The independence of journalism, for some time now, is just an idea.

The independence of journalism, for some time now, is just an idea.
Cleansing rain and the media.

Currently, against the background of the recognition by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation of the Dozhd TV channel * as a foreign media agent, some media outlets are discussing what modern Russian media and journalism are turning into.

I am glad that some media outlets have finally woken up. Some! Most do not even publish the fact that happened to the "Rain".

Most media outlets survive on multi-colored and colorful HYIPs that are not relevant, but manipulate the instincts of degraded viewers and readers, satisfying their financial and pragmatic goals.

The media is saturated with various manipulations. This is a separate topic. For example, I am afraid of the topic of spiritual manipulations on the compassion of viewers and readers, thanks to which some media outlets earn on their sinful and considerable commission, which they take from multimillion-dollar fees for doomed patients.

Some "independent" journalists and bloggers are allegedly fighting for something, but they will never tell about their hidden investors and beneficiaries.

A hype is made on anything, even on an imaginary political opposition.

Of course, the topic of investing in the media that are located abroad is a difficult topic. Are there any Russian investors who invest in foreign media? For example, are there any of them that are invested in the Ugandan media?

Are there any Western and American media that are invested in the development of Russian media? ( I'm not talking about foreign media outlets) . This is a topical issue with various complexities and subtleties of Russian national security.

In order to objectively see this problem, it is necessary to take into account only three components: national security, freedom of expression and the perversions of the modern era.

A little bit about these perversions.
It must be recognized that the essence of many institutions, including the Institute of journalism, in the era of postmodernism (the global dollar) and social networks, has long been perverted. That is, on the one hand, investors are killing the independence of journalism and it turns into a struggle between investors and capital, and on the other, each of us is now a "journalist" and has the right to responsibly express his opinion in social networks, despite the possible blocking.
Take a look at advanced millionaire bloggers who are ready to hype on anything. If readers knew the true motives of these bloggers and their investors, they would be horrified.

Independence in the era of financial addictions ( credit addiction, bribery, gambling addiction, etc.) is impossible. The dependence of all of us on various factors is growing.

Therefore, I wish readers and users of journalism only good luck and solving their own problems with the help of modern journalism. And this is possible! But at the same time, never swear about the independence of journalism, as well as about the existence and non-existence of the Almighty.

The fact that there are practically no media outlets left in Russia that have an independent position on everything that is happening with our country and the authorities is a fact! And the reason for this is not only related to the behavior of the authorities. The independence of the media is not only a product of the influence of the authorities, and I have already said this above.

And we so want to come across texts that refresh our souls like pure rain. But now the rains are not always useful because of the environment.

You can't cancel the rains! Nature is stronger than us.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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