Psychoanalysis of destructive Russian artistry.

Psychoanalysis of destructive Russian artistry.
The sky may be filled with ordinary flat clouds, which no one will notice, but there is a combination of sun, shadow, space and Earth, when the clouds turn into a Great Art of Nature. Clouds can be majestic! It's the same with artists and actors. There are representatives of great art among them. Alas! Cinema and television, with their capacity for circulation, have spawned so many gods and bohemians of "art" that they have come to be used outside of great art. They now survive and participate in humiliating propaganda projects. In the advertising of banks, state fraud and fraud against the people. Actors and artists are used. And some of them allow themselves to be used. Therefore, Buzova broke into this already humiliated herd of actors and artists, quite adequately appreciated them. Destructive pragmatism in art is growing! Such is the era of postmodernism! The era of the circulation of the sign! People buy replicated signs that have nothing to do with great art.
With this angry lady in the drawing, suffering or playing the Cinderella complex, you need to be careful. The time will come and she will take a post in the Ministry of Culture and you, being a real People's Artist, will never get "well-deserved".
Bravo to the animal directors, without whom we would not have seen the best masterpieces of cinema with the participation of animals! This is an important profession!
According to psychoanalysis, there is a defense by the reverse feeling. And the anger of this lady can be masked by an illusion or the appearance of a lack of anger. But the fact that this lady is historically and chronically underestimated by everyone and everything, apparently, should cause a reaction. It's obvious. After all, the foundation of the individual is always based on the assessment of society. We are products of society. Our psyche is always social, but with a few additions of natural psychophysiology.
Her exculpatory passages on the subject of her intellectual level also speak of anxiety on this score. And where there is anxiety, there is aggression.

Sublimated aggression and became the fuel of all the creativity of this lady. These psychological mechanisms are similar to Sobchak. They're from the same star factory.
By the way, they are not incompetent. Moreover, Buzova, in my opinion, is more talented in terms of working in the TV crew.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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