Navalny and naivety.

Navalny and naivety.
Being a thief-taker isn't enough. Moreover, there is a considerable probability that this project has nothing to do with this replicated personality ( by the way, whose big shots?) doesn't have. So I want to know the investors, the beneficiaries. Their political views. It's all muddy. All these are motives about big money and the people will only be an observer. The people have never lived so comparatively well. Oil surged. And despite the theft, the people got something.
The psychological and political portrait of this subject has objectively negative indicators. He does not know how to discuss (see with Girkin, with Posner). There is already a considerable amount of megalomania that prevents it from being adequately perceived. But it is developing and growing. You need to watch.
On one warming up of emotions of the people you will not go far!
All the opposition in Russia has been cut out, and in these conditions we are being given this only truly oppositional subject!
But the people are mostly emotional and they rely on this traditional baranness of the Russian society!
In the yard of the postmodern era and the rams look at the monitor and form a more objective perception. Therefore, it is incorrect to spread historical parallels now! Navalny did not take this into account.
A deep understanding of the philosophy of modernity and the new mechanisms of the development of the World was not taken into account. It is naive to linearly propagate traditional historical schemes.
The world will beat from the back of your head. And these will be different personalities.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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