Psychology and philosophy of Elon Musk's personality bluff as the foundation of the US economy.

Psychology and philosophy of Elon Musk's personality bluff as the foundation of the US economy.
Elon Musk will still show the brightness of his adventure. His history will be remembered as a great global pyramid crypto-scam artist, and not a scientist-philanthropist. History will put everything in place. In the meantime, his indicators are high. In the world casino, this happens at the beginning of the Game.
Only time will judge everything.
And the townsfolk and idolaters are still betting on him and inflating this ilonomasochny bubble.

Rogozin and Musk are in some ways ordained simulacra. But the color of these simulacra and the selling efficiency are different. Musk is in a larger global circulation and therefore sells much better.

All of the above text is not from jealousy.
Envy is a product of equals and the like. Russia's envy of the West? Perhaps, but time will tell. Now pyramids and scams are built on half-deception and half-bluff, that is, due to the mixture of true achievements and bluff actions in the market, that is, the creation of dummies. And there is danger in this confusion. Be more objective. Try to go beyond the horizon of the layman, who was drawn temporary successes. Learn to distinguish the essential from the non-essential. The essential is the dummy market that has taken over the world. The unimportant is the exploration of real space, which does not affect the world in any way yet.

Of course, the real achievements of Elon Musk are not comparable with the achievements of Mavrodi, who at a certain stage also surprised Russians with prospects. And many people invested in it. Musk is a different kind of pyramid and builder of dummies and cryptobubbles. His decorations are more expensive. They involve real Space itself with rockets, upcoming rovers and electric vehicles. But we must remember that Elon Musk is primarily an economist, entrepreneur, and considers science as a tool of his profit-generating economy. The fact is that Musk lives in the era of postmodernism and cannot help but sell signs, prestige and simulacra. And space with electric cars and rovers is secondary. These are super-expensive decorations using nature. This is an expensive nature, which is only an economic tool for accumulating the profits of Elon Musk's economy.

Elon Musk is only a billionaire, but not the Edison of our time, as the media try to paint him with the money that Musk invests in them.

Musk is multifaceted. I just tried to outline the priorities and the essence of his success. There are real projects, but there is a postmodern market with the sale of signs, simulacra and pacifiers. And Musk manages to combine both.

Read about how simulacra are formed, that there are signs under which there is no real object. An electric car is a reality, but a tool for forming simulacra, that is, dummy signs that are not related to an electric car. Elon Musk himself, with his prospects, can also become an empty brand sign. Everything is based on faith in the sign and on the statistics of trust. If these factors go away, then the pyramid collapses. Musk is just starting to build a pyramid.
I advise you to read Zh. Baudrillard's "Political Economy of the Sign".

Those who convince us that we are brainwashed by Putin's propaganda are also brainwashed themselves, but by anti-Putin propaganda. These are the same ordinary people, without any objective understanding of the problem. Musk is most likely a crook in science. He is only an entertainer and organizer and nothing more. And it would seem great! Entertainers, producers and organizers of science are needed! Alas! He doesn't care what to do with geology or gynecology, as long as there is profit. I studied Elon Musk's vocabulary. This is not the vocabulary of a scientist. I did a content analysis of his English interviews. But his world-wide ideas still arouse sympathy among the townsfolk. Time will tell. But the fact that he is a player - we will find out about it in the coming years. So far, I'm not analyzing what he says. And the way he says it. And there's a lot of bluff. He's a burgeoning player. And so far, what we see are the flowers of bluff, fueled by real space, real electric cars, rovers, etc. All this is nature and scenery. The main thing is the stock market and the purchase of its shares by ordinary people. This is a semi-bluff job - mixing real achievements with market bullshit.

Do not assume that simulacra is only bad and harmful. The fact that there is hyperreality and some living signs, which are sometimes more real and relevant than Reality, is a controversial topic. Winnie-the-Pooh, sometimes, causes a greater emotional experience in a child than a real bear cub in a zoo. My article is about simulacra, after which victims and suckers appear, caused by the bankruptcy of the pyramid-swindler project. By the way, Musk recently started talking about the bankruptcy of some of his constituent projects, in particular, Spase X. Postmodernism with its simulacra is a new reality that needs to be treated not positively, not negatively, but objectively. This postmodern reality does not ask about us, but hits us from the back of the head and without warning. By the way, it can be a condition of the culture of catastrophe if we do not listen to it.

And as for the vision of some experts of grumbling and envy that Russia may have in connection with the successes of the West and the United States, personified by Elon Musk, this is probably due to a misunderstanding by the inhabitants of the postmodern era.

In fact, in his own way, Elon Musk is my traditional object of research within the framework of my former interests and the corresponding federal monographs "Encyclopedia of Bluff" (1995), "Illusionism of Personality" (1997), "Psychology of Bluff, Illusions of manipulation" (2006). Sometimes I return to my former interests.

Therefore, I would like an assessment of my texts and assumptions about the future of Elon Musk, and not an assessment of me as a person. For example, some in the media, due to the inability to bring counterarguments to my address, manage to assess even my nationality in reproach in connection with my critical articles about Elon Musk. The only argument that such experts give because of their hopelessness is Elon Musk's big money. But they forget that historically, any financial pyramid or financial bubble caused by manipulation and bluff has a stage of big money and capital. Moreover, Elon Musk's bloating project is specific, taking place in conditions of unbridled inflation in the United States.

