Psychology of rigidity and magical thinking of a religious person.

Psychology of rigidity and magical thinking of a religious person.
Recently, based on the analysis of comments, I conducted a content analysis of believers and religious Facebook participants. Among them there is a considerable proportion of participants who express unethical value judgments. There is rigidity (lack of plasticity), magical thinking and rudeness, as well as a low ability to logically convince an unbelieving interlocutor of a social network.
Conversely, philosophizing atheists had a balanced format of communication. There was often a balance between religion and philosophy.
Believers often do not know how to make arguments that divine revelations were not written by a man and there is no human (language, culture, religion, etc.) in them. The creational approach in the emergence of culture and religion has a right to be, but in terms of the number of facts, it, alas, is inferior to the evolutionary one. At the same time, there are many historical facts about the evolution of culture, which includes the religious culture of mankind.
I came to the conclusion that, sometimes, some believers need to learn not to declare and unethically label, especially to offend the participants of the social network. The knowledge of believers, sometimes, needs to be harmonized with the knowledge of philosophy and logic.
By the way, according to studies on the sociology and psychology of religion, in particular, on the problem of parasitic and destructive use of religion, it is noted that rigid and non-plastic personalities more often parasitize religious beliefs. And the level of this problem, sometimes, is the psychological basis of criminal religious communities.
The revelation of the Creator is expressed by man, according to the facts of history.  That is, this revelation is anthropomorphic. The figurative text of many religious Facebook participants is vivid and, apparently, does not belong to them, captured from the mouths of their Teachers. Their texts say that they have yet to learn deeply philosophy, which has always been deeply studied by all the great figures of religion.
Religious views, within the framework of which the World is simplified for the average parasite and something is given that does not require an intellectual strain - there are many articles about this. And not everyone wants to gnaw the granite of science, but everyone wants to use the products of science. Religion is the cheering culture of a doomed Person. And no one will ever be able to verify the truth of the products of this culture, since no one has returned from Oblivion. But a person's talent to encourage himself with all sorts of illusions, in particular religious ones, makes a person Great. This talent is akin to the talent of Creativity.
Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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