Will there be a new world order, according to Russia?

Will there be a new world order, according to Russia?
Until now, the world order that was formed by the United States has been tolerated by various international actors. And quite recently we learned that there is an international entity in the world that is no longer satisfied with this world order. It turned out to be Russia. Russia has expressed its rejection of the current world order, which, thanks to the activation of the United States, has come to its critical state.
This week will be a key one in terms of solving the problems of the world order. Or everything will remain the same and the Hegemon will continue its expansionist traditions. Or all these traditions of the Hegemon will cease due to an adequate perception of the criticality and catastrophism of this confrontation.
But so far, it seems that the United States and Russia are inadequate or are simulating this inadequacy.
Russia and the United States as subjects communicate and the whole world is watching with trepidation. And, of course, the question arises as to which of these subjects is more adequate in perceiving the problem of the World.
My psychological analysis showed that both subjects are good in their inadequacy.
First, about the inadequacy of Russia.
Russia also looks like an infantile country with the presence (ZPR), that is, with a delay in its development. And infantile subjects are always straightforward and therefore perceives all the seriousness of the United States as made-up, then as irrelevant conventions. Russia as a subject is also a hysterical subject, that is, it is demonstrative and even capable of demonstratively humiliating competitors, although it does not have a moral right to do so according to its indicators. Russia is dangerous because it can tell the truth. By the way, this truth-the uterus and the boot of the infantile Khrushchev saved the world once. The USA thought about it. And these traditions have come to our planet again.
Russia is infantile and lagging behind - this is a fact! But he wants to survive and wants to be in the World as a subject. Does not want to disappear under the onslaught of the American project.
But Russia has managed, for all its infantile nature, to "get sick" and digitize itself on the basis of its oil and gas raw materials. All this even now allows her to criticize and underestimate the West as a subject of lies, false democracy, imaginary fight against corruption, etc. Russia is trying to equalize its underdevelopment and destructiveness with the same underdevelopment and destructiveness of the West and the United States, they say, we should not look up to you as an example to follow. And therefore, do not meddle in our structures of survival as a subject, in particular, in Ukraine, through which it becomes possible to deprive Russia of subjectivity. And Russia will disappear as a subject.
Now about the inadequacy of the United States.
The United States is an international criminal entity (the Ploughman of planet Earth), which is difficult to plant and punish. Moreover, this subject simulates social schizophrenia in the office of a forensic psychiatrist (UN, OSCE, PACE, EU, etc.) (bifurcation, the policy of two standards, cynicism, disenfranchisement, hooliganism, provocations, delirium, falsification).
The USA is playing world schizo (postmodernists have long proved this, see "schizoanalysis" in the encyclopedia of postmodernism), playing with the world (expressions addressed to Russia "You will lose ...") Moreover, this Plowman of planet Earth (Dollarobaron with his dollaromans) is also a source of spreading manic contagion and financial addictions (World Dollaromania, Creditomania, Gambling and various Addictions forming Chronic Debt Slavery, etc. ), which reinforce the inadequacy of other international actors in order to impose their own American scenario in the future (I write these diagnoses with a capital letter, emphasizing globality and generality).
At the same time, this Plowman of the planet Earth is also in a debt hole, but he does not worry, since he prints these green pacifiers himself. Some of my opponents believe that the United States is not mowing under the Shizu, but really schizophrenic (inadequate, deaf, autistic, that is, listens only to itself, ideologically paranoid, bifurcates between standards and worlds, etc. symptoms), and, therefore, recovers for a while, in particular, only after the Shock Therapy of the World ("two skyscrapers syndrome" and terrorist acts).
Then the question arises: who will treat this World Schizophrenic Monster and by what methods? This is a problem! And this problem is compounded if we suddenly find out that this is just a simulation of the World Schizo, that this is a Game of the USA for a Fool... And again, if this is a Global Gambling Addiction, then this is a diagnosis and you can raise the question of a cure? But you can be late and Madness will sweep the world, so much so that not a war will be unleashed, but a catastrophe where there are no vanquished. And today, in January 2022, the world has come to this point.
The schizo of the World at the stage of Development is productive (The rise of creativity, the Discovery of New Worlds and other innovations in science, art, technology), but this stage has long been passed (it was described by postmodernists).
Therefore, the question arises: "What can act as a Prison of the World, where this Schizophrenic World Monster could be isolated, or what could act as a Mental Hospital of the World, where it could be treated."
Thus, who will deal with these inadequate subjects. Who will act as a World Psychiatrist. Is it really going to be a silent country and an observer - China. But in psychiatry, secrecy and silence are also a symptom. But then the world went crazy. And this is not new, from the point of view of postmodern philosophy. This is just the heyday of the Culture of Disaster.
Negotiations are dragging on. Before the New year, they were delayed because of the festive mood. But the new year has passed. Will it be the year of a new World order?
Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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