My analysis of Elon Musk goes deep into the philosophy of our era. This is a question for philosophers who, with their intellectual blood, have highlighted a stage in the history of philosophy when the former infantile (classical) conventions no longer work. "Postmodernism" is not a slogan that can be discarded. This is a reality with its own qualitative features that have never been in the culture of mankind. Information tools for influencing the world have appeared. Not knowing them is dangerous. Alas! This is ignored by many. Therefore, this new reality will hit cruelly with catastrophes, thanks to its pacifiers, which lead ordinary people away from reality. And Elon Musk decided to play with these tools to please himself. He has a pragmatic and narrow view of science. Moreover, Musk is oriented by powerful global political and economic actors. It is being used. Who uses it? We will find out about this later. In particular, we will see and learn about it when something happens to Russia. There are misconceptions according to which Musk is useful for Russia's progress.

I don't blame the West for being much economically stronger than Russia. I tried to analyze the different facets. And he outlined those facets that are alarming and require an objective attitude.

Let's remember how the phenomenon of Elon Musk arose. There was a pause and stagnation in the stock market. And finally, the upstart of the world economy, I. Musk, came with his inflated global high-profile projects, in which investors from small to large believed. The media and the Internet with their networks helped him for his own money. These were powerful investments by I. Musk to increase his imaginary reputation capital. It is striking that, thanks to his manipulations, he managed to bypass the leaders of information technology in income, who have warmed up well on world problems related to the spread of the coronavirus. These players require separate research.

Read how Elon Musk is promoted on everything! How he fits his nature into a large number of feature films. This hysteria is always a sign of adventure.
Read how he was promoted to the whole world with his unnecessary submarine while rescuing people in one of the regions of the world. He gets involved with his PR motives, not with motives to help society. All these bluff actions of Elon Musk are similar to the handwriting of NATO, controlled by the United States, which gets into all parts of the world with its help so much that it has its military bases all over the world. But there is no real benefit from this to the whole world, except for the strengthening of the influence of the global dollar.

Apparently, in the near future, Elon Musk's bubble will begin to deflate. The emerging bankruptcy of Elon Musk's brainchild Spase X - this is just the beginning of deflating this bubble.

Elon Musk's $300 billion will be saved by all means. And 2022 and the following years are likely to be a period of upheaval for Elon Musk.

How Musk plays with bubbling crypts is not yet written about in the media, but this is a separate topic. But Musk, as the main player in these pacifiers, wants to involve many poor sucker countries there. And Russia should be aware of this. And for some reason our government has been licking its lips like crypts for a long time. Do you need to think about how quickly Elon Musk's capital inflated? And in no case should we associate this with manipulations with the use of space, electric vehicles and energy substitutes. All this is just nature, used as a backdrop for inflating Elon Musk's financial bubbles. Meanwhile, reality has hit Europe in connection with the main resource - gas.
Now there is enough small indignation in the market caused by any judicial or economic events with Musk's offspring, as the stock prices of his companies will immediately begin to fall sharply. Musk's stock market is shallow and inflated. And I. Musk himself knows this. The best thing he will start doing now is buying up world values and the rest of the world's real estate in a mediocre way. Musk must prepare for his new role as a global adventurer leader. And small adventurers who build scam pyramids in various countries of the world consider him an idol. Musk among them broke out ahead. All of them are ordained with Elon Musk. To put it in the vernacular "one field of berries". Among the smaller adventurers of the pyramids, I. Musk is statistically an idol.

It is amazing how the reader is bombarded with the achievements of Elon Musk! This has already happened to me in connection with other predictive articles about other pyramid builders, about which I was not mistaken. And many philistine suckers later confessed to me, they say, well, we didn't draw the appropriate conclusions earlier, thanks to you. As a researcher in the field of philosophy and psychology of illusions, using analysis, logic and philosophical understanding, I rarely made mistakes in my predictions.

Oil will be in price for a long time. These are only temporary games of the main speculators, setting the trend and suckers of small stock exchange players. No ilonomaski shows with electric cars and rovers, as well as ilonomasko-cryptobubbles will not affect.

Elon Musk will still show the brightness of his adventure. His history will be remembered as a great global pyramid crypto-scam artist, and not a scientist-philanthropist. History will put everything in place. In the meantime, his indicators are high. In the world casino, this happens at the beginning of the Game.
Only time will judge everything.
And the townsfolk and idolaters are still betting on him and inflating this ilonomasochny bubble.

While the electric car is an information project and simulacra. Later it will be part of the culture of the planet. But it will take a long time before that
Therefore , Musk 's shares are growing . It's a bubble! Watch!

I appreciate the attempts of some to go beyond the Horizon of philistine perception. Mask is a manipulator of philistines and suckers.

In the meantime, watch how technologically his simulacra is being promoted in the world media on the investments of Elon Musk.

Be visionary!

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences ,
Ramil Garifullin
Elon Musk manipulator adventure bluff economy
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