Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy from distrust of Russian vaccination.

Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy from distrust of Russian vaccination.
I would like to believe that thanks to vaccination, there has been a turning point in the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. Today, for example, Slovenia announced to the whole world that it had won the covid. There is a growing number of countries that report vaccination and that they have vaccinated more than half of the country's population. Moreover, these countries are not the developers of the coronavirus vaccine. Russia is the developer of the vaccine, but our population is still practically not vaccinated. A paradox!

Everything is going to the point that we, despite the fact that we are the developers of the coronavirus vaccine, will be in the blockade of the countries that have defeated covid? This can create an unfavorable economic and political situation and situation for Russia, as well as for the Russian government itself. That is why the Russian government activates and mobilizes the population for vaccination. The health of the nation, apparently, is already a secondary problem.

It is necessary to recognize that the reason for the above paradox, according to the statistical content analysis of the materials of the Russian media, conducted by me, is the psychological Phenomenon of Distrust.
There is much debate about what this distrust is aimed at. There is an opinion that this is due to the chronic distrust of the authorities, which does not adequately apply to Russian scientific developments. This, according to psychoanalysis, is called a psychological transfer or transfer reaction. According to psychoanalysis, we are always inadequate, because we are chronically unable to feel and see the present and the situational, due to the pressure of past traumas and experiences. We always see the world through the prism of the past. How can we remove this prism of the past from our eyes?

Russians, living in Russia, have long formed a perception of Russia and the government, based on past shocks, experience and economic and psychological trauma. And now, suddenly, abruptly and quickly, we must trust the attitudes of the authorities, although in the past we have often chronically distrusted them? How to remove this distrust?

To begin with, it is necessary to prove to what extent this distrust, according to psychoanalysis, is inadequate? Maybe you can somehow separate the flies from the cutlets, they say, do not confuse distrust of the Russian government with distrust of Russian science?
Therefore, we need to ask ourselves about the chronic distrust not only of the Russian government itself, but also of Russian science itself? I have already written a lot about the state of Russian science and education. Nothing optimistic yet. We live traditionally and mainly on the basis of scientific and technological imports. This is a fact! And against this background, we suddenly and quickly have to trust one of the Russian scientific and mass development-the Russian vaccine against Covid-19? In fact, this is the first Russian scientific development that suddenly fell on the head of the Russians. And before that, our scientists did not offer anything special scientific and technological to the Russians and the world, but if they did, it was not successful on the world market due to various international and foreign economic reasons.

To organize operational psychotherapy for distrust of Russian scientific developments only by demonstrating the military scientific and technological potential on May 9 on Red Square, apparently, is ineffective.

How can we restore confidence in our scientific and technological developments? After all, how long will it take to remove this distrust with the help of the fact that our stores and everyday life will finally be littered with homegrown goods, things, appliances and machines, and not just products made from imported components. All this is just a long-term psychotherapy of trust in the Russian government and science. You can only dream about it so far.

According to psychoanalysis, it is necessary to take into account the impact of real facts, costs and negative reactions caused by the Russian coronavirus vaccine. In the media, the percentage and statistics of these reactions are called. The percentage is considerable. It ranges from 10 to 20 percent. There are internet and forums on this issue. They write different things. By the way, for objectivity, a comparative scientific analysis of the side effects of imported and homegrown vaccines is necessary. It is still, alas, not there.

It is necessary to recognize that the Internet brings objectivity in the perception of the problem of non-vaccination from coronavirus in Russia. There is a lot of information on the basis of which people have anxiety, phobias and fears in connection with vaccination. Psychological content analysis conducted by me showed that there is a clash of three directions on the Internet about the attitude to the Russian vaccination against covid:

1. Supporters of vaccination who have already successfully passed.

2. These are opponents who do not trust their health and on this basis do not trust vaccination.

3. Passive, that is, those who analyze, study, mature, hoping that gradually the entire Russian society will eventually be vaccinated, without the participation of itself, and the problem will be solved.

The version about chipping and other mass enslavement of the world, according to my analysis, is statistically insignificant.

Thus, to solve the problem of distrust in our homegrown vaccine, a comprehensive program is needed, based on all of the above. One can not do with manipulations on the intimidation of the people, which are now being forced on federal TV channels.
But if all of the above does not help, then it is necessary to buy imported vaccines that Russians can trust. But to do this, it is necessary to conduct a sociological study on the trust of Russians in imported vaccines and to what extent can this really contribute to the vaccination of all Russians? If we are talking about saving the health of the nation, then the import of imported vaccines should not be limited and the authorities should not be stubborn in this regard. And yet, I want to believe that our vaccine will show itself positively in time and will finally become mass-produced. By the way, only time will show the effectiveness of imported and foreign coronavirus vaccines! This is an open question.
In the meantime, alas, the world vaccination has become a field of political and economic competition between world powers.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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