Russian gambling addiction and decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.

Russian gambling addiction and decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.
The President of the Russian Federation has appointed a non-bank credit organization "Mobile Card"as a single center for accounting for the transfer of bets of bookmakers and sweepstakes (ECUP). The corresponding order is published on the official portal of legal information. The document will enter into force on September 1, 2021.
Thus, the QIWI payment company will no longer be one of the centers for accounting for transfers of interactive rates (MCPIS).
For me, it is relevant to what extent these transformations, with the betting business, in essence, supported by the President of the Russian Federation, will affect the reduction of the suffering of relatives and friends of Russian gamblers. After all, thanks to gambling addiction, families are collapsing, entrepreneurs are going bankrupt, the family economy is going bankrupt. I regularly listen to this in my office as a psychologist-psychotherapist. Gambling addiction is a serious diagnosis.
I remember the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, according to which, people who have become addicted to gambling can now be declared incompetent through the court and deprived of the right to dispose of their property. That was relevant!
But how to prove that a person suffers fr om gambling addiction?
Gambling addiction is included in the list of diseases, however, it is quite difficult to determine the abundance of this disease. When we are dealing with a drug addict, an alcoholic and a mentally ill person, we use certain well-known diagnostic methods. And the gambler is an incomprehensible person. On the basis of what to determine the disease? Diagnostics is not developed, it is not necessary to say that there is something special in his brain and in his blood. Seizures are almost impossible to track. The owners of casinos and gaming salons will not provide information about the players and the amounts that they left in their establishments. That is, it will be very difficult to obtain evidence of dependence. Therefore, I would already advise all the relatives and relatives of gambling addicts to start collecting receipts for receiving money. For example, if the son took 25 thousand rubles to buy a laptop, but did not buy the equipment, having lost the funds, the mother should have a receipt wh ere his name, amount, and purpose of receiving the funds will be indicated. All relatives should save up these receipts so that objective information about a person's debts is formed in the relative clan, and then it is possible to present these documents in court. A thorough pre-trial investigation should be conducted, all the financial flows that the gambler was involved in are revealed. Then the court will get real arguments and will be able to come to certain conclusions. As a result, a person can be recognized as a gambling addict only on the basis of the testimony of relatives and close people. Plus, a psychiatrist can give a conclusion that this person has a manic form of thinking. But the mania can be concentrated on cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling... In general, this is a new problem in the history of legal affairs - for the first time there is a disease that does not have bright manifestations. By the way, on the scale of the world economy, there is already an experience of the actual recognition of incapacitated states that "played too much", gained loans and therefore were deprived of the right to dispose of their own resources. That is, first countries are "hooked" on debts, and then they are deprived of their legal capacity. And that's all: no war is needed, victory goes bloodlessly.
And now I return to the current decree of the President of the Russian Federation. Will it somehow affect the problem of gambling addiction? The conclusion is simple: the betting business has been and will continue to flourish and the profit from it will now flow to other entities.
And it would be better if it did not exist at all!
The topic concerning whose pocket the betting money of gamblers and their relatives will go into should not be relevant in Russia.
And I so want the authorities to do everything so that there are no conditions for aggravating the problem of gambling addiction in Russia.
Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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