The problem of the health of the world has been blindly and criminally reduced only to covid.

The problem of the health of the world has been blindly and criminally reduced only to covid.
Covid statistics in Tatarstan have increased significantly recently. It is several times higher than the average in Russia. Apparently, earlier, due to the electoral process, it was hushed up in Russia. And then, immediately after the election, the postponed truth fell down!
Such a silence... But it seems to be nothing compared to China.
The biggest silence about covid in China. Supposedly not a single patient with covid! Although tourists come there. All this is of course a Chinese bluff! And there will be an international tribunal over China due to their authorship of this world covid project with hidden Chinese motives. China is doing everything to hush up this topic.

Moreover, in addition to covid, poor mortality statistics for pneumonia and other diseases have increased, due to the fact that humanity has plunged into new conditions due to the pandemic.

Sooner or later, the results of all this, as a consequence of the ugliness of China's state capitalism, will be dealt with by an international tribunal.

The most amazing thing is that state capitalism is also gradually being built in Russia. That is, the state becomes a means of enriching the newly-minted Russian nouveau riche, exporting their capital abroad of Russia. By the way, some of them have invested in near-term murky deals and businesses.

Add to all the fact that many economic structures of Russia and the world are hooked on business profits from projects related to the fight against covid. Someone no longer benefits from defeating covid.

Somehow I wrote out a list of world business leaders around covid. Such gigantic profits have never been in the pre-crisis period!

We must learn to objectively evaluate those who do not benefit from defeating covid. Only then will it be possible to hope for this victory.

Until the comparative statistics of mortality from non-covid and covid pneumonia for the period 2016-2021 are published, manipulations around covid will continue in the world.
Please do not confuse death from covid and the death of a patient with covid.

Now it's as if all diseases have been canceled. We do not know any statistics on other diseases. We do not know about the mortality from non-covid pneumonia.We don't even know about the statistics of acute respiratory infections, flu.
Flu vaccination has begun. And I want to believe that this is not a one-time disguised coronavirus vaccination.

Everything is distorted. Now there are only two deaths: from covid and with covid.

The world has organized conditions in connection with the fight against covid so that excess mortality has increased significantly. Moreover, according to WHO reports, the share and influence of covid in this excess mortality is less, compared with the contribution of other diseases.

There are blood clots even without covid. Many began to be diagnosed more often in the context of a pandemic and covid. I call for objectivity, not ignoring the fact that covid is capable of causing various diseases. Perhaps there are no diseases that the coronavirus would not initiate. By the way, there are statistics
lethality is not from covid, but from the chemistry that is used in the treatment of covid (hormonal chemistry affects diabetes mellitus and stroke, and diluting chemistry has a rebound effect for the cardiovascular system).

Due to the dilution effect in the treatment of covid, a rebound effect occurs and, as a result, the formation of blood clots. There are enough scientific articles on this subject (the ricochet effect).

From now on, all health problems in the world have been reduced only to covid. Objective information about terrible non-specific diseases is blocked. You need to learn to objectively distinguish the post-view from what is the result of the history of your individual organism and psyche.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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