The psychology of Elon Musk's personality manipulation and the problem of imitation of progress.

The psychology of Elon Musk's personality manipulation and the problem of imitation of progress.
The psychology of Elon Musk's personality manipulation and the problem of imitation of progress.

Some experts believe that Elon Musk decided to manipulate fears about the bankruptcy of Space-X in order to influence the efficiency of his employees.Musk stated:
"We will have a real risk of bankruptcy if we fail to achieve Starship flights every 2 weeks next year." Starship is a next-generation rocket designed for flights to the moon and Mars. In what way!
Alas! My analysis showed that there are market factors that can really lead to the bankruptcy of I. Mask. A fundamental analysis of the growth dynamics of the stock quotes of Elon Musk's brainchild shows some artificiality in this success. There are other factors. Apparently, a story of imaginary success.

Now it is no longer possible to say that Elon Musk's bluff is connected with sucking money out of the state to simulate scientific and technological progress, unlike Russian scientists. Elon Musk has already passed the period of this imitation and bluff. Now, thanks to the initial enticing bluff, non-state investors and even the mass of ordinary people have invested in it.

I started writing about the Mask, among other things, because most of the leaders of the collapsed financial pyramids performed in a similar format as Elon Musk, that is, as showmen. At the same time, it should be noted that Elon Musk, as a showman for the media, creates some content that attracts the purchase of his shares, and other persons bear the real business and production load of projects? In financial pyramids as well. There is an enticing talking head of a showman, and there are real beneficiaries investing in a scam.

Scenery and bluff historically may contain the real. Musk's rockets and electric cars are a reality and a fact! But then, when they talk about hidden motives, they talk about decorations, that is, conditions for the realization of hidden motives.

Thus, the Mask game is a more complex game compared to fraudulent financial pyramids. It is connected with the modern culture of catastrophe, as it is global, due to the fact that in the future, according to Elon Musk's dreams, the whole world will be invested in it. The whole world will be playing dice! (Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigozhin).

I note that my reasoning and analysis are not a kind of parochial stream of consciousness and reflections caused by envy of the successes of Elon Musk. Reflections cannot be parochial when there is a philosophical understanding of the phenomenon. But Musk himself, apparently, does not have sufficient skills of philosophical reflection and does not understand what he is doing. The fact that he temporarily managed to accumulate dollars at the expense of world gamblers is not an indicator yet. The essence of what happened to him, that is, what will be in the sediment, will only be highlighted by time. But victims and suckers will not judge him, as they judged all sorts of "Mavrodi". The participants of the world casino have no claims to this casino. Moreover, Musk has concrete results. Therefore, the victims will be quickly forgotten, considering them an insurance airbag.

Moreover, there is an opinion that the previous American bluff scientists who sucked money out of the state to simulate scientific and technological progress were more expensive. Unfortunately, there are results. But the problem is that he came out to declare profits because he invested a considerable part of the funds from his projects in bitcoins, which caused the growth of these pacifiers. The problem is that it combines, on the one hand, a real developer, and on the other, a world bubble inflator!

Read my past articles about semi-bluff - mixing Mask's real achievements with bullshit. That's what's dangerous. And he's a gambler. All these achievements, alas, are still nature or scenery for attracting stock purchases. And in general, Musk is an investor and a compiler of components for his projects, not an author.

To put it bluntly, Elon Musk is an organizer, entertainer, producer and investor. I myself most of all appreciate the true authorship, the real authorship of patents, scientific discoveries, developments. And Elon Musk only uses these author's developments.
A few years ago I wrote about the true contribution of the author of the developments of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They have a low proportion of their authorship and discoveries. So, for example, everyone knows who is the inventor of the first mice, the first algorithmic programs, etc. And the great Gates and Jobs have nothing to do with inventions. They are only producers and compilers, not true authors. Their role was important in the organization of production and the corresponding best personnel. Elon Musk is from the same cohort. A real master jeweler has nothing in common with the head and owner of a jewelry factory.

I have already written in previous comments that it is not worth comparing the Mask with Edison, who combined both authorship and organizational abilities in production and implementation. Musk is at most a half-educated physicist, but to a greater extent in spirit and biographically a pragmatic economist and, of course, a demonstrative and hysterical personality.

If Musk did not combine all these achievements with his games on the market and bets on pacifiers, then nothing would be alarming.

Thus, there is a gap between the successful developer Elon Musk in the video and the real Elon Musk as a manufacturer of world pacifiers!

Apparently, the Tesla electric car project is dominated not by improving the culture and ecology of the life of the people of the planet, but by a project aimed at changing the geopolitical layout based on the fall in the value of oil. As soon as the geopolitical task set by the West is solved, the Tesla electric car will be forgotten and oil consumption will increase again. Western uncles did not support the development of Zuckerberg's pacifiers and other information technology owners of mass cheating tools, as they had previously placed bets on Elon Musk. But, the Zuckerbergs-durovs will try to muddy the market of the world's suckers and gamblers with their crypto pacifiers for a long time. Useless, since the bets are made on one. Mask's puppeteers do not want to disperse in the production of pacifiers. They allowed only bitcoin and several other supervised cryptocurrencies to compete. They know the limits for maintaining optimal activity of the Central Bank and the Fed. They will track and punish all other amateur creators of crypts.
It is naive to believe that the crypto market will be given freedom. This is a problem of the national economic security of the United States.

So far, none of the experts have given convincing economic counter-arguments to my articles about Musk's bluff. By the way, I advise everyone to read my articles on what modern economists have become. I often work with them as part of my trainings.
According to statistics, most of them are not able to solve problems in microeconomics, but they manage to work and bluff analysts until the next dismissal. Now humiliated and destroyed entrepreneurs are betting on all sorts of games. And Elon Musk knows this and lures.
Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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