.

10. Investments in bluff articles about the prospects of cryptocurrencies, of course, will cause temporary volatility of cryptocurrencies, but time will pass and the main American investors in cryptocurrencies will set an upward trend again, since the United States has already designated the crypto project as a strategic expansionist tool of the world hegemon. Crypts will continue to grow until they tempt Russia and Third World countries, developing countries. The project of global crypts will be closed after the sucker countries that interfere with the US Hegemon. The US has already made a bet on HYIP. But for now we will see all sorts of disguises, thanks to which, allegedly, bitcoin has nothing to do with the United States.

11. Russia is betting on bitcoin because it has learned to place bets at the level of foreign policy. Look at how recently, thanks to Russia's political statements, volatility jumped and someone took profits on it. Then, indeed, prospects are opening up for bitcoin in Russia. After all, it is Russia that will regulate the ups and downs of bitcoin. She will be engaged in political statements.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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