The reasons for delaying concrete decisions in Russia's negotiations with the West.

The reasons for delaying concrete decisions in Russia's negotiations with the West.
It must be recognized that the reasons for delaying concrete decisions in the negotiations between the West and Russia are connected not only with the complexity and inconsistency of the problem, which, in fact, is connected with the prospects of a new world order, but also with other factors:
1. The West wants to last until the times of warmer weather in Europe, when gas consumption will fall and Russia will lose the instrument of gas influence on Europe.
2. On New Year's Eve, the reason for delaying the adoption of specific decisions was due to the unwillingness to overshadow the feelings of the New Year holiday and economic stability. To escalate psychosis with an increase in the dollar exchange rate for the new year would be moral damage. Therefore, our diplomats did not give informative dummy interviews on New Year's Eve, but with prospects of hope, although there really were no grounds for this, apparently.
3. Banking and business activity falls under the new year. And the authorities did not dare to activate it with negative information. But after the new year, the truth began. As a result, Russian citizens remained in rubles on their hands, not having time to hedge and exchange their rubles for dollars. Alas! Now the dollar exchange rate has grown significantly.
4. The West is whipping up military hysteria, which, having an artificially long-term character, can form the right mood of the world community and international actors, in order to justify the escalation of NATO in Europe.
5. China, holding its Olympics, would not want to aggravate the international world situation. Let's remember the 2013 Sochi Olympics. It was only after its completion that Russia's powerful problems with Ukraine began, which led to the current problems. Apparently, the peak of the aggravation of the situation will begin after the end of the Chinese Olympics.
In general, everything that is happening now is the implementation of the project of the West, and Russia with its reactions is already secondary. The military hysteria fanned by the West is only a stage of this project.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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