Meanwhile, the over-billion-dollar China said that they have not found a single patient with covid.
This is a bluff!
Maybe many countries will also start bluffing. Maybe it should be tested with methods that would draw such success?
He studied the alcoholism of Chinese people in rural areas. The horror!
And they talk about the discipline of China!? World myths are flourishing about China.
The myth of demonstrative mass shootings in China is also flourishing. Indeed, they shoot the chosen ones. A large army of officials and businessmen" loyal " to the Chinese government was not shot when they discovered a corruption component in their activities.
China's bluffs and myths continue.
It must be recognized that Communist China is closed by a super-iron curtain of bluff in information, political and economic terms . China will still surprise the world with a second Chinese miracle, when the truth is revealed and the bluff ends!
And there should still be an international tribunal over China for infecting the whole world with covid and the discovery of the world pneumonic ARI-era!
Research on the causes of a significant increase in mortality from pneumonia in the world over the past few years continues. And it turns out that they are connected not only with covid.
China needs to report not on the fake statistics of those infected with covid, but on the statistics of excess mortality. But we will never know about this, thanks to the super-iron curtain of China's bluff! Only an international tribunal can help uncover the truth about China.
( see the video channel " Psychologist Ramil Garifullin:
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