The socio-psychological factor of Islam in Russia.

The socio-psychological factor of Islam in Russia.
It is necessary to recognize that the Islamic factor in Russia has sharply increased after the events related to the coming to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In addition, the political situation of our southern neighboring republics, which are closely connected with the multi-million army of fellow migrant workers living in Russia, most of whom are Muslims, is gradually transforming.
Therefore, apparently, the round-up of Muslim migrant workers in the regions of Russia did not begin with a simple program. So far, in the federal media, this is presented as a problem of crime and labor conflicts between employers and guest workers, as well as a conflict between diasporas. Most likely, the origins of this round-up are not in this, but in preventive measures aimed at strengthening the Islamic factor, the increased Islamization and Asiaticization of Russia, the capitals of its regions, the regions themselves. This is already visible to the naked eye. Russia, due to objective economic and political reasons, is already looking most at Asia and is gradually becoming Asian. This means that preventive measures are needed for national security, the problem of which has worsened, thanks to the trigger-the events in Afghanistan.
In the meantime, everything that happens to migrant workers is issued as a crime, although there is also a crime. But this is not the reason for the raid.
For example, according to the mayor of Moscow, the police have conducted tough raids in recent months. Eight hundred criminal cases were launched, about 200 people were deported, 17.5 thousand were banned from entering Russia.
The same thing is happening in the regions, in honesty, in Tatarstan. The Chairman of the IC of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed the head of the SU of the TFR for the Republic of Tatarstan, Valery Lipsky, to submit a report on the mass riots in Nizhnekamsk. Local residents complain about frequent conflict situations, which, in their opinion, are provoked by foreign citizens who violate the migration legislation of Russia.
And now I return to the true origins of this round-up of migrant workers. In this regard,it is very important to emphasize that our Asian neighboring republics, which supply us with guest workers, do not have the Russian Federation. The Russian state has no ideology. The Asian republics, thanks to Islamization, have it. This is their advantage and strength. This is also one of the disturbing factors of the national security problem. By the way, the Taliban won in Afghanistan mainly thanks to an ideology that is always stronger than corruption and currency.
Based on economic and statistical analysis, it is necessary to recognize that the Muslims of Russia as a labor resource are becoming the basis for the survival of our country (according to statistics, Muslim and Islamic-radical criminals are insignificant, compared with righteous-labor Muslims).
It can be seen with the naked eye that almost all of new Moscow, as well as many cities of our country, are being rebuilt by foreign workers, mainly of Muslim origin. They work for a small salary, maintaining sobriety and discipline. Many have high moral qualities, which are based on their Muslim and Islamic affiliation. Work and prayer are the main content of the life of Muslim guest workers in Russia. This can be judged by the filled Moscow mosques.
In addition, it must be recognized that the Muslims of Russia are becoming the basis of Russia's survival and because they already bear and plan to bear the main military load necessary to ensure Russia's security (see the last interview with Garry Kasparov about the role of Chechen and other Muslim military personnel in the conflict with Georgia and Ukraine, etc.), The transformation into a military force of male energy and aggression of Caucasian men and boys, not yet poisoned by promiscuous sexual relations and alcoholism, is more effective.
Muslims are becoming the basis of Russia's moral and volitional survival. The only problem is that the concentration of Muslim migrant workers in large cities should be less than in the outback.
Thus, apparently, President Vladimir Putin objectively understands the creative role of Muslims as the basis of the archetype of the Peasant of Russia. The will to work and overcome, which are the basis of Spirituality in Russia, has focused more on Muslim guest workers – this is a fact!
Thus, either a period of fateful approbation of the ideology that it has rebuilt is coming in Russia? Or maybe this is an approbation of the fact that we have not formed an ideology of Russia's survival?
We must remember that Russia is surrounded by countries that have it.
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Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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