The psychology of poetry and its translation is a murky topic!

The psychology of poetry and its translation is a murky topic!
Sometimes, the translator surpasses the poet himself! And the canonized poets themselves admitted this. It is difficult to translate the spirit of the poet into another language, but it is also easy, since the spirit is universal and the poet himself is not the author of this spirit. The translator joins the spirit of the poet with his talented spirit, of which he is also not the author. In the end, this spirit knows itself and expresses itself without the participation of the poet and his translator. It only seems to the poet and his translator that they are involved. If they are really involved, then it is no longer high poetry. High poetry from the Almighty! And man is only a guide here!

Sometimes music ennobles the poems of the poet-songwriter. But it also happens the other way around, when music distorts the essence and depth of the original verses! A true poet is only one whose poems do not parasitize on music or on the talented translation of these poems.

It is difficult to find a new idea in poets, especially a philosophical one. But there are poets with such thoughts! For example, the great philosopher Martin Heidegger admitted that all his philosophical works are worth nothing compared to a volume of poems by the poet Rilke.

It is difficult to find a poet who would truly discover a new thought, as do the great philosophers who set the tone for the development of the era and humanity! But there are such poets!

I have been dealing with the problem of the philosophical novelty of poetry for a long time. There are articles on this subject about Joseph Brodsky. I came to the conclusion that he rhymed already known philosophical thoughts. Alas! I have not been able to find in his poetry true philosophical discoveries and thoughts, as I have been able to find, for example, in Rilke.

Brodsky has a lot of brilliant poetry, but there is also a lot of philosophical rhyming. There are poems that contain deep prose that should not have been killed by rhyme... Often, rhyme can be a depth killer. Often, musical harmony can be a killer of the Depth of Chaos and the Sick Prose of Life... And genius is always the ability to express this Depth.

The canonization of the poet also kills the prospects of knowing his depth...

The Nobel Prize winner redrawn and canonized Brodsky, but few people know how cowardly and technologically he achieved this prize.

The Nobel Prize killed a part of the Poet in Brodsky, but would Brodsky have been so represented and recognized in the world if he had not received the prize, fueled by representatives of his native, the most intelligent and enterprising people in the world?

The philosopher is the one who sees beyond the Horizon of the epoch. The philosopher is the one who develops and changes the language and thinking of the people. If you have read a poet and he has developed you , this is not an indicator. The poet-philosopher must develop and change humanity. Based on this criterion, it is very difficult to find such innovative poets, but they are there!

Translating the poetry of great poets is a responsible and important activity for humanity, but at the same time, it must be recognized that one of the motives of translators of great poets is the opportunity to bask in the glory of great creators. It was these rays that often became the basis for the success of many poets.

The canonization of the poet by the state often distorts the essence and greatness of his work, because the state always lies, because it deals with the problem of survival.

The true canonization of a poet is the canonization of the heart of the people. Vladimir Vysotsky was not canonized by the state. The Russian people did it.

With trepidation and deep emotion, I pronounce the name of the great poet Gabdulla Tukai... How much he could have done if not for his early death. After all, he was just entering the channel

the depths of the philosophical understanding of the world. He still had a lot to learn! Learn the world philosophy. He was just beginning to develop, but he was able to show his talent as a subtle and wise thinker in this small part of his life. The great Tukai was canonized by the people themselves!

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