Numerology as an effective tool in the practice of psychologist Endzhe Garifullina.

Numerology as an effective tool in the practice of psychologist Endzhe Garifullina.
The essence of everything that happens in Nature, what happens to us, is connected with numbers. This was written by the great Pythagoras. This will be confirmed by any physicist who understands the importance of physical constants, which set the basis for all the laws of Nature. Everything that happens in the human psyche also seems to be related to numbers. These numbers are in us and out of us. The essence of personality, which is related to key information, seems to be also, after all, related to numbers. Try to rid humanity of lucky numbers?! Try to save the student fr om understanding the lucky ticket number!? It won't work! The whole world is numbers and figures. They occupy a special place, a key and code position in the system of signs. I have been working all my life on key information (codes) in psychotherapy (see R. R. Garifullin, Coding the personality from alcohol and drug addiction, Phoenix, 2004). He dealt with the problem of the Essence of personality, that is, the problem of psychological invariants, which are the basis of personality. My daughter Endzhe Garifullina, a graduate of the Psychology Department of Kazan Federal University, also deals with this problem, but decided to approach it from the point of view of numerology. The effectiveness of this approach was high. For her, numerology is just an auxiliary tool. In fact, now she is engaged in psychological help as a psychologist-numerologist.

Research and psychological practice and so you can refer to it:

With the help of its services, you will learn:

- with what innate data did you come to this world

- deeply understand your character and experience complete acceptance, understanding of yourself and your nature
- what do you lack to achieve success?
- learn your purpose and task
- the mission and purpose of its implementation
- potential for science and sports
- health, what to pay attention to
- wh ere you can realize yourself
- what awaits you this year and what to expect from the next
- recommendations on what to work on to achieve success

What else will help consist of?:

Destiny Card:
1️ ⃣ Of periodic cycles: these are certain stages in your life , from birth to the end of life
2. Goals: this is what you need to achieve in these stages, they are characterized by certain years
3️ ⃣ And lessons: you arrive at the goal ???? through completing lessons in certain years

Your advantages
And the cons, what you can work on to come to a better version of yourself
+ tips and practices on how to improve one of the areas

This will all be calculated for you based on your date of birth

And what is the purpose in general?

This is something that is predestined, assigned or predetermined – this is our program for life. And I can say that every person has a destiny, the only question is whether you are ready to learn this destiny or not. There is no rigid set-up that you must execute only this, otherwise there will be a crash. Everything is arranged differently. Each person was born in some way and for something-it is planned from above.

Why do you need to understand your purpose?

Knowing what the purpose of our life is, we always do what we need, what our soul wants deep inside.
Life becomes meaningful, it is easier for us to plan our lives, because we know that every minute is measured for something, and this time can not be lost.

If you understand your purpose, you will have the energy to live. It becomes easier and clearer for you to live, and everything has a certain meaning

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Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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