Psychological foundations for identifying potential terrorists and Columbineists

Psychological foundations for identifying potential terrorists and Columbineists
It is often necessary to see short-sighted and biased expert opinions about the possibility of psychological identification of potential terrorists and columbineists.

There is situational psychology, which is not related to the past of a person and his essence. That is, there are unpredictable psychological bifurcations. We can observe a person, but we can't always predict unpredictable actions. The personality, sometimes, is able to change thoroughly in an instant. I have devoted myself to the study of psychological codes, that is, key information and influences that can fundamentally transform a person in an instant. This is the subject of my monographs and books "Unpredictable Psychology "(2003), "Coding the personality from alcohol and drug addiction "(2004)," Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology " (2015) , published in the largest federal publishers.

Thus, the psychological basis for identifying terrorists at the initial stage of their development is a complex and murky topic.
You can only mark the contours of the problem, but this can cause moral harm to those who will never commit dangerous acts.
With this text, I have reduced the hope of solving this problem. And yet, we must hope!

Thus, the time has come to completely review the activities of psychiatrists in issuing permits for the issuance of firearms. Do not rely on these permissions. This problem should be removed from psychiatry to other areas.
Based on traditional psychological approaches, I still assume that the main factors of the disaster that occurred in the Kazan gymnasium were:
Offended schizophrenia-these are the origins of what happened!
And then there are the complexes of Herostratus ( glory at any cost) and all sorts of narcissistic personality disorders that direct their eyes to the protected King, to the unprotected people or to Themselves ...and we see the nailed body parts on Red Square.
And psychiatry is always at a dead end, because it does not have a deep theory of consciousness, which by the way is still a murky topic in science.

I read a few articles about the development of columbine in Russia. Here is my assessment of these works:
1. In some works, a categorical statement is made that the first columbineers (1999) did not have psychopathological grounds for their actions, but even in Wikipedia it is indicated that they suffered from a depressive syndrome on the basis of psychochemistry. Therefore, this is an incorrect categorization.

2. It is difficult to ignore the psychopathological origins in the phenomenon of criminal and terrorist recidivism .

3. In some articles, the concept of "hooliganism", "punks"is used. As if there is pure Columbianism without admixture of psychological and psychopathological grounds, they say, there is only a destructive cultural influence. But what is it fueled by? Fueled by people's psyches. The psyche is primary, and then the environment that influences it (social networks, in particular).

4. Many of the provisions are not entirely new. I wrote about the destructive development and degradation in the conditions of the perverted era with the Internet and social networks back in 2001 in the "Concept of Russian Psychological Security", which was discussed at the level of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Tatarstan. The idea of the problems of social psychiatry and the degradation of society was formulated by me in 2001. This is about the danger of people with psychopathological problems. During this time, the Internet, the instrument of this degradation, has only grown stronger .

5. There is a shaky line between overt psychiatry ( schizophrenia, etc.) and narcissistic personality disorders, in particular, the Herostratus complex. See My Works (2010)

6. The mechanisms of this phenomenon were not clearly mentioned in these works. It is not correct to simply push it to destructive cultural studies and the Internet environment.

Thus, the problem of columbine development is murky, but relevant. He will still prove himself and we need to take action. And how to apply them if the key mechanisms are not identified.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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