Biden's cognitive impairment as a reason for limiting the past summit.

Biden's cognitive impairment as a reason for limiting the past summit.
The restrictions experienced by journalists around the world in terms of getting answers to Joe Biden's questions at the Putin-Biden summit have objective reasons. These are facts of cognitive impairment of the US President. Therefore, I highly appreciate Biden, who, having these cognitive impairments, still had the will to go to such a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation. And all the more so, despite these cognitive failures of the US President's psyche, the main thing was done - the tone of relations between the US and Russia changed in some aspects of these relations.

Most likely, Biden's cognitive impairment is related to the fact that
in 1988 he was diagnosed with an aneurysm of the cerebral arteries (protrusion of the walls of blood vessels). At a certain stage, the aneurysm ruptured, and brain bleeding began. Biden underwent neurosurgical surgery to suture a bleeding vessel. During the operation, another aneurysm was found that did not bleed, and it was also sutured.

Therefore, the mental state of US President Joe Biden continues to raise questions.

In general, it seems that journalists around the world at the Putin-Biden summit already knew about these mental features of Biden. Even earlier, journalists discovered that the US president spends most of his free time at his home in Delaware.
They have already suggested that the desire to spend all your free time in your home is associated with progressive dementia. Earlier, the world's media repeatedly accused Biden of signs of impending dementia. Therefore, I would like to believe that most of the journalists participating in this summit had an objective idea about Biden in this regard and were ready for the restrictions that they later encountered. So Biden had a scripted press conference and no unpredictable questions that could have become an insurmountable cognitive barrier. There were their own journalists. They are already trained on the mental and cognitive characteristics of the US President.

Apparently, the President of the Russian Federation was also objective in this regard, revealing restrictions, protocol and the lack of free and creative communication with the US President. There was a high proportion of diplomatic machine-building. Moreover, this communication between Biden and Putin was crumpled and significantly reduced.
Apparently, the real state of "sleepy Joe" is so deplorable that even the simplest remarks have to be recorded on the " green screen "and pass them off as a real" live " conversation with the press. Apparently, the Russian side also knew about this.

And indeed, if you carefully look at the interview at the Putin-Biden summit, as well as his past public speeches, you can see that he has a confused speech, absent-mindedness, and his movements are constrained. Even if there are hints in front of him, he often gets confused with the answers, as if losing the thread of the conversation. The aneurysm of the cerebral vessels, which was already mentioned above, led to an emergency operation. In addition, Biden is seen by doctors on the problem of cardiac arrhythmia. All this may indirectly indicate the development of dementia, given the very advanced age of the President of America. These are objective things and should be treated with empathy by the journalists of the world.

By the way, it was felt that the President of the Russian Federation also radiated empathy on this score at the summit and showed tolerance, caused by restrictions due to the cognitive characteristics of the cheat Joe Biden. Not with a simple President of the United States was limited by a powerful retinue. He was under the control of this retinue.

Biden's new mental loads in connection with the summit, the stressful situation and tension could spur the failures of Biden's psyche and health, and all this, apparently, was controlled by his entourage. Biden arrived with his hospital on wheels. The main thing is that Biden did not laugh in response to serious questions, as he did before.

It is clear that Biden's dementia is characterized by outbursts of aggression and statements of hostility. Therefore, there was also rudeness on the part of Biden towards journalists at the summit. This is expected. The world was no longer surprised.

The main thing at the summit of these two Presidents was nonverbal psychology. She was talking about something more than protocol. Their poses and grimaces spoke volumes.

If you look closely at the video to the position in which Biden is sitting, you can see that he feels not so confident in the negotiations. This is seen in contrast to Putin.
The presence of cheat sheets in the US president also speaks volumes. It is clear that human memory, especially with age, is not unlimited, so it is quite acceptable to sometimes peek into your notes. However, it would be strange to see a leader who reads a piece of paper without looking up. Thus, Biden at this summit once again outlined his cognitive limitations, and if this meeting with Putin had been longer, this problem would have been revealed more vividly. Biden is not a hardy political marathon runner like Putin, who is able to be on the air with the Russian people for a considerable part of the day

Of course, it is sometimes incorrect to give such assessments from the video, but it was clear that Biden had some cognitive changes. Therefore, in the presence of such dementia , it is necessary to lead the United States, and in fact, the whole World, from my point of view, to have great courage.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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