Putin's volatile pauses.

Putin's volatile pauses.
Based on political behavioral traditions, it must be recognized that at the beginning Putin always makes an information survey, then studies the reaction, and only then makes a decision: concedes or advances. According to historical statistics, it is more inferior. Because business pragmatics prevails over politics. And the USA is sure of this. Such is the era that the United States itself has shaped.
At the moment, a categorical negative response from NATO has been received to Putin's information probe.
Now the ball is back on Putin's side. The pause dragged on.
For some reason, some political scientists are sure that Putin should give a tough response. This is a misconception caused by a misunderstanding of Putin's political and behavioral traditions. Besides, Putin is different and changing. Because the world is changing.
It is only necessary to look at the chronic internal political behavior of the Russian government. Usually at the beginning something radical was proposed, and then this decision was canceled after the reaction of the Russian society and the media.

Thus, if we apply the above-mentioned principle of external through internal in relation to the connection between the domestic and foreign policy of the Russian government, it is quite obvious that after the end of the information flow and the reaction of the West to it, Russia will make concessions to the West in the ongoing negotiations.
So far, we are only watching how Russia continues to make information stuffing, on which speculators of the stock exchange earn well.
Apparently, the time has come when it is necessary to check the responsible persons making political statements for cooperation with stock exchange speculators. These persons can be not only representatives of the Center and the highest authority. The affiliation of the authorities with the major players of the exchanges is a murky topic!
I drew attention to how political tensions have been escalating recently at the beginning of the week, and at the end of the week, this tension subsides. Therefore, this week began with a significant rise in the dollar and the value of stocks, and ended with their fall. Of course, the profit will be withdrawn at the end of the week. Speculators have a golden time. This has been going on for the second week.
If there is the same cycle in the third week, then a check on the affiliation of those who make political statements with the leading speculators of the exchange will be necessary.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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