It kills what is outside the covid!

It kills what is outside the covid!
Recently, my patient told me that his close relative vaccinated against covid got sick with covid, but they did not want to hospitalize him anywhere. I visited all the clinics and one doctor told him that according to the official opinion of the authorities and the Federal media, vaccinated people carry covid easily and therefore go home. He went home and died. Possibly from another disease. It excited me.

Many were lucky that their vaccination was easy, unlike some. I have relatives and friends who, after vaccination, have been ill for a long time with other diseases. The Internet and social networks are full of such victims. But now they are struggling with these publications and they are being removed.

Covid is a terrible problem! He's dangerous! But no less dangerous is everything that is outside of it!

I was horrified by scientific articles about excessive mortality in the world, and not from covid, but from new near-comical conditions (deterioration of medical care for other diseases, restrictions, load on the lungs due to masked oxygen deficiency, growth of non-comical pneumonia, depression, psychosomatics, etc.). The proportion of excess mortality from covid and post-covid in excess mortality is significantly lower than other factors. I posted this article on Facebook and Facebook deleted it. I'm trying to find the original itself, but there are only links about it in the media.
I have been trying for a long time to obtain a comparative analysis of the statistics of covid and non-covid pneumonia in Russia. Useless!

Covid is a serious problem, but everything that happens around him is no less dangerous!
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