Interview with Russian numerologist psychologist Endje Garifullina about the year 2022.

Interview with Russian numerologist psychologist Endje Garifullina about the year 2022.
The essence of everything that happens in Nature, what happens to us, is connected with numbers. The great Pythagoras wrote about this. This will be confirmed by any physicist who understands the importance of physical constants that set the foundation for all the laws of Nature. Everything that happens in the human psyche, apparently, is also connected with numbers. These numbers are in us and out of us. The essence of personality, which is related to key information, seems to be also, after all, related to numbers. Try it - rid humanity of lucky numbers?! Try it - save the student from understanding the lucky ticket number!? It won't work! The whole world is numbers and figures. They occupy a special place, a key and code position in the system of signs.
According to numerology, each number resonates with a planet that has its own meaning. Numbers have a huge impact on your whole life. Their vibrations can help a lot, it is important to learn how to act safely.
What should we expect in the coming year of the Tiger and what should we be afraid of?
Is it possible to give any forecast for next year?
The main date of 2022 6 - 2+0+2+2=6, which means taking responsibility and courage. Also, the year will be tested for endurance and endurance. A year can bring unexpected changes and twists, which may be difficult to prepare for.
Since ancient times, the number 6 in numerology is considered a strong number, meaning stability and reliability. It is this figure that is associated with the cube, 6 facets of which allowed him to be invulnerable and resistant. It is a symbol of perfection, harmony, beauty and health..
Since last year brought a lot of new things (including an infinite number of lockdowns), it's time to get used to the new pace and make the most of the new reality.
In the number 2022, the number 2 occurs 3 times. This sequence indicates the importance of the number 2.
Two (2) is the number of an angel, which characterizes faith and trust. All the good this year will come back, and the angels will help in good deeds.
It is important not to succumb to the weaknesses of the two (2):
The deuce is characterized by some passivity and malleability. Under its influence, a person prefers to move with the flow, without making attempts to fight for his happiness.
Since the deuce occurs three times, this undoubtedly underlines the importance of initiative and determination.
Also, the number two indicates the need to be honest and direct, both in thoughts and in deeds.
In the year of the Water Tiger, we will face a lot of emotions. It is important to listen to your emotions and inner instinct, angels can give you useful hints.
It is important to remember that by 2022 it is important to show your real emotions, and not try to suppress your own feelings.
The year is favorable for starting a family, self-education, and finding your "I". It's good to start doing yoga.
People who were born in the year of the Tiger, will the owner be more supportive?
For people born in the year of the Tiger, it is important to remain careful with finances, clear control is necessary. For tigers, the only way to earn money is daily and honest work. Those born in the year of the tiger can also buy real estate and a car. The main expenses are likely in the summer, so it is important to prepare in advance.
In relations with people around you, you need to focus on diplomacy and understanding. The year 2022 promises to be profitable and successful for everyone who is active, inventive and wants to focus on earning money and finances. Just rely on luck is not worth it, it is not advisable to show frivolity. It is recommended to carefully handle the funds and gifts that have appeared - all surplus income should be postponed for the future. Be careful with spontaneous spending
What does the owner of the next year have in him?
Ability to work, diligence, courage and confidence
What will happen in the whole world, in Russia and in Tatarstan?
2022 will be the year of adaptation to overcoming. The years 2020-2021 were years of struggle and development.
There are a lot of twos in this mastering, this is stability. Stability.
Tatarstan will continue to be the leading region of Russia.
As a numerologist, can you tell how to celebrate the New Year and what you absolutely should not do?
The best colors for a New Year's outfit will be: blue and all shades of blue, black, gray, graphite, beige
The Year of the Tiger cannot be met in clothes and accessories made of genuine leather or fur, even a leather watch strap can attract negativity into life, it is better to choose wooden and metal accessories.
Vases and decorative figurines can also be decorations on the table. The table should be covered with a textile tablecloth, and each guest should have a linen napkin. Since the tiger is striped, it's good to add more dark brown stripes to the decor.
What to cook for the New Year's table?
On New Year's Eve, there must be meat and fresh herbs on the table. Also, yellow fruits must be present among the dishes.
Appease the predator, and the Tiger will protect you for the whole year 2022. Express gratitude for all the good things that will happen to you in 2022.
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