Muratov and the parents of the dead journalists.

Muratov and the parents of the dead journalists.
I wonder if in the history of journalism, have the heroes of journalists ever been awarded Nobel Prizes?Or do they reward only the managers of these heroes, that is, the editors-in-chief? But there is often a gap between them... Not to mention the gap between investors of bold publications and bold journalists.

It is known that there will always be a gap between the director of a jewelry factory and a master jeweler. The director of a jewelry factory will never call himself a jeweler.

Is the editor-in-chief of a bold publication always a hero? Not always. What does it depend on? This is a difficult and painful topic of conscience and honor of the editors-in-chief themselves. Therefore, the editors-in-chief of bold publications are in a difficult situation on this score. They are all different. Some die like journalists. Others will be spared such a fate. The third will never touch due to proper preventive behavior.

There are situations when the editor-in-chief chooses the topic himself and directs his journalist to this dangerous topic. It is possible that the topic may be dropped by the investor.

There are situations when a journalist digs up a dangerous topic himself and offers it to the editor-in-chief. And the topic is further evaluated by the investor of the publication or not evaluated.

Pay attention to how many options there are in the Journalist-Editor-in-Chief- Investor triangle.

And if we add to this system the environment in which this triangle develops. For example, a political competitive environment or an economic competitive environment. Then the problem becomes more complicated.

Did the eighteen-year-old infantile soldiers of the USSR who fought in Afghanistan understand what they were fighting for?

Young journalists are often the same soldiers....

Did the journalist Dmitry Kholodov have an objective understanding of his goals and the goals of Others?

The problem of journalistic ambitions as a factor of infantile perception is a deep problem.

We must always remember that all over the world, infantile guys who have not had time to live and know life deeply die in wars and conflicts more often.

You can justify yourself by saying that the feat is their choice. And every person has a choice in this regard. It is possible to technologically educate heroes and kamikazes on the basis of patriotism programs. But you need to have the will to look into the eyes of the mothers of these dead guys, as well as into the eyes of adult men who will always be far from the front line.

For objectivity, one should always remember about the gap between journalists and editors-in-chief. This is a financial and legal gap.

It must be admitted that a considerable number of editors-in-chief of the Russian media have already become successful nouveau riches. Especially those affiliated to the government.

There is also a gap in the courage and danger of the lives of journalists and their editors-in-chief!

Awarding Dmitry Muratov is, apparently, a merit for the past. For the deaths of journalists of the Nezavisimaya Gazeta. Therefore, I would like to send part of the Nobel Prize to the parents of the deceased journalists...

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
Nobel Prize
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