Psychology of financial pyramids and the degradation of economic intelligence in Russia.

Psychology of financial pyramids and the degradation of economic intelligence in Russia.
The arrest of the founder of the Finico financial pyramid is a powerful signal. Now depositors will change their behavior. Those who were going to play and said that they did not spare money, will abruptly turn into victims. Imagine a person who proudly walks into a casino, and then loses and starts crying. And before that, he said that he was ready to lose.

Right now, a significant part of the adherents will turn around, will ask for the patronage of the state, the prosecutor's office, in order to return the invested money.

And before that, what did they want? Take it out on new suckers! If new suckers would come, they would take their own. Therefore, they kept silent. They have to admit to their games. And therefore, you need to have an objective attitude to these players now, you do not need to feel sorry for them.

Finico is a mirror of what is happening in the Russian economy. There are a huge number of tools for obtaining loans, which historically has not been in the economy.

And it is clear that Doronin understood that there is crazy loan money that can be invested by addictive, weak individuals with financial dependence, who, on the other hand, are also victims of pressure from banks, debt slavery. It is obvious that in this stress, their consciousness and self-control decreases – and the organizers of the financial pyramids took advantage of this.

In the same MMM, mostly pensioners were "suckers", and the money was small, accumulated when the economy was collapsing. And now there is a situation that people, especially enterprising ones, have somehow stagnated.

Russians have very low economic intelligence, but at the same time they are actively involved in financial and investment projects.

I have been teaching financial psychology for a long time and conducted trainings for bank employees and economists. These are trainings for motivation, increasing psychological intelligence in working with staff. Conducting tests with tasks on microeconomics in banking and financial structures, I was surprised. People who present themselves as economists in society, even having great positions in this field, cannot solve elementary economic problems.

Therefore, there are all sorts of Doronins with Sabirovs who understand that the economic level of entrepreneurs and the economically active part of the population is low. Such people can easily be manipulated.

Once I went to Tatfondbank, when it still existed, and began to walk through the offices of the" top", which manages the bank - and even there, none of them coped with the economic tasks in microeconomics. Real economists as such are already disappearing in Russia, those who know economics. And it turns out that some lecturers are coming now, who supposedly talk about the economy, but in reality they are lectures on motivation using the "buy-sell" technology, on the psychology of influence and manipulation on the client. The economy has acquired a vulgar format, it is simplified to "buy-sell". And so all sorts of crooks rushed there, who often do not have an education and take loans.

The psychology of motivation has firmly entered the economy. Because of the psychologization, the economy has degraded so much that there are practically no real experts left in the country - people who think in economic terms and know economic mechanisms.

In the situation with Finico, I am most upset by the fact that the supervisory position of federal structures was adopted. In particular, the Central Bank. And accordingly, our republican structures were subordinate to him, although it was necessary to do something preventive already.

In addition, regulators and government agencies watched what the reaction from depositors would be. We observed the intensity of depositors submitting applications to the prosecutor's office and how people will be considered victims.

Information about Finico has spread, and in Tatarstan, on the basis of this phenomenon of a financial pyramid, the image began to be washed away.

State agencies observed and even gave Doronin the opportunity to manipulate in some way. It turns out that there were conditions under which it was even possible to reverse everything that was happening. And moreover, they were created, among other things, by this passive observer, who was supposed to stop these processes.

I am convinced that it was the financial illiteracy of the population that caused the majority of the population to lose in this game, giving an opportunity to enrich a small stratum.

I just watched it all, and I got the impression that maybe even high – ranking people played in" Finico " - not only the people, small entrepreneurs, suckers. They played very well and could influence through the power. Therefore, such observation and stretching of the case. It turns out that conditions were created for the more advanced, powerful, entrepreneurial part of Russians to rob the less advanced, which turned out to be in the majority.

Thus, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. The peculiarity of this financial pyramid, unlike MMM, was that it was created in the conditions of an abundance of Russian loans, debt credit slavery and the flourishing of credit mania. The founders of this pyramid took this into account and revived the phenomenon of financial pyramids, which had not been revived before, due to the past bitter experience of Russian depositors.

2.The level of financial and gambling addictions (addictions) of Russians has sharply increased. This was made possible, again, thanks to the abundance of loans and the flourishing of credit mania. The level of the credit-gambling symptom complex of Russians has increased significantly.

3. Russians suffering from the oppression of credit debt slavery, poverty and survival are easily manipulated, lose the locus of control and self-control.. Therefore, the manipulations of this financial pyramid turned out to be effective and special skill was not required in this.

4. The analysis of the bluff of this pyramid showed that the bluff of this pyramid was primitive. Allegedly, brilliant traders with unique abilities work in the pyramid apparatus, and there is also some innovative know-how in the field of investment that allows you to get fabulous profits.

5. At the same time, the level of economic intelligence of Russian entrepreneurs and economists is very low, due to the fact that the modern Russian economy has simplified to the level of purchase and sale psychology and the organization of motivation for buying and selling. For example, my express studies of economists who study at my psychological advanced training courses have shown that a significant part of them are not able to solve problems in microeconomics, which should be successfully solved already at the initial courses of the economics faculty. But on the other hand, many of these economists know about the " black swans "and" blue oceans", which are described in the books of popular economics. The popularity of the fabulous concepts of "black swan" and "blue ocean", from my point of view, has become an indicator of low economic intelligence in the world.

The economy in the postmodern era is a complex economic topic and it was raised before all sorts of" black swans "with"blue oceans". You can read about this in my scientific monograph "Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology" (2015).

6.There are practically no true economists who deeply understand the modern mechanisms of the economy in Russia, including because there are no orders for them in the conditions of the degrading raw materials Russian economy.

7. Therefore, the founders of this pyramid, due to the low level of economic intelligence of their clients, managed to convince many clients from among Russian businessmen, entrepreneurs and economists of their effectiveness. At the same time, it should be noted that many of them knew well that this is a game and bets. And they also knew that this pyramid creates conditions for the robbery of one part of the Russians by another part of the Russians, but it takes a large commission for this. They were counting on luck. By the way, the more advanced part of the participants of the pyramid was well enriched. This is a tradition. Therefore, the analysis of these successful investors in this pyramid is a mirror of the modern Russian economy, which allowed such enrichment to some subjects and structures, at the expense of Russian suckers-credit addicts and representatives of the Russian credit debt slavery. That is why I was alarmed by the long-term restraint of the Central Bank, which allowed this financial pyramid to develop to such a scale.

8. This financial pyramid was founded in an investment-attractive region-in Tatarstan, which causes confidence. Has this trust been used? We will be able to find out about this after the investigations.

9. What will be the fate of the giant capitals collected by this financial pyramid? I don't know, but I can say for sure that this fate will paint the true face of the Russian economy and what it is going to.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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