The code of the Russian mentality and football.

The code of the Russian mentality and football.
For me, it was more interesting to watch not the 2021 European Football Championship, but the Russian fans themselves. This championship was a test of what kind of Russians we are. My observations have shown that most Russians do not have a disposition, that is, the ability to have a pre-prepared algorithm of behavior in case of failure and lack of success. Even despite the fact that our football is chronically losing football and initially it was clearly visible that our players are significantly inferior to the Belgians and Danes, the Russians always believe in a miracle, believe in "maybe", believe when there is no reason to believe. They believe so much that they do not consider their behavior options in case of an unpleasant outcome. The expectation of pleasant things blinds the mind. It is this blind expectation that becomes the basis of courage, excitement and thrills. This is the code of our mentality.
Therefore, we should not be surprised that our players were also imbued with this mentality. They couldn't afford to lose. They also did not have a disposition in case of a doomed loss. Therefore, I have always admired skaters who, after a fall, can immediately get up and make a successful quad toe loop. This is a disposition! Our players fall even more after the fall. They do not have a formed disposition to fall!

Why is our football not just inferior to the world level of football, but significantly inferior? This is not my area of expertise.

I am interested in another problem: why do Russians, despite the lack of grounds for success, always chronically believe in success? We must learn to be professionals without any emotions and Belief in a miracle! And the players must show decent world-class football, regardless of failure, regardless of emotions. But, alas, there is no such football in Russia yet, but this is again a problem not of my competence.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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