Nouveau riche and schoolchildren at the economic forum -2021.

Nouveau riche and schoolchildren at the economic forum -2021.
Yesterday I watched the speeches of some participants of the International economic Forum -2021, which was held in St. Petersburg. I paid special attention to those who were invited to the sector on the issue of education. They taught and advised what to do with education. Most of them had nothing to do with science and do not have, but only represent mediocre nouveau riches from the raw materials economy and speculative banking spheres. Circumstances have swung! Well, are their opinions relevant now for the education system, for students and students?

But it was they who, as more successful or lucky, advised something. In me, all this caused conflicting feelings.

Obviously, the example for students and students at this forum should have been not these nouveau riche, but progressive scientists who are in demand for homegrown production and technology. But, alas, in Russia, in fact, there is no such thing, since we import it from over the hill. Education, which is not taught by real scientists, who are in demand in production and services, is doomed to extinction. Naked teaching at the university, based on storytellers from textbooks , is the basis for the degradation of universities. The teacher must be a scientist, a practitioner, a master, a pro.

At the economic forum, these pros, from whom we should take an example, turned out to be only the nouveau riche of the raw materials and speculative millero-Gref business. The students asked them to teach them how to make money and get rich at school. To teach business and taxes at school. These are the moods of our students! Be as rich as grefs and millers! And it turns out that this can be learned and for this you need to prepare the education system. According to some forum participants, it turned out that biology and geography were no longer needed! This is not so relevant it turns out?!

The problem of the corrupting influence of the modern big nouveau riche and their offspring, which is now called the golden youth, has captured the modern mood of students, students and young people.

And yet, one of the schoolgirls expressed the wish that the school felt safe, which is not!

And what is the source of this danger? The fact that the gap between school and society is growing. The gap between internet content and school content is growing! And this gap is growing, in part, thanks to the corrupting influence of the golden youth, fueled by the modern, successful Russian nouveau riche, which I had to witness while watching the international economic forum.
The real economy is not the one that was drawn to applause at this economic forum.

There was only one thing that pleased and calmed me at this forum so far - Russian natural raw materials will be in demand and will be sold! And the chosen ones will revolve around this, and something will also fall to the people, but this has nothing to do with the true development of the Russian economy.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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