Binary sanity-insanity as an incorrect criterion for evaluating criminals.

Binary sanity-insanity as an incorrect criterion for evaluating criminals.
Recently, we often hear from psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists that some mass murderers of students do not have mental disorders. They are, they say, criminal fans who have a criminal, terrorist and political worldview similar to terrorists of various currents. They say, this is a kind of rebellion and protest of a mentally normal person. As arguments, in particular, they cite the opinion of the mother of the Perm mass murderer, who was normal and quiet, showed no reason to worry about mental health.
The killer's mother hardly knows that often people with mental disorders put on a mask of normality and show various forms of disguised mental protection.
Insanity, that is, a violation of the mind and intellect may not be in the killers of students, but mental disorders, including disorders of the emotional and volitional sphere, are possible. Thus, the problem of mental disorders is not removed.
Moreover, some psychologists talk about the fanaticism of mass murderers, but there are already many studies that show that there are fans with mental disorders.
Psychiatry in the context of crimes in society has matured to the point that a narrow-minded assessment of problems within the framework of two concepts of sanity-insanity is incorrect. In addition to the binary system of sanity-insanity, there are intermediate states of the psyche.
It is necessary to judge not by the criterion of sanity-insanity, but by the presence of mental disorders. Insanity does not always occur in the presence of mental disorders. People with mental disorders are often sane. And the judge, when forming his decision, should be guided by the level of mental disorders, and not only by the presence of insanity of the criminal when committing his acts. The diseased consciousness often retains its essence, that is, it remains consciousness. Sick consciousness - does not always represent insanity, that is, the disconnection of consciousness, in which such a patient is not aware of his actions. Conversely, a mentally healthy person may have various forms of consciousness disconnection, due to various reasons unrelated to mental disorders.
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Sincerely, Associate Professor of IPO KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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